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How to Apply to Sugarloaf Online

Artists looking to sell their fine art and crafts at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals may apply online to our juried shows by using Zapplication, a simple online application platform. Please review the information below to learn more about the online application process. You can also apply via email or mail by printing a fall application or by printing a spring application or requesting an application. For detailed information on our upcoming art and craft festivals including pricing, please visit our show calendar page.

What You’ll Need to Apply to Exhibit

To submit your application, you will need to setup an account on and upload high-resolution digital images. You can visit the Zapplication FAQ page for answers to common setup questions.

You’ll also need:

·       High-resolution digital images of artwork four (4) images of your artwork are required

·       High-resolution digital image of booth one (1) image of your booth is required

·       Payment method for $20 jury fee

Image Requirements

The Zapp system helps insure that every craft designer and fine artist has images suitable for jurying. You’ll need high-resolution images, saved in at a specific size and format, in order to properly complete your application. You’ll find detailed specifications on Zapp’s Image Preparation page. If you do not know how to take photos at the required resolution in the proper file format, you should consider using a professional photographer to assist you with your media needs. Provide your photographer with the specifications found on the Zapplication website and he or she will able to assist you with creating the appropriate images.

Applying to Sugarloaf Shows on

Sugarloaf allows artists to apply to multiple shows within the same season by submitting just one application. We have one application for all of our fall shows and one application for all of our spring shows. Applying to multiple Sugarloaf shows at once will save you both time and money. Unfortunately, this setup makes our application difficult to find while searching in Zapp by event date, city or region. Use the links at the top of this page to quickly locate our applications.

The introductory page displays basic information about our shows. To begin the application process, click “Apply to this Show” at the top of the screen (in the green box). You will first see the “GENERAL RELEASE AND ACCEPTANCE OF RULES.” We recommend that you print the agreement and retain a copy for your records. Once you’ve agreed to the terms, you will complete the application. Note that you must pay the application fee and submit the application to apply. Simply saving the application will not send your application to us.

Adding Shows After You Apply Through Zapplication

Should you decide to add shows within the same season, please call us at 800-210-9900. You do not need to submit a second application or pay an application fee if you decide to apply to several shows within the same season. You must complete a new application only when applying to a new season. For example, if you previously applied to a spring season show and wish to participate in a fall season show, we would need to receive a new fall application.

Have questions? Please send us a message or call 800-210-9900. We’re always available to assist potential exhibitors with the application process, jury process and event specifics.

Payment Plans

Show fees are due within 10 days after acceptance. Payment Plans are available for all accepted applicants. If you require a custom payment plan, please contact us for assistance before your due date.

Pay Early & Save $50/show
Full Payment Due
Upon Acceptance
Fall Tour ’19 Discount Expired
Spring Tour ’20 Exp 10/1/19
Pay Over Time
$100 Due Upon Acceptance
Balance Due in 60 Days
Fall Tour ’19 Exp 6/1/19
Spring Tour ’20 Exp 12/15/19