SUGARLOAF craft festivals
live art dEMONSTRATIons

Part of what makes the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals experience so memorable to its loyal attendees is the touch-based, interactive and captivating festival environment. We’re honored to invite the best demonstrators to apply to exhibit at one of our 11 annual art and craft shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic region this year. We offer well-marketed, demonstrator-friendly festivals in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania each year. Every single one of our festivals draws a devoted crowd of 10,000 or more art- and craft-loving patrons ready to learn. Hosting a crafts demonstration is an excellent complement to your exhibitor booth.

We welcome applicants for a wide variety of demonstrations, including visual demonstrations of glass blowing, wood turning, metal work and other crafts requiring large equipment and its own, dedicated space. We’re also happy to host hands-on craft demonstrations for artisans looking to connect with their patrons one-on-one. You can apply to demonstrate candle-making, quilting, painting, sculpting, printing, leather-making and much more. Sugarloaf attendees love to be able to hone in on their own crafting skills and come away with a physical souvenir they’ve crafted themselves.

Why host a demonstration at an art and craft fair? This is a great way to draw extra attention to your booth and to make personal, lasting connections with your new base of loyal patrons. Sugarloaf is made up of a family of devoted artists and craftspeople who love the face-to-face experience that you simply won’t get selling online. All of our festivals are designed to provide easy setup and low overhead costs to exhibitors, with great hotel discounts and other fantastic perks included in your booth price. To apply now online or by mail or request a brochure to learn more about the Sugarloaf experience, click here. Please note, video of your demonstration may be requested for consideration.