sugarloaf Artists:
Clothing / Textiles / Fashion / Fiber Design

At each and every Sugarloaf Craft Festival, you’ll find a wide breadth of hand-crafted clothing and accessories made by the region’s finest designers and textile artists. Shoppers in search of fine-quality, hand-sewn apparel continue to find lasting treasures at each of our 11 annual shows, and it’s the hard work and dedication of Sugarloaf’s clothing designers that make it possible. Here’s a sampling of some of the most popular and unique clothes, artisan textiles and handmade accessories for sale at recent and upcoming Sugarloaf festivals. You can expect to see these sellers or similar crafters offering pieces of equal quality at every Sugarloaf event.

Peruse this showcase to get a quick view into the world of the Sugarloaf clothing seller, from meticulously hand-crafted handbags to unique hats for all your extra-special occasions. Sugarloaf welcomes regional milliners for those searching for the hand-crafted, American-made hats for women and kids. Gorgeous hand-sewn big brim hats meet charming kids’ fleece styles at each Sugarloaf show. Our exhibitors also offer an impressive assortment of textile-based home décor items, including handmade quilts and comforters, designer clothing, rugs, silk clothing and more. We’ve also created a showcase of stunning leather accessories for you to explore.

Our artists’ clothing and textile designs make the perfect gift for holiday shoppers and those in search of a truly unique garment that will last for a lifetime. Exhibitors offer everything from highly functional hand-crafted raincoats and warm, winter hats to decorative wearable showpieces and eye-catching interior décor essentials. If you aren’t sure whether to make the trip to the upcoming Sugarloaf show near you, let our showcase be the deciding factor. Every single Sugarloaf artist is selected by our eagle-eyed jury, so you won’t have to sift through hundreds of booths to find the quality you’ve come to expect from the Sugarloaf name.