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Lise Bouvet


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“Artists want to be challenged,” Frank Gherry states in the documentary: Sketches of Frank Gherry. This phrase signifies where I am right now. My work has been an evolutionary process of continual growth. Years ago I studied architecture, which fed my passion for shapes and mechanical elements. I fell into my exploratory period of color, which materialized in my work of oil, watercolor and silk painting. For the past ten years I worked primarily in fiber arts. I transformed pure white silk by using a variety of techniques such as wax, batik, shibori and complex hand painting.

2007 proved to be a year of change. It is the year which has cemented my break away from fiber arts and my step into jewelry. This process of change really started four years ago when I began taking classes in glass work. I learned about lampwork, sculpture, and fused glass. This lead to my interest in metalsmithing, which I studied in the US and Montreal. I have really been taken by the process of design and the fabrication of raw metal and stone into meaningful and beautiful object under my hands. My work has become a meditative process in the solitude of my studio surrounded by the calm of the trees.

With my jewelry work, I continue to explore with colors and designs to create inspiring pieces. I also found an interest in studying the messages that different cultures projects through jewelry. In viewing my current work, I hope you can follow my evolutionary journey and share my fascination with jewelry.

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