SUGARLOAF craft festivals
Specialty / Gourmet / Artisan Foods

Sugarloaf’s devoted attendees consistently patronize our popular specialty foods booths, and they’re hands-down one of our most popular categories. From homemade maple syrup to specialty vinegars and oils, Sugarloaf’s over 10,000 guests devour the range of artisan foods available at our 11 annual art and craft shows. Selling gourmet foods at Sugarloaf is a great way to turn your hobby into a small business, because we provide a base of loyal patrons in a vibrant and hospitable selling environment. Your specialty foods will be placed alongside some of the region’s most exquisite art and crafts.

Popular foodstuffs for sale at each Sugarloaf Craft Festival include old-fashioned candy, soups, dips, German candied almonds, pickles, maple syrup, honey, spice rubs, salsa, vinegars, Amish breads and cakes, nuts, olive oil, gourmet pretzels, specialty salts, toffee, fudge, cakes, hot sauce and so much more. All specialty food exhibitors at Sugarloaf are required to go before the same jury as those exhibitors selling art and crafts, so you can expect your goods to be among the absolute best. Submit an application today if you’re ready to join the Sugarloaf family.