John Akkus

A Touch
of Silver
by Carrie S. Addington

Working at General Electric for seventeen years, John Akkus dreamed of being self-employed. After resigning in 1989, he made that dream come true, deciding to make an assortment of hand-painted, engraved, and silver-plated designs on copper and brass. Now, with assistance from his wife, he produces jewelry, decorative plates, vases, candleholders, and ornaments using a metal spinning lathe. But it wasn’t always an easy road.

When Akkus thought of expanding the product line, he needed to learn metal spinning. Not being able to find a metal spinning lathe, they bought a woodturning lathe, and he redesigned the wood lathe to do metal spinning. After extensive practice and adapting to his creation, he learned to do the metal spinning needed to produce items like his vases. “I am happy to be able to tell my customers that I, myself, have created the items being offered,” he says.

With each presentation of a new line, Akkus develops his technique, learning new methods to suit customer requests for specific designs or items. “Our customers are very special to us, and their appreciation of our work inspires us.” While some designers prefer the “look, don’t touch” policy, Akkus prefers that customers come into his booth and handle his products. He says, “I want them to see the quality and workmanship.”


Multi-color necklace

Jewelry box


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