Sugarloaf Craft Festivals

The Best Marketing in the Business

At Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, we’ve been solely focused on bringing artists and patrons together in an exciting environment for sales for over 40 years. One of the biggest challenges for an artist is not only finding where to sell your art, but also how to sell your art. Our focus is on providing the perfect environment for artisans to sell their artwork and crafts and introducing first-time artist-entrepreneurs to the art and craft show world with quality resources and tips. Successfully promoting craft festivals and art fairs is becoming harder each year, and you need an experienced marketing firm to bring in your customers.

Sugarloaf has a dedicated staff of experienced media buyers, advertising specialists, copywriters, direct mail experts, graphic artists and internet marketers working full-time for you to ensure that our 11 annual shows are well-attended and placed in proven markets. In addition, we provide personnel trained to help you increase your sales and assist with logistics. Many Sugarloaf exhibitors arrive at shows with advance sales generated through our marketing program. Many others have customers setting money aside for them before the show even opens.

How We Help You Sell More

Simply put, bringing the world’s best fine artists and craft designers together with the right customers is our full-time focus. Since 1975, we have been perfecting ways to help talented artisans grow their careers and sell their artwork and crafts to thousands of delighted customers at every show. Our one job is to help you sell more of your artwork and crafts. Not to mention, Sugarloaf sellers feel that they’re part of a greater family of artists who support one another in our vibrant, festival environment. Here are ten ways we accomplish these goals:

  1. Finding the best sites in the most affluent markets in the U.S. We only play the “A” markets.
  2. Extensive advertising for each show targeted to neighborhoods where your best customers live.
  3. Complete public relations campaign featuring show exhibitors directed to TV, radio and newspapers in each market.
  4. Show postcards mailed to hundreds of thousands of past customers.
  5. Free discount admission color postcards for exhibitors and information on where and when to mail.
  6. Posting exhibitor lists on our website with over a million hits a month.
  7. Sending emails to over 40,000 Sugarloaf Club subscribers, touting new exhibitors, upcoming shows and more.
  8. Our shows are designed to appeal to a full range of art and craft lovers. This means not only creating an environment that is ideal for them, but also for their families and friends. Our shows feature various activities, including live music and children’s entertainment, to give everyone an enjoyable experience that keeps them engaged.
  9. Professional show management allows our exhibitors to sell and customers to shop with ease. A well-managed show begins with a simple check-in and setup process. For your convenience, we’ve located the best local area services and supplies. Our experienced staff works hard to insure the show runs smoothly all weekend long.
  10. We negotiate special hotel rates for our exhibitors at select hotels. Save money by requesting “The Sugarloaf Rate!”