Marcia Aasmundstad / Marcia Aasmundstad Designs

Textiles & Fashion Design / Clothing

Hometown: Binghamton, NY

Based in Binghamton, NY, Marcia Aasmundstad has long been producing colorful dresses, skirts and fabrics by hand. These textile originals are as unique as their maker, with some of the most interesting fabric choices and pairings we’ve seen yet! Aasmundstad creates one-of-a-kind separates made from premium-quality linen, cotton, silk and rayon that’s finished with unique piecing and applique work. This free-thinking clothier makes natural fiber apparel to flatter all figures and personalities.

Aasmundstad is known for her unique ability to pair distinguished textures and patterns in a way that creates a beautiful, coordinated finish. In addition to premade pieces in sizes XS to XL, Aasmundstad can create custom-made creations for a tailored fit. To see more of the exquisite hand-crafted textile work available at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, make sure to visit us at an upcoming event and browse our clothing and textiles section for a sneak peek into what you can expect. We pride ourselves on creating an open, hospitable environment where shoppers can interact with makers.


Elie Abdelahad / John’s Bags


Hometown: Easton, PA


Karen Acciani / Tassels by Sewkaren

misc. / home decor

Hometown: Harleysville, PA

Since 2003, artist Karen Acciani has been adding her stylish flare to home décor with her Tassels by Sewkaren. She’s one of the artists the Sugarloaf Family turns to for decorative tassels, ornaments and wine stoppers.

What makes her household jewelry unique? A decorative tassel is probably the last place you’d expect to find a saltshaker, but Karen loves taking vintage and new shakers and turning them into something creative and new! We encourage that kind of imaginative innovation in all of our artists.

Tassels began as weaving knots created to prevent garments from unraveling. They’ve been around since ancient history, used for both their function and form. When archaeologists opened Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen’s tomb, they found him wearing a decorative tassel around his neck!

If you don’t have a pharaoh lying around, use Karen’s one-of-a-kind tassels to use as doorknobs decorations, curtain ties and sconce adornments. Fringes, pendants, beaded trims, feathers and more add a little glitz and glamour to Karen’s designs. So go ahead and spruce up your china hutch, stairway banister or corner of the bathroom mirror! Put your own imagination to work.


Ed Accostupa / Sumaq Design LLC

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: White Plains, NY

Artist Website

Lindsay Adam / LJM Accessories

textiles & fashion design

Hometown: Akron, OH

Artist Website

If you’re not careful, Lindsay Adams’ dramatic large-loop knit designs will wrap you in a high quality net! Lindsay’s signature loops dominate LJM Accessories’ innovative, yet comfortable collection of convertible sweaters and wraps.

When you’re at a Sugarloaf Craft Festival, you’ll have to stop by and see Lindsay’s designs up close! Her signature Flip Sweater is a brilliant article of clothing that will make you wonder why you never thought of that. Like many members of our festival family, Lindsay draws her inspiration from the needs of every life. One day while she was running late, she grabbed her favorite Lulu sweater (her original design) and threw it on. It didn’t take her long to notice that something felt quite different – her short sweater was now much longer! She had put it on upside down. And thus, with a flourish, the flip sweater was born!

Lindsay invented all the patterns for her sweaters, ponchos, shawls, vests and other accessories. She’s been a textile artist for over 15 years and is from Akron, Ohio.

“Confident women wear wearable art pieces.” – Lindsay Jean-Marie

Edna Adamic-Seems / Bohemian Silk Designs

Painted Silk

Hometown: Pennington, NJ

Artist Website







Randal Adams / Vagabond Bowties

textiles / Accessories

Hometown: Reading, PA

Artist Website


David Addario / The Mosaic Guy

Sports Photography

Hometown: Hooksett, NH

Artist Website

David Addario made his first photo mosaic to honor his niece’s high school graduation. His sister gave him 100 photos to work with and he designed a custom mosaic.

A lot of his business is related to professional sports teams but he also creates many custom mosaics for wedding, anniversary and birthday gifts. His mosaics also make great mementos for pet owners and bereaved pet parents.

He creates each mosaic using only Photoshop and his own printer. By experimenting with Photoshop tools, he devised a method of creating eye-catching mosaics.

He does many custom mosaics for special occasions and he gets a thrill out of making something that means so much to the recipient.

Stop by at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and see these amazing mosaics up close.

Charles Agel / The Captured Muse


Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Artist Website







Pete Aguilar / Craft Special


Hometown: Fort Washington, MD







Reyhan Akbas / Raykush ART

paintings, prints & Fine art

Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ

Turkish artist Reyhan Akbas’s gorgeous oil paintings add an instant pop of impressionist color to any room in your home or office. Drop by her Raykush ART booth and see what she’s been creating!

Reyhan moved to the United States to continue to make the lush style of art she was celebrated for in Turkey. Ever since she was a child, the drive to create has pushed her to really study her craft and hone her skills. She effectively started her career at the Bolu High School of Fine Arts, before attending Kocaeli University, where she received her fine arts degree in picture drawing and painting in 2001. She finished her my post-graduate work there as well, studying plastic arts and graduated in 2006.

By 2010, Reyhan was exhibiting here in the United States. Since then, Reyhan’s vibrant, individually created paintings have been brining joy and color to the Sugarloaf Family. When not creating impressionist renderings of nature and abstract designs on canvas, Reyhan creates gorgeous ebru works of art. This traditional Islamic and Turkish style of art is essentially painting on water, then transferring that design onto paper. Tragacanth gum thickens the water to give it a bit more firmness to support the insoluble pigments.

That’s not all. Reyhan also paints more “non-traditional” media like stones and faces. Her face painting is a great way to dress up without a costume, instantly transforming her subject into cute, colorful critters and characters. Speaking of critters, she loves creating custom-made acrylic-painted stones painted to look like your favorite pet companion!

John Akkus / Akkus Silver Touch

Metal / brass, copper, steel
Demonstrating artist

Hometown: Stephens City, VA

Turkish-inspired copper decorative items

After spending 17 years toiling at General Electric, John Akkus left the company in 1989 and began using copper and brass to produce handcrafted engraved designs. Nearly 30 years later, Akkus Silver Touch is the standard in artisan metalworking. Using a woodturning lathe redesigned for metal spinning and his own self-taught techniques, John creates beautiful jewelry, ornaments, vases and decorative plates.
Every item features unmatched craftsmanship with silver-plated designs that positively shine.

Born in Turkey and now residing in Virginia, John understands how important his customers are, even learning new techniques in order to fulfill requests. In addition to welcoming people handling his work, he puts on live metal spinning demonstrations at nearly every Sugarloaf festival, allowing enthusiasts to see the process and passion up close. Going on three decades of living the dream, John is showing no signs of slowing down. See how magical silver can be by visiting John in his Akkus Silver Touch booth and adding a truly custom piece to your home or wardrobe.



Ginger Allen / Ginger Meek Allen

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Wake Forest, NC

Artist Website

Ginger Meek Allen is a custom jeweler and master metalsmith. To her, jewelry is much more than glamorous accessories. She thinks of it as a signifier of the important moments in our relationships and in our lives.

She specializes in custom-design pieces which are carefully crafted to honor her clients’ stories.

Her clients come to her for pieces that honor significant life events, such as weddings, birthdays, memorials and graduations.

In addition to completely new creations, Ginger repurposes treasured heirlooms into new designs.

Kelly Allen / Statements Jewelry

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Jupiter, FL


Larry Allen / L A Pottery


Hometown: Leeds, AL



Wendy Allen / Miss Fitt & Co.


Hometown: Durham, NC

Artist Website

Wendy Allen makes hand-felted hats, scarves,  mittens and decorative flowers from merino wool and other fabrics. She has two distinct product lines, Miss Fitt which features vintage-style ladies’ hats, scarves, gloves and mittens with a variety of motifs and Moss Fête, which is fantasy and steampunk style hats, dragon scarves and ruffled collars.

The Moss Fête collection, which has a steady following, includes many costume pieces such as witch hats, top hats and wand scabbards.

Jason Momoa, the actor who played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, visited her booth at a show in Chicago and bought several items for a photo shoot that same day!

At the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, have a look at Wendy’s hats, scarves and costume pieces and maybe you’ll find something for your next photo shoot, or a great looking hat and fingerless gloves for the next cold day!


Michael Alexander

Jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: New York, NY

Artist Website

Michael Alexander is a fine jewelry designer specializing in luxury jewelry pieces made from authentic gold and silver.

The New York City-based artist makes each piece by hand using strong, minimal lines and iconic structural profiles. His jewelry is inspired by the inner skeletal and architectural structures of real life objects, resulting in dramatic, mechanical-influenced rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Alexander also incorporates gemstones such as pink tourmaline, yellow sapphires and sparkling diamonds in his designs to add even more interest to each piece of jewelry.

Michael Alexander’s fine gold and silver jewelry pieces make wonderful investment pieces for yourself or a loved one, and they’re sure to make a statement each time you wear them. You can find Alexander’s latest collections at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.


Jerry Amabile / Cream Ridge Winery

Specialty Food

Hometown: Cream Ridge, NJ

Artist Website

Carole Amper / Toucan Hats

textiles & Fashion design / hats

Hometown: Kingston, NY

Artist Website

Love hats of all shapes and sizes? Check out Carole Amper’s incredible collection of vintage-inspired fedoras, cloches and more at a Sugarloaf Crafts event. Based in the heart of the Hudson Valley in Kingston, New York, Amper’s line of Toucan Hats are made with the old hat-making traditions in mind. Manual pressing stampers are used to shape and mold each felt and straw hat into a gorgeous classic shape. The results are iconic hat silhouettes accented with beautiful touches of fabric, flowers or ribbon. In addition, specialty hats made with cotton and linen are also available along with packable hats that are perfect for travel.

These custom-designed hats are ideal for modern men and women with an affinity for all things vintage. Amper’s classic flapper hats, cloches and fedoras feature modest and chic looks at affordable prices. See her incredible work up close and try on a few hats for yourself by visiting a Sugarloaf art fair. 


Dave Anders, Tammy Anders, John Turner, and Dustin Harris / Colonial Wagon and Wheel

Forged Iron

Hometown: Lancaster, OH

Since 1994, Colonial Wagon and Wheel has been producing lawn and garden decorations forged from genuine American steel. The four-person team of Dave Anders, Tammy Anders, John Turner and Dustin Harris designs and handcrafts every accessory from in the heartland of Ohio. Using both round steel and flat steel, they hand-cut 20-foot rods to length, then bend and weld them into decorations that, whether practical or whimsical, are always affordable.

Dave and his team are best known for their flower pot holders, including three-leg trellises, pot scrolls, dragonfly rod hangers, Shepard hooks and other structures for displaying flowers in your yard. Other functional décor available includes bird bath dish holders, hose holders and solar light holders. You can also find lots of fun items such as bottle flowers, medallions, metal spiders and squirrel ball holders. These creative and original forged iron decorations will add character to your yard or garden and give it a real down-home feel. Check out their fun designs at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival this season.

Christa & Craig Andrews / Birdhouse Brokerage

Birdhouses & Bird Feeders

Hometown: Wallkill, NY

Artist Website

Christa and Craig Andrews made their first birdhouse to give as a housewarming gift. They began creating other styles and soon, they had a business!

The houses are made from partially reclaimed materials so no two are ever the same. Each house is carefully constructed to endure for many years. Their birdhouses have so much personality and charm that many customers use them as indoor decoration! Choose from a variety of rustic styles reminiscent of country homes and wooded cabins.

Their birdhouses have been featured in This Old House magazine, Birds & Blooms, Better Homes and Gardens and many other publications.

In addition to using reclaimed material as much as possible, they source vintage materials and some new lumber from local businesses in Upstate New York.


Mark Anderson

Wood / Mixed Media

Hometown: Brick, NJ



Suzanne Anderson

Fine Arts

Hometown: Red Bank, NJ

Artist Website


Peter Andrich / S-Qbism Corp

Fine Arts

Hometown: Randolph, NJ













Donna Angelo / DNA Jewelry Designs


Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Artist Website


Thomas Ankrum / Ankrum’s Woodcrafts

wood Turnings

Hometown: Blue Ridge Summit, PA

Thomas Ankrum has been a hobbyist woodcrafter for many years. Once he began working with a lathe, he became consumed with making wood turned items.

This rural Pennsylvania artist uses local and exotic woods to make ink pens, styluses, rolling pins, cutting boards, bowls and other household items. Thomas finds ideas of things he’d like to make in trade magazines and experiments with design ideas to make similar objects with his own unique design.

As a sustainably minded artist, he appreciates the innate qualities and textures of different types of wood and sculpts his pieces to highlight the intrinsic grains and textures of each wood. He also recycles the wood shavings in his garden or compost or someone else’s.

Skander Aoua & Nabil Sedjil / Rosewood Art

Funtional Wood

Hometown: Kissimmee, FL

Artist Website

Debbie Arambula / Heartworks Studio

Fine Arts

Hometown: Morgan Hill, CA

Artist Website

Debbie Arambula has been consumed with a desire to create more happiness in the world since she was a young child. Through her paintings, she hopes to inspire more love, light and happiness in others.

She feels the heart is the best part of human nature and when we live from the heart, we reveal our best selves. Her art reminds the viewer to remember the unique and beautiful essence that is inside each one of us. She hopes that viewers find new inspiration to practice unconditional love, compassion, respect and kindness in their daily lives.

Debbie creates luminous heart-themed paintings in all sizes. She also makes custom ‘family portraits’ with hearts instead of human forms to represent the members of the family.


Jessica Arceri / Saratoga Peanut Butter Company

Specialty Food

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY

Artist Website



Dave Archer / Curious Customs

Mixed Media

Hometown: Austin, TX

Artist Website



Galo Arias / Valdivia Jewelry Design 

gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Matthews, NC






Leynel Arias & Lucia Guzman / One Million Roses

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Richmond Hill, NY

Artist Website

Soon after she met her partner, Leynel Arias, Bolivian artist Lucia Guzman began using her innate talents to make colorful, animated wire sculptures. The characters she sculpts are busily going about their daily lives, walking the dog, swimming, playing an instrument, lifting weights and riding horseback.

They have combined his entrepreneurial skills as a New York street vendor and her artistic ability to form One Million Roses. With the sights and sounds of the city as muse, they create charming wire sculptures for gifts or personal inspiration.

Stop by during Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and admire these spirited sculptures.

Deborah Armstrong & Megan Freeman

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Artist Website

Deborah Armstrong studied jewelry making at Parsons School of Design and started her own business in 1996. Today she makes sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones and 18K gold highlights. She has a devoted following among collectors who love her fabulously detailed designs.

Many well known celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Connelly, Faith Hill, Heidi Klum, Diane Sawyer, Marisa Tomei, Diane Von Furstenberg and Sharon Stone have worn her jewelry. Her designs are flexible enough to be paired with formal and casual wear.

Before starting her jewelry making business, Deborah worked in costume and wardrobe for television shows, most notably the long running sitcom All In The Family. Later she was a model maker for George Lucas’ special effects company where she helped construct imaginary creatures for Star Wars and other movies. She was film editor for Buck Rogers and Battlestar Gallactica.

Suzanne Armstrong / Clothes Encounters Clothing

textiles & Fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Avon, NC

Artist Website

Suzanne Armstrong is the talent behind Clothes Encounters Clothing, a whimsical line of wearable art designed for the eclectic woman. Always vibrant and colorful, Clothes Encounters features clothing that’s not only creative, but comfortable, which can be somewhat of a novelty. Based in Avon, N.C., Suzanne uses her artistic vision to design items that are fun and playful and are practically guaranteed to garner compliments. From seasonal to inspirational, Clothes Encounters has something for everyone. If you’re looking for an exciting item that will help you stand out in a crowd, stop by Clothes Encounters and meet with Suzanne. She loves helping women find the perfect outfit that expresses their personality, and with her stunning wearable art, you’ll find the perfect design just for you. Wearable art also makes a beautiful gift that’s sure to make a splash.

Ash Asher / ReTech

Miscellaneous Mixed Media

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Artist Website



Jeanne Ashman / Bestia Bei Collections


Hometown: West Park, FL




Anthony Marc Astolfi / TiagoArt17

Fine Arts

Hometown: West Park, FL




Joanne Atkinson / Muddy Mary’s Gourmet

Specialty Food

Hometown: Westwood, MA

 Artist Website



Lina Auste


Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Artist Website

Lina Auste creates glass jewelry, sculptural pieces and custom-designed glass art installations. She enjoys making one-of-a-kind artwork that enhances its environment. Custom pieces might include stained glass door panels or stair panels.

She makes eco-friendly household items by transforming discarded glass bottles and other items into zany looking accessories.

She studied at the University of Sunderland in England and at Vilnius Art Academy in Lithuania. Since 2000, her work has appeared in exhibitions and large scale glass art projects.

Jane Axman / Fine Art by Jane


Hometown: Fayetteville, Jane

Artist Website

Judy Ayars / Nut-n-Better

Specialty foods

Hometown: Marshall, VA

Artist Website

For more than two decades, Judy Ayars and her nutty team at Nut-n-Better have been producing the finest quality roasted almonds, pecans and other nibbles. Good thing we are completely nuts for superior products at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!

Bad pun aside, there really is Nut-n-Better than a sweet snack like cinnamon-roasted almonds – unless we’re talking about a salty snack like cashews. There is no way to go wrong with Judy and David’s nut varieties; they’re the high-protein nosh you need to need to keep shopping at Sugarloaf.

It’s true! Your average serving of mixed nuts packs about 27 grams of protein and is a good source of fiber and good fats. Some nuts have even been proven to lower cholesterol. Don’t forget this heart-healthy snack the next time you reach for a nibble. With great flavors and health benefits, there really is nothing better than Nut-n-Better.

Michael Aylward / Aldie Glassworks


Hometown: Leesburg, VA

Artist Website


Nadia Azumi / Nadia Azumi Silk Couture


Hometown: Rockville, MD

Artist Website