George Raab

Fine Arts

Hometown: Millbrook, Ontario

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Richard Racioppi / Lancaster Gourmet Bread

Specialty Food

Hometown: Staten Island, NY







Adriana Rangel and Phillip Houser / WOVEN DREAM DESIGNS, LLC

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: New Hope, PA

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Mary Louise Ravese / Bella Vista Photography


Hometown: Waterford, VA

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Dennis Ray / Nature's Creations

metal / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Rockville, MD

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Kara Raymond / Kara Raymond Studio

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Doylestown, PA

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Don Rea / Don Rea Designs

metal / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Damascus, PA

The imagination that goes into handcrafting any work of art is incredible. This is certainly true with the quirky sculptures crafted from metal, wood and other materials created by Don Rea and his Don Rea Designs collection. Find sculptures to suit just about any interest, whether it be a student, musician, bartender, golfer or cyclist. The possibilities are only limited by Rea's imagination. Rea crafts sculptures and figures from metals such as copper, aluminum and tin. He inserts humor and whimsy into each shaping of the material from spiral-twisted legs to bright colors to provide life to a grasshopper riding a penny-farthing cycle. His work is imaginative and thoughtful, and you might think some of his sculptures will make the perfect gift for someone you know.






Lesley Reich / Pottery Mountain

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Hurley, NY

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JJ Reichert / Goldyfish by Jessica Joy

textiles & fashion design / handbags

Hometown: Bellefontaine, OH

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Heather Reid / Heather Reid Designs

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Greenwich, NY







Marcia Reiver


Hometown: Rosemont, PA

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Daniel Riccio / Riccio Artifacts

metal / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: East Hampton, CT

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Sabra Richards / Sabra Richards Steel & Glass

glass / fused glass

Hometown: Worton, MD

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William Richardson / Suffolk Shaker Shop, LLC

Wood Boxes

Hometown: Suffolk, VA

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Crafted using single sheets of marbleized and richly-grained wood, William’s Shaker-style wares are created using thin strips of wood which are bent, wrapped, and braided. His decorative boxes, jewelry chests, trays, and baskets are instant Americana heirlooms.






Courtney Richie / Courtney B Designs

jewelry / glass

Hometown: Gallipolis, OH

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Melissa Ricks / Wild Hare Fiber Studio LLC

Textiles Mixed Media

Hometown: Front Royal, VA

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Ossi Rioux / Ossi Hats, Etc.

textiles & fashion design / hats & accessories


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Debbie Roberts / Circle D Metal Art

metal / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Capitan, NM

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Karen Roberts / Karen Roberts Stained Glass

glass / leaded glass

Hometown: Teaneck, NJ








Marthe Roberts-Shea / MAR/S Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Elkins Park, PA

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John Robson / The Standing People 

wood / functional wood

Hometown: Timberville, VA

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Gabriel Rodriguez / Mexica Crafts 

leather / shoes & accessories

Hometown: Woodstock, NY

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Rochel Roland / Joyful Bath Co.


Hometown: North Bethesda, MD

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Gina Romano

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Summit, NJ







Brian Rosenbarker / Homestead Leather


Hometown: East Petersburg, PA

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Clay Rosenbarker / MacClay Leather Design


Hometown: East Petersburg, PA

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Jan Roth / The Antler Lady

misc / antlercraft

Hometown: Alger, MI

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Raymond Ruggeri and Milton Harrison / Rediscover Handbags

Miscellaneous / Accessorries

Hometown: Chicago, IL

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Leon Ruiz / Emerald Ruiz

Fine Art

Hometown: Dos Palos, CA

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James Russell / James Russell Goldsmiths

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Rockport, MA

Nothing shines like hand-wrought silver and gold. Designs from James Russell Goldsmiths are simple yet elegant, and well within your reach. The collection includes earrings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets and rings. The jeweler creates designs in his Rockport, Massachusetts shop. The quaint harbor town provides the perfect inspiration for the shiny accessories. While elegant, many of James Russell Goldsmiths' designs are perfect for accessorizing everyday wear, while others might be reserved for special occasions.

James Russell Goldsmiths exhibits at many Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, where you can see — and purchase — their exquisite creations. His designs fill up the booth, when is then filled up by admirers of simple silver loops and teardrop-shaped silver earrings and other bobbles to take home for oneself or to be used as gifts.