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Seymour Mondshein
& Lisa Martin

Maple Leather

Leather Handbags

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About Seymour & Lisa

Seymour Mondshein strives to create work of lasting beauty, designs which are both durable and functional. In that process, he uses only the finest materials available and the highest levels of craftsmanship. It's a philosophy which is carried through in all Maple Leather bags.

Seymour started making bags at the age of 11 in the back of his father's Maple Fur Shop in Newark, New Jersey. They were pretty simple at first but through trial and error, plus course work at both F.I.T and Parsons School of Design in NYC, his bag designs have evolved to the level that he is proud to present to you today.

In the course of each year, Seymnour talks to thousands of women about what they want in a bag and their feedback contributes to the quality of my designs.

Lisa Martin is the other half of the Maple Leather design team. Lisa is a fiber artist, basket maker and handbag designer in her own right. She works closely with Seymour, spending many hours choosing materials, discussing how things work and testing what we create. A pocket here, a zipper there, and let's not forget the strap. Creating a handbag that is a pleasure to use on a daily basis is not rocket science, but it's hard work.

Take a look at the Maple Leather customer feedback page and you will see the rave reviews that keep us constantly creating new bags!


Artist Contact Information

Maple Leather/Great Bags
P.O. Box 319 - Raven Rock Rd
Rosemont, NJ 08556-0319

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