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Sugarloaf Craft Festivals is happy to occasionally partner with local media companies, art organizations, non-profits and other companies in search of truly unique, valuable marketing opportunities. Our sponsorships provide exposure to over 10,000 loyal patrons plus hundreds of exhibitors who draw in attentive, appreciative patrons from around the Mid-Atlantic region. Sponsorship is open to companies who are not selling their goods at Sugarloaf. Unfortunately, we do not have sections for commercial or political booths at our shows. Submit a sponsorship inquiry today to learn all about how Sugarloaf can boost brand awareness.

Each year, Sugarloaf hosts 11 festivals in four states — Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia — so we can help you find the ideal sponsorship environment for your specific company. We focus on hosting festivals in proven markets, and take care of all the behind-the-scenes logistics and marketing to ensure that our events are very well-attended. Whether you’re trying to get the word out about your organization or company or want to show support for local crafter-entrepreneurs, Sugarloaf is a fantastic venue for sponsorship.

Every Sugarloaf Craft Festival is jam-packed with the best of the best artists, craftspeople, specialty food vendors, musicians and demonstrations. This family-friendly, interactive environment is ideal for a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. Please note that we are unable to allow organic or natural food sponsors. If you’re promoting or selling an artisanal or gourmet food, we’re more than happy to welcome you to apply as a specialty foods exhibitor at Sugarloaf. All other art and craft-sellers are welcome to apply to exhibit at a Sugarloaf Craft Festival. To sponsor Sugarloaf, simply fill out your contact information on the handy on-page form below. We’ll review your inquiry and get in touch.

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