sugarloaf Artists:
Stained / Fused / Blown Glass

There are no booths quite as mesmerizing as the Sugarloaf glass booths. Colorful swirls and hand-blown designs melt into a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that have delighted glass collectors since Sugarloaf’s beginning, back in 1975. Glass-lovers from far and wide travel to Sugarloaf’s 11 annual art and craft festivals in search of elaborate, rare and exquisite glass goods, artwork and glass crafts. Each artist takes a distinct pride in their craft — glass-blowing, leaded glass, flame-worked glass and other complex glass mediums — to give the Sugarloaf attendee the best selection of glass work anywhere.

Our glass showcase includes a hand-picked selection of some of our favorite blown glass artists and those who hand-make best-selling products such as leaded glass, fused glass, glass figurines, stained glass, glass dishes, art glass, craft glass, vases, glass jewelry and decorative paperweights. Some of the finest examples of contemporary glass-blowing techniques and traditional leaded glass art are for sale at Sugarloaf, so you’re sure to find valuable pieces to add to your glass collection or display. Click on each showcase to learn more about the artists behind the work.

Whether you’re looking for a functional complement to your collection of glass serving ware or want to decorate your home with enchanting mixed-media glass sculptures, Sugarloaf Craft Festivals offer the pieces that will honor your precise vision. We’re well-known for our exacting, juried selection process, which means that you won’t find any low-grade, manufactured or mass-produced glass artwork here. Each and every piece is a handmade one-of-a-kind. The best part is, attending Sugarloaf gives you one-on-one access to the artists who have made these stunning works of art. If you like what you see, consider attending a Sugarloaf festival this season.