Deborah Armstrong & Megan Freeman

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Artist Website

Deborah Armstrong studied jewelry making at Parsons School of Design and started her own business in 1996. Today she makes sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones and 18K gold highlights. She has a devoted following among collectors who love her fabulously detailed designs.

Many well known celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Connelly, Faith Hill, Heidi Klum, Diane Sawyer, Marisa Tomei, Diane Von Furstenberg and Sharon Stone have worn her jewelry. Her designs are flexible enough to be paired with formal and casual wear.

Before starting her jewelry making business, Deborah worked in costume and wardrobe for television shows, most notably the long running sitcom All In The Family. Later she was a model maker for George Lucas’ special effects company where she helped construct imaginary creatures for Star Wars and other movies. She was film editor for Buck Rogers and Battlestar Gallactica.