sugarloaf Artists:

The fine art photographers that set up shop at Sugarloaf’s 11 annual art and craft shows are some of the most talented and original artists around. A wide variety of photography niches are welcomed at Sugarloaf, from abstract original photography to soothing wildlife and nature shots. The high caliber of work available at each Sugarloaf photography booth makes this one of our best-selling mediums, with shoppers coming from far and wide to find original prints to add to their collections. Each photographer at Sugarloaf is approved by a jury to ensure originality and quality.

Click through our photographer showcase to see a sampling of the kinds of photography you might find at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festivals event. Our artists present an amazing selection of abstract photography, architectural photography, portraits, wildlife and nature photography and more. Additionally, popular mediums such as creative letter art and photos of letters in nature or architecture make fantastic gifts for photography-lovers. These budding artist-entrepreneurs are available at each show to give you the full story behind every shot and creation — it’s what makes shopping photography at Sugarloaf so special!

Whether you’re searching for large-scale photos for your office environment or small prints to complement your home décor, Sugarloaf’s photographers offer the ideal artwork for your specific vision. Some of our artists, including letter artists, are able to create custom-made photography artwork just for you or for a special gift for a loved one. Click on each artist to learn more about the type of work procured and get some background information on the photographer and his or her process. Although not all of these photographers attend each Sugarloaf event, you’ll surely find work of equal and greater value at each annual Sugarloaf Craft Festival.