sugarloaf Artists:
Pottery / Ceramics

It wouldn’t be a Sugarloaf Craft Festival without pottery. Our ceramics and pottery sellers are some of the most beloved Sugarloaf artist-entrepreneurs, and you’ll see why when you explore our pottery showcase. Every single piece is hand-crafted by the country’s finest ceramicists and pottery artists, so you can expect quality and originality at every single ceramics booth. If you’re a ceramics collector, Sugarloaf’s 11 annual art and craft shows throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia are simply a must-attend. All pottery artists are approved by Sugarloaf’s jury to ensure superiority in quality, craftsmanship and design.

Our pottery and ceramics artists offer up a huge selection of pottery-based artwork at each event, including hand-built pottery, clay pottery, ceramic sculptures, functional stoneware, dinnerware, vases, flower pots, coffee and tea sets, serving platters, whimsical sculptures, lamps, ceramic chess sets, cookware and so much more. Sugarloaf shoppers come in search of all kinds of functional and decorative pottery, from exquisite hand-crafted showpieces to functional and whimsical ceramic pet bowls. Each pottery artist has his or her own distinctive spirit and style, and we’re sure you’ll find one that will catch your eye.

You’ll get the chance to connect one-on-one with all of Sugarloaf’s best-selling ceramicists and clay pottery artists when you attend one of our annual shows. Visitors and artists alike value the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the makers and buyers of their goods. Every piece has a story, and when you buy it, you become a part of it, too. Click on any of these ceramic artists’ websites to learn the backstory about each piece or to find out if they’re planning on visiting Sugarloaf anytime soon. You can always reference our complete schedule to find an upcoming Sugarloaf event near you.