Sugarloaf Craft Festivals
Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we commonly receive from craft designers and artists new to Sugarloaf. If you have any additional questions about becoming an exhibitor, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-210-9900 or send us a message.


What is a juried show?

Each exhibitor participating in a juried show must have their work reviewed to insure that their work meets the show’s requirements. All Sugarloaf shows are juried. Applicants must submit a completed application, along with high-resolution, digital images of their work and booth display in order to participate in a Sugarloaf show. We require all artists and craftspeople to go through our jury selection process to ensure a high-caliber selection of exhibitions at each of our 11 annual shows.

May I sell work that I have not made?

Sugarloaf’s 200,000 plus annual shoppers expect to find handmade work at our shows and to meet the actual artists who make the arts and crafts they buy. If you do not make the work you sell, a Sugarloaf show is not for you. The application and contract that each of our exhibitors sign forbids the sale of manufactured and imported items. Artists may not sell manufactured work or manufactured work that they have designed or embellished.

How much does a booth cost?

Booths vary in price from show to show. We also offer several booth sizes. If you have a copy of our application, you’ll find pricing on the “Application and Contract” form. If not, you’ll find detailed show information — complete with pricing — within the “Apply” section of our website. We do our best to ensure that exhibitors get a low-overhead option to suit their budget and needs. For more information, visit the show calendar page and click shows of interest.


What should I do if I’m unable to print the application?

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any difficulty or frustration you may have experienced attempting to retrieve a copy of our application from the website. It’s possible that your computer may require new software. You are welcome to submit your application online, by using Zapplication, email or mail. If you would like a hard copy of the application, we will be happy to mail one to you; please contact us

May I email or fax my application?

You may apply by email, mail Zapplication or online. When applying by mail, we must receive your signed application along with payment and images of your work. We can accept faxed applications or applications sent via email, and images can be sent digitally by email or through a file sharing service (GoogleDrive, DropBox, etc.).  Exhibitors with digital images apply online or can use the Zapplication service.

What if I don’t have a booth photo?

We often receive questions about booth photos from new artists. Sugarloaf, like many juried shows, requires a booth photo. As an artist with beautiful work, you’ll want a booth design and display that does your work justice. You’ll want to plan how best to showcase your work. You will need to determine what fixtures and equipment you will need to rent, buy or build.

We recommend that new artists practice and test their booth setup in a garage, yard or a space similar to the size of the booth space where you’re planning to exhibit. New Artists may submit a photo of their booth setup in a garage or yard. For artists in the early stages of planning, we suggest creating a digital rendering or drawing of your booth design. Note that booth photos have the same file requirements as the photos of your work, and that we cannot accept photographic prints or paper drawings.

Do exhibitors need to reapply every season?

Yes! We’ll need an application for each season in which you wish to participate. Every Sugarloaf show is juried. To guarantee the best chance at getting into the shows you want, even past exhibitors are strongly encouraged to submit their applications to us by the jurying deadline.

Do you accept applications after the jurying deadline?

Each season we include a date on our application indicating when jurying begins. Getting your application to us by this date insures that you will have the best chance at getting into our shows and receiving the space you request (indoor, outdoor, size, etc.). We continue to add exhibitors throughout the season as space permits. New exhibitors are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

When will I know if I’m accepted into a show?

After your work is juried, we’ll email with your results, indicating whether or not you were accepted into the shows you requested. We always attempt to complete this process in a timely manner so that you can begin preparing for your show. Notifications are sent by email, but if you'd prefer to be mailed paper copies it is no problem - just opt in to receive paper notifications and you'll receive correspondence by US mail in addition to email.

Do I need a sales tax license before I can apply?

No. Please include any sales tax license numbers you may already have on the application. We will supply information on obtaining licenses and any required forms after you have been accepted.

When do I need to pay and are payment plans available? 

Show fees are due within 10 days after acceptance. 2 Payment Plans are available for all accepted applicants. If you require a custom payment plan, please contact us for assistance before your due date.  The two standard payment plan options are as follows:

Pay Early & Save $50/show
Full Payment Due
Upon Acceptance
Fall Tour ’19 Discount Expired
Spring Tour ’20 Exp 10/1/19
Pay Over Time
$100 Due Upon Acceptance
Balance Due in 60 Days
Fall Tour ’19 Exp 6/1/19
Spring Tour ’20 Exp 12/15/19