Reyhan Akbas / Raykush ART

paintings, prints & Fine art

Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ

Turkish artist Reyhan Akbas’s gorgeous oil paintings add an instant pop of impressionist color to any room in your home or office. Drop by her Raykush ART booth and see what she’s been creating!

Reyhan moved to the United States to continue to make the lush style of art she was celebrated for in Turkey. Ever since she was a child, the drive to create has pushed her to really study her craft and hone her skills. She effectively started her career at the Bolu High School of Fine Arts, before attending Kocaeli University, where she received her fine arts degree in picture drawing and painting in 2001. She finished her my post-graduate work there as well, studying plastic arts and graduated in 2006.

By 2010, Reyhan was exhibiting here in the United States. Since then, Reyhan’s vibrant, individually created paintings have been brining joy and color to the Sugarloaf Family. When not creating impressionist renderings of nature and abstract designs on canvas, Reyhan creates gorgeous ebru works of art. This traditional Islamic and Turkish style of art is essentially painting on water, then transferring that design onto paper. Tragacanth gum thickens the water to give it a bit more firmness to support the insoluble pigments.

That’s not all. Reyhan also paints more “non-traditional” media like stones and faces. Her face painting is a great way to dress up without a costume, instantly transforming her subject into cute, colorful critters and characters. Speaking of critters, she loves creating custom-made acrylic-painted stones painted to look like your favorite pet companion!