sugarloaf Artists:

When you think about a sensory-based shopping experience, leather might come to mind. Sugarloaf’s leather booths really embody the touch-focused experience that is each Sugarloaf Craft Festival: the tactile feel of supple leather and that distinguishable hand-crafted leather smell makes each leather crafter’s booth a delightful tour through the senses. Browse some of the exemplary handmade leather crafts and accessories for sale at some recent Sugarloaf festivals to get a taste of what you can expect from the leather artists at the next Sugarloaf event. You’ll see leather handbags, handmade leather home goods and leather-bound journals at Sugarloaf.

You’ll find a wide variety of hand-crafted genuine leather goods for sale at our art and craft shows. Top-selling products include leather handbags — including stunning deerskin leather bags and stylish calfskin handbags — as well as leather and suede moccasins, sheepskin apparel and even one-of-a-kind leather-crafted home décor items. Leather-lovers leave Sugarloaf delighted at the wide variety of lovingly crafted leather bags, including leather cross-body bags, leather messenger bags and leather wallets. Whether you’re looking for a simple, fine-quality leather purse or something with trendy accents, Sugarloaf sellers have made it just for you.

Shopping for leather goods Sugarloaf is a completely different experience than buying online or in a department store. Every purveyor of handmade leather crafts at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals is manning their booth and ready to tell you the unique story behind the goods they’ve made by hand. Additionally, our sellers all subject to approval by the Sugarloaf jury, so you can expect the height of quality and craftsmanship with each item. Be sure to explore our complete Artist Showcase for more examples of exceptional hand-crafted goods and artwork for sale at Sugarloaf.