Tara Cafiero and Peter Hill / Pink Cloud Gallery

Functional Wood

Hometown: Sharon, CT

Artist Website












Karen Caldwell / Sunflower Glass Studio

glass / fused

Hometown: Stockton, NJ

At Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, you’ll find an incredible variety of incredible works of art from a wide background of traditions. Sunflower Glass Studio’s Karen and Geoff Caldwell take their mutual love of prisms and create intricate stained glass windows, boxes, bathroom accessories and more.

Founded in 1978, Sunflower Glass Studio has been turning out breathtaking works of beveled and colored glass. With Karen as the designer and Geoff as the craftsman, you’re guaranteed beautiful stained glass windows, panels, boxes and so much more.

Even though it is quite a medieval art, the Caldwells draw their inspiration from the American stained glass window tradition that experienced a revival around the 1880s. As opposed to ancient times when silk filters were painted and laid over the glass to achieve color, by the 19th century, the glass itself was dyed. Each piece of colored glass is cut and fused in-studio.

Their fused glass line of home décor items features unique pieces that can never be exactly replicated. Floral and night sky designs draw inspiration from the natural world, while other pieces carry the geometric lines of stained glass without the metalwork.


Alice Calhoun / Copper Curls Sculpture LLC

metal / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Hermann, MO

Artist Website

Alice Calhoun is the imaginative artist behind Copper Curls Sculpture LLC, the Hermann, MO business that designs and creates metal fairy garden sculptures. As the owner and artist, Calhoun grew up in the South where the beauty of landscape is legendary and storytelling is a way of life. “My earliest memory is of creating miniature, magical worlds on tabletops, in closets, and out of doors under great big trees and then guiding my playmates (both real and imagined) through my kingdom. More recent memories are of larger magical worlds on tabletops, in flowerpots, and out of doors under great big trees and then guiding my playmates (sometimes known as customers and fellow artists) through my kingdom (my 12 foot tall copper gazebo).”

Calhoun’s whimsical, copper curly-haired metal sculptures are inspired by many influences, including dance, southern landscapes, English gardens, and ancient forests; by folktales by artists who create mythic landscapes (from Shakespeare and William Faulkner to Howard Finster); and by poetic fiction and narrative painting and sculpture.

Jen Callahan / Artwork by Jen

Paintings, Prints & Fine Art

Hometown: Tappahannock, VA

Artist Website

"Art makes my life even more wonderful than it already is" — Jen Callahan

Jen Callahan is an artist based in Tappahannock, VA who is drawn to vibrant colors and capturing the characteristics and personality of each subject — whether it’s sea life, fairies, horses or African animals — and making them feel as if they’re jumping off the canvas. “My emotions come out with each painting and I tend to use colors that make me happy. Sometimes I disregard what is presented in real life and express it in a different way. Art is a way to share my personality with someone as they look at my paintings. One of art's rewards is knowing that others get joy from viewing my artwork.” Callahan uses water based paints and likes to combine her painting technique between watercolor and acrylics as well as experimenting with different painting surfaces and styles. In 2007, she closed her studio and focused on displaying her paintings at indoor and outdoor art festivals. “I enjoy the thrill of showing my work in new exciting places and currently show at festivals year round.”

Devon Cameron / Gourdaments

misc / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Middletown, NY












Tina Campbell / Halo Dips

specialty foods

Hometown: Mauldin, SC

Artist Website












Kathy Cappelli / Okford Handbags

Mixed Media

Hometown: Cochranville, PA

Artist Website













Michael Caracappa / Handcrafted Exotic Wood Pens

wood / wood turning

Hometown: Springboro, OH

For nearly 15 years, expert craftsman Michael Caracappa has been handcrafting incredible wood pens that enthusiasts and collectors love. Drawing on more than four decades of experience as a woodworker, Michael’s handcrafted exotic pens use a number of different additional materials to add structure and flair. Amboyna burl, cactus, feathers, Italian Lucite and carbon fiber are just some of the materials you can find in one of his pens. Add in vibrant colors and an easy-to-grip design, and one of these genuine wooden fountain pens will look right at home on your desk.

Michael regularly travels from his home in Ohio to Sugarloaf Craft Festivals to showcase his work. With many different styles and price ranges, his pens will fit the taste and budget of even the fussiest writers. Stop settling for cheap, unimaginative pens from the local dollar store that are just begging to be chewed up, and treat yourself to an exotic wood pen from a master craftsman that writes as well as it looks.












Karen Cardoza / Karen Cardoza Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: East Longmeadow, MA

Artist Website

Karen Cardoza has been handcrafting fine gold and silver jewelry from East Longmeadow, MA for many years. Her fine attention to detail and unique designs can be viewed and purchased at many area arts and crafts exhibits, including the Sugarloaf Craft Festival.


Tim & Sharon Carey

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: PA

Pennsylvania artists Tim and Sharon Carey design fine jewelry. They specialize in delicate designs like earrings that almost look like sun-tipped ripples in a creek. Don’t miss seeing their other works at our festivals!


Seth Carlson / Seth Michael Studio

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Chicago, IL

The gold and silver jewelry from Seth Carlson of Seth Michael Studio dances along a knife’s edge, sharp yet delicate. Fine jewelry like necklaces and bracelets are transformed into powerful statement pieces under this Sugarloaf artist’s masterful hands.

Chicago’s Seth Carlson grew up in his father’s stained glass studio where he began creating jewelry from shards of glass and wire. Those early inspirations carried him to the Savannah College of Art and Design where he studied silversmithing and other metalwork. As an artist in residence at the Rochester Institute of Technology, he added goldsmithing to his talents and decided to devote himself to both creating jewelry and inspiring others to do so as well. He did his graduate work at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied art therapy and founded a metalsmithing group for Southside teenagers. That kind inspiring pedigree is what makes Seth a terrific member of the Sugarloaf Family.

With his dedication to improving the community and skill at making breathtaking pieces of jewelry, Seth is on a mission to show how artists and craftspeople can use their talents altruistically and not just for personal gain. His soft heart beautifully balances the sharp angles of his wearable works of art.


Sharon Carlucci / Carlucci Glassworks

jewelry / glass

Hometown: Reading, PA

When Sharon Carlucci founded Carlucci Glassworks, she knew that she’d have a unique perspective: Carlucci was more of a needle worker, with a background in knitting and embroidery. For this reason, it didn’t take long for Carlucci to excel in glass bead-making, and now her lamp-worked glass beads are highly coveted in the glass community. These fine, hand-crafted glass beads have earned Carlucci a place among the most renowned bead­-makers in the world, and Sugarloaf Craft Festivals is proud to have her among us.

Carlucci Glassworks beads are made using an oxygen and gas torch with Italian colored glass rods in Carlucci’s Reading, Penn. studio. The glass is heated around a steel rod and then meticulously shaped and decorated using additional glass chosen by Carlucci herself. The beads are then placed into a kiln to cool and temper. Finally, Carlucci finishes each creation with beautiful wire wrapping to showcase and honor each individual bead. Come and see Carlucci’s beads in person at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!













Dan Carmichael

Metal / Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Waterford, MI














Kevin Carney / Firehouse Donuts, LLC

Specialty Food

Hometown: Springfield, PA

Artist Website













Kyle Carpenter / Green Thumb Pottery


Hometown: Asheville, NC

Artist Website














Beverly Carreiro / DB Designs


Hometown: Somerset, MA

Artist Website














Jeanne & Don Cassanova

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Gold River, CA

Artist Website


Claudia Carreon / Claudia Carreon Designs

metal / brass, copper, steel

Hometown: Dublin, OH

Artist Website














Chris Carskaddan / CC Woodworking

Functional Wood

Hometown: Great Falls, VA


Nancy Cerdas / nanCdesigns

Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Ridgefield Park, NJ

Artist Website

“Life is too short to wear boring jewelry!” — Nancy Cerdas

Jewelry designer and owner of nanCdesigns, Nancy Cerdas uses a mixed media approach in her jewelry design to incorporate silver, glass, fibers and gems into sculptural wearable art. As a result, her pieces are striking statements with unexpected combinations of materials and textures. Cerdas has always loved creating jewelry and enjoys weaving, twisting and crocheting wire and other materials into one-of-a-kind pieces. Her collection has a decidedly modern quality and the freeform shapes and color combinations make each piece innovative. Her color palette ranges from soothing silver, gold and pearly whites to radiant corals, azure blue and lime green. Her designs are perfect for those who wish to express their vivacious personality without uttering a word. While her designs are bold, they are always refined and have an effortless elegance to them. Based in Ridgefield Park, NJm Cerdas exhibits and sells her jewelry creations at many area fine arts and crafts fairs.

Lyn Chevrier / Indulgences Wearable Art


Hometown: Sheboygan, WI

Artist Website















Laurence Chandler

Fine Art

Hometown: Lanham, MD

Artist Website



Larry Chapman / Larry Chapman Photography


Hometown: New Paltz, NY

Hudson Valley landscape photographer Larry Chapman has long been capturing the exquisite beauty of the outdoors with his camera and eagle-eyed focus. Larry Chapman Photography is based in New Paltz, NY, so many of his subjects are inspired by the unique and recognizable landscape of the Northeast. Chapman captures matter-of-fact snapshots of nature and animals but also offers a broad collection of abstract and fascinating exterior scenes.

In addition to a slew of original landscape photographs, Chapman also studies architecture, people and flowers, so his collection is well worth a visit by all photography lovers. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals has a long history of uniting art-buyers with their makers for a unique, one-on-one experience you’ll cherish forever. To see Chapman’s artwork in real life and get to know our many fine art photographers, make sure to visit an upcoming Sugarloaf event.


Thomas Chavanne / Chavanne's Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Oaklyn, NJ

Each piece in Chavanne's Jewelry line is a unique work of art. Jeweler Thomas Chavanne handcrafts pieces in his New Jersey studio using sterling silver, gold and gems. Chavanne's works have an organic feel, with airy swirls of silver dotted with faceted stones, polished semi-precious stones and other accents. The artist uses argentium silver, which has a 93.5 percent silver content. With this newer silver alloy he is able to work into bends, twists and use tools such as hammers to shape each piece.

Chavanne's Jewelry line includes unique pendants and necklaces that will add a sophisticated look to any outfit. Many pieces can go from day to night with ease. The fluid designs you will find in Chavanne's Jewelry booth at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals include fluid designs that are perfect for everyday extravagance.














Jennifer Cherpock / Serenity Ceramics


Hometown: Old Tappan, NJ

Artist Website
















Tien-Seng Chiu / Far Eastern Shore Winery

specialty foods

Hometown: Easton, MD

Artist Website

Sample the sweeter side of wines by choosing from Tien-Seng Chiu’s incredible selection of products from Far Eastern Shore Winery. This family-owned, boutique micro-winery is located on the eastern shore of Maryland in the historic town of Easton. Their wines feature a lightly sweet flavor that comes from fruit-infused blends. Traditional wine bases are mixed with fruits like strawberries, cranberries, peaches, apricots, raspberries and dragon fruit to create truly distinctive and mouth-watering flavors. Whether these wines are used as a complement to a meal or simply a refreshment to enjoy while relaxing, they’ll quickly become some of your favorite beverages.

Attending Sugarloaf Craft Festivals and meeting Tien-Seng Chiu in person gives you the opportunity to sample these wines and learn more about each unique blend. Whether you’re a new customer or a loyal fan, be sure to stock up on these delicious fruit-infused wines the next time you attend one of our art fairs.















Michael Cho

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Artist Website

Classic form and design is his specialty, but not without a modern twist! Pottery artist Michael Cho creates beautiful ceramic pieces that take on the look of brushed metals finished with a gloss. We’re glad to have his creative vision as part of the Sugarloaf Family.

Each of Michael’s pieces are individually designed and hand-thrown, guaranteeing that no two are alike. After they are dried, Michael sprays each piece with oxides like cobalt, tin and chromium to produce a background base finish of matte metallic black. He decorates each piece with high-gloss glazes that add color and texture before firing n the kiln at nearly 2300 degrees.

In the kiln, the materials undergo a remarkable transformation. The clay hardens like stone, the oxide finish covers the surface like a thin sheet of metal and the glaze brush strokes take on the appearance of glass.

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Michael moved to the United States in 1971, where he began to dabble in ceramic arts. By the 1980s, he had his own studio and was well on his way to creating his signature metallic ceramic works.


Daniel Christie


Hometown: King George, VA

Artist Website

If you love beautiful pieces of pottery, make sure you check out Daniel Christie’s Hot Rock Pottery at a Sugarloaf Craft festival. You’ll love that each piece is carefully made by hand, which ensures that no two items are exactly alike. Christie takes a careful approach when throwing each bowl, mug or vase on his pottery wheel. Each item is slowly shaped to form an eye-catching and beautiful piece of pottery.

But the process doesn’t stop there. Christie is also a gifted painter, so his colorful paint work on each item is what truly sets his Hot Rock Pottery apart. Whether it’s a small teapot, a large pitcher or an oversized coffee mug, there’s an incredible amount of detail added to these pieces. In addition to rich, intense colors, many pieces also feature a texture surface or other additional elements that make them particularly unique. Whether you want a memorable gift for a friend or a new decorative accent for your home, be sure to get some of Daniel Christie’s pottery at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival. 














John Chumack / Galactic Images


Hometown: Dayton, OH

Artist Website
















Cindy & Ronald Ciarcia / Cindy Anne Creations

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Bristol, CT

Artist Website
















Lisa Cimino / CHE-ME-NO Jewelry

Jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

















Brian Clasby / Lone Crow Studio

misc / mixed media

Hometown: Trumansburg, NY
















Carol Clay & Mac Chambers / Arachne by Carol Clay and Mac Chambers

Weaving, Knitting & Spinning

Hometown: Greensboro, NC





Neil Claypoole / Jonathan's Spoons



Artist Website

Something as simple as a wooden spoon can become one of the most interesting items in your kitchen when you purchase one of Jonathan’s Spoons by Neil Claypoole. This collection of handcrafted utensils is made from real cherry wood, giving the spoons a warm, rustic look. Whether you need a slotted spoon for cooking on the stovetop or a pair of salad serving utensils that look elegant at the dinner table, you’ll love the unique designs available from Jonathan’s Spoons.

Besides the large variety of cherry wood spoons, Neil Claypoole has also crafted a number of other handy kitchen utensils. You can get wooden pickle forks, coffee grounds scoops, pot strainers, citrus peelers, chopsticks and so much more when you browse the full Jonathan’s Spoons collection. These carefully crafted spoons add an artistic touch to everyday utensils that make your home a little more colorful and unique. Stop by a Sugarloaf Craft festival to meet Neil Claypoole and see these beautiful wooden spoons and utensils firsthand.



Chris Clemans / Roaring Dog Studio

wood / wood & mixed media

Hometown: Strasburg, PA

Artist Website
















Tess Coburn & Gary Temple / Teresa Crowninshield

Clothing - Silk

Hometown: Easthampton, MA

Artist Website














LaVern Coffey / LaVern Coffey Designs


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA


















Heather Cohen / Textile Design by Heather

textiles & fashion design / accessories

Hometown: Derry, NH


















Lois Cohen / Lois Cohen Designs

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Merrick, NY

Artist Website

Using anodized aluminum, mixed metals and semi-precious stones, Lois Cohen offers an incredible selection of self-expressive, wearable art. This jewelry-maker is based in Merrick, NY, where she hand-crafts each and every piece with eagle-eyed precision and craftsmanship. From funky hand-crafted eyeglass frames to geometric watch bands done in a rainbow of bright colors, Lois Cohen Designs offers the perfect collection for the out-of-the-box collector or stylist.

What makes Lois Cohen Designs stand out is her expressive, colorful take on jewelry design. Her pieces are whimsical, original and a little bit zany! Perfect for the lover of unique jewelry, Cohen crafts some of the most colorful and abstract dangle earrings we’ve seen yet. She also makes incredible wire-twisted statement necklaces and watch bands that are nothing short of conversation-starters. To experience Cohen’s work first-hand, check out the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals schedule and reference the artist section to see when she’ll be with us next!

Kelly Cole / Lilypistol Leather


Hometown: Columbia City, IN


















Octavius Coleman / Amzco1987

Fine Art

Hometown: Rockville, MD



















Sherita Collins / MawAhh


Hometown: Odenton, MD

Artist Website

















Cristiane  Coloni / Freecolomani LLC

Fine Arts

Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Artist Website


















Ken Conger / Ken Conger Photography


Hometown: Lanexa, VA

Artist Website


















Marianne Connors / Slight Indulgences

textiles & fashion design / weaving & knitting

Hometown: Milford, NJ

Artist Website

















May Conti / Sarapaan

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Wellesley, MA

Artist Website

The Sarapaan collection by May Conti features an astounding collection of truly unique and colorful jewelry. Made with semi-precious stone beads, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal beads and other beautiful elements, these are statement pieces that will instantly become treasured parts of your personal jewelry collection. It's no surprise Sarapaan translates to "variety" in Thai since Conti's work ranges from pendants to necklaces to earrings and more. There’s a little something for everyone in this gorgeous collection of modern and elegant jewelry by Conti.

Sarapaan jewelry pieces are made with jewels found throughout the world, adding a cultural element to each distinctive design developed by Conti. Be sure to visit a Sugarloaf Craft festival to learn more about May Conti and to see selected items from the Sarapaan collection up close. These items make wonderful additions to your own collection as well as thoughtful gifts for fashionable loved ones. 














Robert Cory, III / Cory Glass Works

glass / leaded

Hometown: Lawrence, MA

Artist Website

















Todd Courtney / Todd’s DIRT Seasonings & Marinades

Specialty Food

Hometown: Severna Park, MD

Artist Website


















Victoria Cox / Baskets by Vicky

misc / baskets

Hometown: Egg Harbor City, NJ

Artist Website

















David Crawford / Wild West Designs

Textiles / Mixed Media

Hometown: Longmont, CO















Danielle Croley & Shirley Douglas / Goodway Bakery

specialty foods

Hometown: Troy, NY

Artist Website






















William Croft / MeadowCroft Farm, LLC

Specialty Foods

Hometown: Swoope, VA

Artist Website















John Teal Crutchfield / Metallic Art Graphics

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Artist Website


















Michael Cruz / Knotty by Nature, LLC

wood / wood turning

Hometown: Keedysville, MD

Artist Website

Knotty by Nature features artfully hand-turned wood designs such as bowls, pedestal bowls, pens and hollow forms. Artist Michael Cruz developed an interest in woodworking at an early age, which only continued to grow through the years. After college Cruz apprenticed with a master woodworker, and later developed his unique style of turning bowls, pens and hollow forms.

Cruz uses wood sourced locally, mostly near his Western Maryland shop. Local woods include walnut, cherry, ash and maple. Most of the woods in Knotty by Nature's offering are from trees that have fallen during storms, died naturally, or have been saved from becoming firewood when taken down by arborists. Cruz never cuts down live trees for woodworking. Cruz uses all parts of available trees, however he often looks for particular features in wood such as spalting, burls, curl, ambrosia, bird's eyes and feathering to create his unique works.
















Erin & Christopher Csernica / Mt. Lebanon Soap Company


Hometown: Port Murray, NJ

Artist Website
















Marie Cuozzo / Bear's Nest Studio

jewelry / other

Hometown: West Sand Lake, NY

Artist Website

Marie Cuozzo has been creating works of art since her grandmother taught her to knit at age seven. Her interests turned to jewelry making over a decade ago, and ever since, Bear’s Nest Studio has turned out stunning pieces of handcrafted jewelry fashioned in the ancient art of Kumihimo.

If you’re not familiar with Kumihimo, don’t worry! At Sugarloaf Crafts, we believe in a high-touch experience where customers can interact and talk to the artisans themselves. Come to one of our festivals and you can learn about her process, or study up now to show off your knowledge!

Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese art that translates as “braided cord” in English. These ancient braids are often used in ceremonies, as belts, as purse straps and more. Dating back to the 7th century, it would be several hundred years before weaving fabric in this way wandered into the jewelry world.

For her kumihumi designs, Marie uses a traditional Muradai braiding table, working with glass beads and nylon cords. She also draws inspiration from medieval chainmail, putting a true modern spin on ancient, functional art.


Pam Cutler / Pam Cutler Designs

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Beachwood, NJ

Artist Website