sugarloaf Artists:

If you’re planning a visit to Sugarloaf and are hunting for a show-stopping piece of artwork that’ll become the focal point of your home or garden, move our dozens of sculpture booths to the top of your list of stops. We hand-pick only the finest sculpture artists in the country to showcase their work at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, so you won’t find any mass-produced or manufactured artwork here. Sculpture artists who sell at Sugarloaf work in a wide range of mediums, including glass, metal, ceramics, stone, wood, found objects and much more. Eagle-eyed art buyers always find something special at our shows, and they return year after year.

Sculptors at Sugarloaf create the most exquisite and high-skill sculpture artwork you can imagine, including collectible metal sculptures, ceramic sculptures, assemblage, wood-carved sculptures, stone sculptures, decorative sculptures and more. Contemporary sculpture lovers appreciate our sellers’ selection of abstract and unique sculpture work, including kinetic art, found object sculptures and other contemporary sculpture creations. Whether you’re looking for the most beautiful hand-crafted garden sculptures or want a special tabletop ceramic carving, Sugarloaf’s artists have created it uniquely for you.

Peruse through our sculpture showcase and click on each artist’s website to learn more about the craft and process behind each piece. When you attend a Sugarloaf art and craft show in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you’ll get the unique opportunity to have a personal conversation with the artist who created the work you’ll take home. This memorable, touch-based shopping experience is what has made Sugarloaf Craft Festivals so successful since its inception in 1975. Visit our show schedule page to see upcoming festival dates and to learn all about attending your first Sugarloaf festival.