George Raab

Fine Arts

Hometown: Millbrook, Ontario

Artist Website





Richard Racioppi / Lancaster Gourmet Bread

Specialty Food

Hometown: Staten Island, NY






Heather Randall


Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Artist Website





Charlene Randolph & Nancy McIntosh / ClayFormed Artworks


Hometown: Windsor Mill, MD

Artist Website






Adriana Rangel and Phillip Houser / WOVEN DREAM DESIGNS, LLC

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: New Hope, PA

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Mary Louise Ravese / Bella Vista Photography


Hometown: Waterford, VA

Artist Website

As a nature and travel photographer, Mary Louise Ravese captures the wonder of the outdoors, offering a snapshot of natural beauty for all to see. Using both film and digital equipment while refusing to “touch up” any of her images, Mary Louise has spent more than 20 years traversing across the U.S., Europe and Japan in search of the perfect outdoor photos. With subject interests that include country landscapes, wildlife and architecture, her work often has a painting-esque feel, using lively colors, textures and shapes to offer her unique perspective on a fleeting moment of time.

Through her company Bella Vista Photography, Mary Louise’s work can be found in collections throughout the United States, and has also been used in a number of calendars, books and websites. The Virginian also is a regular instructor for photography classes and workshops, and serves as a competition judge for clubs around the region. If you’re looking to add wonder to your home, come and visit Mary Louise the next time you’re at a Sugarloaf festival and see how amazing fine art photography can truly be.





Dennis Ray / Nature's Creations

metal / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Artist Website

From leaves to flowers, the beauty that’s found in nature is unmistakable. At Nature’s Creations Jewelry, Dennis Ray creates natural botanical wearable art and sculpture using a unique copper electroforming process that preserves the original item for eternity. This room temperature process layers copper over the cuttings without destroying them. By covering botanical items in copper, then finishing them with precious metals or colored patinas, they make custom, handcrafted pieces of art. As a result, each customer owns a truly individualized piece of jewelry where no two are exactly alike. “My art has been my sole vocation and my passion. Every year, I travel around the world on a mission to collect samples from nature — historic trees, vineyard leaves, noteworthy plant cuttings — and return to my studio, where I capture them in copper. Often finished with lush patinas and accent paint, each piece I create is one of a kind — just as in nature.”


Kara Raymond / Kara Raymond Studio

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Doylestown, PA

Artist Website






Don Rea / Don Rea Designs

metal / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Damascus, PA

The imagination that goes into handcrafting any work of art is incredible. This is certainly true with the quirky sculptures crafted from metal, wood and other materials created by Don Rea and his Don Rea Designs collection. Find sculptures to suit just about any interest, whether it be a student, musician, bartender, golfer or cyclist. The possibilities are only limited by Rea's imagination. Rea crafts sculptures and figures from metals such as copper, aluminum and tin. He inserts humor and whimsy into each shaping of the material from spiral-twisted legs to bright colors to provide life to a grasshopper riding a penny-farthing cycle. His work is imaginative and thoughtful, and you might think some of his sculptures will make the perfect gift for someone you know.





Sarah Read / ReAdapt

textiles / Accessories

Hometown: Baltimore, MD






Lesley Reich / Pottery Mountain

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Hurley, NY

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JJ Reichert / Goldyfish by Jessica Joy

textiles & fashion design / handbags

Hometown: Bellefontaine, OH

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Heather Reid / Heather Reid Designs

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Greenwich, NY

Heather Reid, the head of her eponymous clothing brand, Heather Reid Designs, uses her creative eye to craft handmade clothing from hand dyed, hand painted fabrics. Working with cotton, wool and fleece she designs outfits and single pieces that are as eye catching as they are comfortable. Tops, jackets, pants and other clothing pieces come in a muted color palette that is conducive to mixing and matching to curate outfits that are ready for work, ready for going out, or ready to just look fashionable on the weekend. Reid’s love of nature is captured in many of her hand painted fabrics. Leaves, branches, birds and blooms are often her prints of choice. Reid uses the finest quality pigments, dyes, and natural fibers and typically paints in a casual, freestyle manner. High-low hemlines, contrast stitching and relaxed silhouettes add to the natural, carefree vibe of the line. Living in Greenwich, NY, Reid often exhibits her designs at area venues including the Sugarloaf Craft Festival.


Marcia Reiver


Hometown: Rosemont, PA

Artist Website







Daniel Riccio / Riccio Artifacts

metal / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: East Hampton, CT

Artist Website

Born in the Bronx, Daniel J. Riccio cut his teeth in the New York City art community throughout the 1970s. Now based in East Hampton, Conn., this imaginative artist doesn’t tend to favor one medium. He crafts one-of-a-kind paintings, sculptures, jewelry and metal designs that are united by their intricacy and detail. He also offers an interesting collection of three-dimensional design and spiritual work honoring Christian and Jewish traditions, including hand-crafted dreidels, menorahs and Noah’s Ark figurines.

Riccio’s Artifacts collection is one of the most favored among his collectors, especially his variety of tiny objects inspired by his background in biology. These tiny carved figurines are minute but impactful, with an impressive level of detail accounted for in each and every piece. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals is proud to welcome Daniel J. Riccio artwork at some of our annual juried art shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Make sure to connect with the artist to see which Sugarloaf events he’ll be attending this year.  


Sabra Richards / Sabra Richards Steel & Glass

glass / fused glass

Hometown: Worton, MD

Artist Website






William Richardson / Suffolk Shaker Shop, LLC

Wood Boxes

Hometown: Suffolk, VA

Artist Website

Crafted using single sheets of marbleized and richly-grained wood, William’s Shaker-style wares are created using thin strips of wood which are bent, wrapped, and braided. His decorative boxes, jewelry chests, trays, and baskets are instant Americana heirlooms.






Courtney Richie / Courtney B Designs

jewelry / glass

Hometown: Gallipolis, OH

Artist Website






Melissa Ricks / Wild Hare Fiber Studio LLC

Textiles Mixed Media

Hometown: Front Royal, VA

Artist Website



Daniel Riffle / WoodVox

Functional Wood

Hometown: Saint Albans, WV

Artist Website



Meghan Patrice Riley

Jewelry / Gold & Silver

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Artist Website



Jim Rimi


Hometown: Washington, NJ

Artist Website




Melissa Rioux / Lakonia Greek Products

Specialty Food

Hometown: Saco, ME

Artist Website




Ossi Rioux / Ossi Hats, Etc.

textiles & fashion design / hats & accessories

Hometown: New York, NY

Artist Website

New York City-based Ossi Hats, Etc. is the brainchild of textile artist Ossi Rioux. Her unique, hand-crafted hats are the cornerstone of her portfolio. Rioux actually developed her very own nontraditional hat-making technique, which features a soft block method for shaping, a heat transfer method for dying and custom-made patterns on her hand-selected fabrics. Ossi Hats are constructed with some of the most desirable materials, including wool, cotton, velvet, satin, silk and grosgrain.

Each and every hat made by Rioux is hand-planed, cut and sewn by the artist in her New York City studio. Not only does Rioux create one-of-a-kind hats, but she also makes standout scarves and quilts using a fascinating blend of textured fabrics and trim. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals proudly hosts Ossi Hats, Etc. at many of our annual Mid-Atlantic juried art and craft shows. For more information on where to find Rioux’s original creations, check our schedule to see which artists will be at which events.

Sue Rioux

Glass / KAleidoscopes

Hometown: Kennebunkport, ME

Artist Website


Debbie Roberts / Circle D Metal Art

metal / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Capitan, NM

Artist Website






Karen Roberts / Karen Roberts Stained Glass

glass / leaded glass

Hometown: Teaneck, NJ

Hailing from Teaneck, NJ, Karen Roberts Stained Glass brings a unique collection of stained glass to Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. Roberts’ original stained glass artwork is as narrative as it is beautiful, with each one telling a story in glass and light. Roberts typically employs the Tiffany Method of stained glass making (also called foiling), where the edges of each piece are wrapped with copper foil tape. This allows for a stronger and more intricate design.

Roberts is also known for creating some unique functional stained glass pieces, including stained glass key racks, mirrors and more pieces that double as one-of-a-kind artwork. Sugarloaf is proud to position Karen Roberts Stained Glass along a community of glass artists creating stained glass, fused glass and blown glass. Our Mid-Atlantic juried art show has been inviting the country’s best artists and crafters to come and display their work since 1975.


Marthe Roberts-Shea / MAR/S Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Elkins Park, PA

Artist Website






Beverly Robillard / Michele Gingerich 

Mixed Media

Hometown: Charles Town, WV

Artist Website







John Robson / The Standing People 

wood / functional wood

Hometown: Timberville, VA

Artist Website






Grace Rochford

Textiles / Rugs

Hometown: Knoxville, MD

Artist Website







Gabriel Rodriguez / Mexica Crafts 

leather / shoes & accessories

Hometown: Woodstock, NY

Artist Website

Gabriel Rodriguez of Mexica Crafts is the talent behind his collection of exclusive handcrafted leather mocs, boots, purses and more. From his Woodstock, NY location, he meticulously creates one-of-a-kind pieces from supple leather that exude comfort and style. His creations are reminiscent of the Native American culture and are available in a range of hues, including browns, greys, greens, red and more. The leather develops a rich patina over time, adding to its appeal. In an era when it’s often said that “they don’t make things like they used to,” Mexica Crafts reminds us that artisans are still crafting quality products. Crafted by hand with attention to detail, many of the items are embellished with fringe, braiding details and contrast stitching. Rodriguez describes his designs as having great energy and a connection with the earth. “They are unique pieces, just like each individual.” Customers often say that his leather creations are beautiful art to wear and that there’s spirit and personality in each piece.


Rochel Roland / Joyful Bath Co.


Hometown: North Bethesda, MD

Artist Website






Gina Romano

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Summit, NJ







Robert Rossel / Symmetry Tile Works

Mixed MEdia

Hometown: Epping, NH

Artist Website






Brian Rosenbarker / Homestead Leather


Hometown: East Petersburg, PA

Artist Website

Brian Rosenbarker is the artisan behind Homestead Leather, a small leather company in East Petersburg, just outside of Lancaster PA. Rosenbarker designs and manufactures leather bags, belts, accessories and notebooks using the finest quality American cowhide and hardware available. Each piece is made by hand and finished to perfection, giving them an heirloom quality.

“I strive for excellence in my leather work. I use the best quality materials I can find; I do not believe in cutting corners by using cheap leather or hardware. I use fine American Oak-Tanned leather in my products. This combination of leathers gives my products a unique style that you will find nowhere else. I use solid brass or stainless steel hardware and strong nylon thread. Because I care about the quality of my work, I guarantee everything I make for life against defects in materials and workmanship. With proper care, my products will last decades.”

In addition to his Pennsylvania leather shop, Brian Rosenbarker’s work can be found at many area fine arts and crafts shows such as the Sugarloaf Craft Festival as well as his online Etsy store.


Clay Rosenbarker / MacClay Leather Design


Hometown: East Petersburg, PA

Artist Website






Derek Rosenberry Ceramics


Hometown: Pottstown, PA

Artist Website






Sharon Rosenthal / Sharon Rosenthal Design

Non-Precious Jewlery

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Artist Website






James Roth / The Griffin Works


Hometown: Amherst, OH

Artist Website







Jan Roth / The Antler Lady

misc / antlercraft

Hometown: Alger, MI

Artist Website






Raymond Ruggeri and Milton Harrison / Rediscover Handbags

Miscellaneous / Accessorries

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Artist Website


Leon Ruiz / Emerald Ruiz

Fine Art

Hometown: Dos Palos, CA

Artist Website

Felicia Ruskin


Hometown: Millstone, NJ







Irina Russell / Inside Custom Art

Glass Mixed Media

Hometown: Nashville, TN








James Russell / James Russell Goldsmiths

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Rockport, MA

Nothing shines like hand-wrought silver and gold. Designs from James Russell Goldsmiths are simple yet elegant, and well within your reach. The collection includes earrings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets and rings. The jeweler creates designs in his Rockport, Massachusetts shop. The quaint harbor town provides the perfect inspiration for the shiny accessories. While elegant, many of James Russell Goldsmiths' designs are perfect for accessorizing everyday wear, while others might be reserved for special occasions.

James Russell Goldsmiths exhibits at many Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, where you can see — and purchase — their exquisite creations. His designs fill up the booth, when is then filled up by admirers of simple silver loops and teardrop-shaped silver earrings and other bobbles to take home for oneself or to be used as gifts.






Carrie Rutherford / Dragon Folk Studios


Hometown: Forest City, NC

Artist Website