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Sugarloaf is Not Just a Craft Show - It's a Community!

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Sugarloaf Craft Festivals prides itself on giving the craft designer and artist a dedicated community of likeminded artists and sellers to recreate the old-fashioned, personal feel of shopping for hand-crafted goods. There is nothing quite like the experience of meeting artists in person!

In the early 1990s, Sugarloaf began surveying attendees as to what they liked most about each show. After thousands of interviews, it became apparent that, besides the quality and value they found at each show, it was the personal interactions with the artists that kept them coming back year after year.

Upon further reflection, it became evident that a very basic sociological trend was developing, fueled by the rapid rate of change and the technology revolution: our customers appreciated the highly personalized experience of buying direct from the artist. Indeed, memories of the corner candy store and evening strolls down Main Street live mainly in the minds of a town's oldest residents.

In our high-tech world, human contact with individuals you know is more limited than it once was. You get your cash from ATM machines, swipe your credit card at the gas pump and aren't even recognized by the waiters at restaurants you frequent in town since they change help every week. Even when you call a friend or a business, you now hear voicemail instead of the voice of a real person.

Even though technology changes the world at an ever-increasing pace, human nature remains the same. When deprived of the traditional sources of community, people seek it out wherever they can find it. This takes many forms including joining organizations, groups linked together by common interests on the internet, trade shows and — of course — at art and craft shows.

We see this first-hand each year as hundreds of thousands of patrons come to Sugarloaf shows hungry for an interactive, personal and high-touch experience. Here they find real people presenting their unique creations and eager to share conversations about their work. Items at Sugarloaf are made from real materials like solid wood, supple leathers and earth elements used since the beginning of time. Questions about your work are easily answered and the customer service is personal.

At each every Sugarloaf show, there is a rich sense of family and community that exhibitors and shoppers alike all feel. Many of the artist's best friends are other artists who live in other states. What's more, they probably see them more than they see their neighbors or even relatives who live nearby their home. They share good times, bad times, special occasions and a lifestyle that is the envy of all the patrons working "regular" jobs.

For all of the above reasons, it’s clear that people come to Sugarloaf Craft Festivals not only for the items in the booths, but for the warm and lasting relationships they develop with the artists. This is why the artists enjoy so much repeat business and why the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals become more popular each year.