Marcia Miller


by Elizabeth Weiss

The Love of a Land
Jewelry designer Marcia Miller was born and raised on a ranch in the West. “I come from old-time Montana people,” she likes to say. “I love Montana. I wouldn’t leave here for anything.” But Miller and her daughter Callie do venture out quite often to show their wares at Sugarloaf’s shows.

In Her Blood
Miller has always been an artist. She earned her art degree in metalsmithing and ceramics. As she farmed and ranched after finishing school, she “gathered steam” and used her extra money to buy metalsmithing equipment. Of her jewelry business, she says it was all thanks to an unusual date she had at the metalsmithing lab at school. From there, she was hooked and says, “I knew someday I would do it.” But Miller’s artistic urges went through several other incarnations first. She worked in fused glass jewelry, architectural stained glass, hand-spun and hand-woven home accessories, and ceramics.

Another Language
Every six months, Miller creates an entirely new design series. “I sketch all year,” she says. “I just sit down with my materials and magic comes out. I love it all—the work, the crafting.” The jewelry is all made by hand in her studio and Miller attributes her non-stop work ethic to “being a ranch kid.” Her work is limited edition fixed metal jewelry that celebrates primitive themes. The intricate and fascinating symbols used in her jewelry are the same markings that were used to tell stories long before the written word even existed. Spirals, zig-zags, and figures in the sun punctuate the unique designs of the jewelry and enable Miller to name each piece she creates. “The names give voice to our history. What my jewelry does is add a visual element.”

"Peace Keeper" Neckpiece. Mixed metals, turquoise, red jasper.

Assorted earrings. Mixed metals, semi precious stones.

Assorted earrings. Mixed metals, semi-precious stones

"Be Fearless" Brooch. Mixed Metals, turquoise, lapis, amythest.

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