sugarloaf craft festivals

What Can I Sell at Sugarloaf?

Shoppers at Sugarloaf shows expect to find handmade fine art and contemporary crafts. Every Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and Art Fair is juried to insure that our shows are among the nation’s very best. That’s what draws over 10,000 dedicated and appreciative buyers to each and every one of our 11 annual art and crafts shows.

What We’re Looking For

All work sold at our shows must be original, handmade work. We’re always looking for talented craft designers and fine artists and have an open call for artists all year-round for our spring and fall shows. Every applicant is juried to ensure that their work is a good match for our shows and to keep with the standard that our loyal customers expect. Our juried shows feature a wide range of talented artisans, and we encourage traditional and non-traditional artists to apply. Additionally, our shows feature not only established artists, but also emerging artists. Our focus is in helping talented artists of all types thrive throughout the stages of their art- or craft-selling business.

Here are some of the categories we welcome at Sugarloaf. Read more about all categories here. 


clothing & textiles

fine art





What’s Not Allowed At a Sugarloaf Show

Sugarloaf shows require that artists sell their own original, hand-crafted work. We don’t allow the sale of any imports, kits, items made from kits, items made using commercial patterns or commercial molds, items assembled from pre-manufactured components, unfinished work, items made from elephant or whale ivory, embellished items, commercial clothing or art and craft supplies.