Dan Backer / Backer Enterprises

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Lenoir, TN

Artist Website


Josie Bailey / Peony Knits

Textiles / Accessories

Hometown: California, MD

Artist Website

Pat Baker Jewelry

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Artist Website


Melissa Bailey-Descoateaux / Chesapeake Jewelers

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Seaford, DE

Artist Website


Shelley Bain / Shelley’s Art

Mixed Media

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Shelley Bain creates fine art paintings, collages and needle-felted purses. She didn’t express herself artistically much at all until her husband gave her some wood carving tools for Christmas. He is a wood carver himself and he had an inkling that she’d enjoy the creative outlet.

She experimented with wood carving for a while and switched to painting when she moved to a new home where she didn’t have the right space for wood carving.

Her wall paintings are figurative, abstract and realistic. She says her needle-felted purses are made with a process that is “a lot like painting but without the paint!” The purses are often her best selling items though the acrylic abstract figure paintings are what she loves creating most.

Shelley enjoys hearing others’ reactions to her work. Stop by at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and say hello!

Bill Baldwin / Bill and Sue Baldwin Leather


Hometown: Lynchburg, VA

For nearly his entire life, Bill Baldwin has been creating beautiful leather garments and accessories. Specializing in belts and masks, Bill and his wife Sue have been perfecting their craft for more than 40 years. Their leather masks are hand-cut and formed from single pieces of leather dyed in vibrant colors and molded while wet, making them perfect for your next costumed gathering or show. If you’re looking for function, their durable belts offer a secure and comfortable fit, coming in a variety of sizes and styles for people of all ages.

After studying art at Lynchburg College in Virginia, Bill spent several years in the mid-1970s plying his trade by selling leather and metal wares in Washington, DC as a street vendor. It was during this time that Sugarloaf Craft Festivals was formed, and Bill and Sue have been regulars at Sugarloaf from the very beginning. Through decades of evolution and growth for one of the nation’s largest craft festivals, Bill and Sue Baldwin Leather has been a constant. After seeing their work in person, you’ll why they’re always invited back.


Savo Balic / Balic Winery, Inc.

Specialty Food / Winery

Hometown: Mays Landing, NJ

Artist Website

Melissa Ball Feather Painting

Fine Art

Hometown: Greencastle, PA

Artist Website

Melissa Ball creates fine art paintings of plants, wildlife and domestic animals using wild turkey feathers as her canvas. She handpaints each image directly on the feather in precise detail.

In addition to feather art, Melissa sells her artwork as original canvas paintings and prints.

Due to her interest in the wild turkey, she has forged an ongoing relationship with the National Wild Turkey Federation. She won the NWTF Grand National Art Contest in 2001 and was Artist of the Year in 2003. Her paintings have often been featured in their core packages. She was selected Stamp Print Artist in 2005 and again in 2017.

Her feather paintings are sold double matted and framed in 5” X 7”, 8” x 12” and 9” x 20”.

Oksana Ball / WoolPictures

Fine Art

Hometown: Hoboken, NJ

Artist Website

Oksana Ball is a self-taught artist who creates wool paintings, a common art form in her native Russia. She immigrated to the United States with the intention of pursuing a technical career but changed plans when she realized almost no one was familiar with the art of wool painting. She decided to study it seriously and turn her favorite hobby into a career. In 2016, she opened her studio in Hoboken, NJ where she exhibits and sells her paintings and gives classes in the wool painting technique.  

Her own vibrant paintings reflect her love for the natural world. She has a children’s series with images suitable for nursery rooms and older children’s bedrooms. From her studio, she teaches in-person and online classes. No prior artistic experience is needed as wool painting is a particularly accessible art form for beginners. See Oksana’s work for yourself at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!

Hailey Banda / Hailey Banda Ceramics

pottery / ceramics

Hometown: Brookeville, MD

Artist Website

Hailey Banda makes hand built and wheel thrown ceramics in the form of functional household items such as mugs, vases, candle holders, decorative trays and planters. She embellishes each piece with distinct elegant flourishes and adds a glossy finish. Each piece takes anywhere from three to thirty hours to make. All items are microwave and dishwasher safe.

As the daughter of an interior decorator, Hailey appreciates the value of a comforting environment. She hopes her ceramics evoke the same feelings of warmth and comfort she saw her mother create through interior design. Meet Hailey and see her fabulous work at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival!

Ihor Barabakh / Severyn

textiles & fashion design

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Artist Website




Lee Baratier Toile

textiles / Home DéCor Fiber

Hometown: New York, NY

Artist Website

Lee Baratier creates limited edition decorative pillows using exotic fabrics collected in her world travels. She works with mostly recycled materials like cashmere, fur, Chanel tweed, antique crocheted fabric, batik prints and other textiles she finds in Thailand, Honduras and many other countries.

In addition to decorative pillows, she has a line of women’s tote bags and a line of tooth fairy pillows. The tooth fairy pillows have separate pockets for the old tooth and the gift from the fairy!

Lee worked in brand development for Ralph Lauren for ten years prior to starting her own business.

She strives to ensure all her pillows, from the Matisse-inspired prints to the ones made from vintage textiles, are rare, limited and affordable. Find the perfect accessories for your home at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival! 

Blair Barbour

Fine Arts

Hometown: Morrisville, PA

Artist Website

Blair Barbour is a multi-faceted artist. Her primary work is collages of pop culture figures rendered with irreverent humor but she also makes sculptured figures, silk paintings and drawings. She uses recycled material in her collages which portray everyone from Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and Frankenstein to King Kong and Ben Franklin.

In addition to creating work for Sugarloaf and other craft festivals, she has authored and illustrated two children’s books. Blair is an avid world traveler, animal lover, artist, author and fundraiser. In her local community, she uses art and yoga to teach children about the environment and she donates her time in support of many charitable causes. Her work has been shown in Europe and Asia and received a number of national and international awards.

Brook Barboza

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Hannibal, NY

Nature is a strong inspiration for upstate New York-based jeweler Brooke Barboza. She hand forges each piece to make unique works of art. Her handcrafting techniques ensure that each piece is truly unique, though it may be part of a series with a theme, such as moths or leaves. With her use of nature themes, Barboza hopes that each piece will make the wearer feel a connection to nature.

Each piece is made with metals such as sterling silver and gold. She also uses gemstones, precious and semi-precious stones to accent her pieces, such as tourmaline, citrine and pearl. Nature is present in many of her pieces such as the wisp of cattails growing in marshes, or the full open wingspan of a moth dotted with stones that shape the body. 

Sergio Barcena

Mixed Media

Hometown: Grosse Point, MI


David Barclay

wood / wood turning

Hometown: Bergen, NY

Artist Website

David Barclay turned his hobby into his day job in 2005 when he retired from Eastman Kodak. Now he makes functional wood art in the form of clocks, bowls, jewelry boxes, earring holders and various kitchen items. He loves the problem-solving aspect of creating new designs and tries to find ways to make his pieces more compact. He devised his own multi-bowl earring holder which allows the user to store bracelets and other small items.

His artistic vision is guided by the belief that “function should not trump art.” This philosophy is most apparent in his wall clocks which are a perfect marriage of beauty and function. While all his pieces serve a practical purpose, he requires that each one be visually and texturally satisfying as well.

His pieces are made of cherry, walnut, leopardwood curly maple and white oak trees, most of which he cuts himself from felled trees. See his work for yourself at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!

R. Dean & Gloria Barkley / Michigan Made Metal

Metal Sculptures & Collectibles

Hometown: Hartland, MI

R. Dean and Gloria Barkley are the artistic duo who cut, fold, shape and weld pieces of metal together to create handmade metal yard and garden art. The three-dimensional designs are sculptural works of art that are realistically finished to closely depict various items found in nature such as butterflies. After they have masterfully cut, hammered and soldered various metals, what is left is a masterpiece that is meant to be enjoyed by those who are fortunate enough to acquire such a unique metal sculpture. Hailing from Hartland, MI, R. Dean and Gloria Barkley design and fabricate with the finest attention to detail and pride themselves in carrying a unique selection of metal art.


Candy & Dave Barnes /Bent Harpoon Baskets & Wood


Hometown: Shepherdstown, WV

Candy Barnes began weaving baskets as a form of physical therapy and gradually found she especially loved the Nantucket style. She hand weaves all of their Nantucket Lightship baskets and purses while her husband, Dave, does all the wood finishing elements using locally sourced cherry, black walnut and oak wood.

The pair has been creating this uniquely American style of basket for about 13 years. The Nantucket Lightship basket dates back to the 1750’s Shaker community but it was fading from use until the 1950’s when a clever artist joined two baskets together into a purse and started a fashion trend.

Dave also makes walking sticks which can be used for hiking or as canes for anyone needing a little support. The sticks are made from rams’ horn which he gets directly from the herders who raise them. He also uses cane from Southeast Asia.

Candy and Dave welcome custom orders for items such as wine cooler baskets and walking sticks with custom wood colors. A George Washington re-enactor at Mt. Vernon commissioned a period plantation hat to complete his period costume.


James Barnes 

Wood Turnings

Hometown: Woolwine, VA

James Barnes worked as an industrial designer in Los Angeles and New York for many years before retreating to a farm in the Virginia mountains. He creates artistic wood turned vessels for discerning art lovers using the same lathe skills he once used to design and turn lucite bottles for large corporations.

Initially, he handcrafted functional household items such as bowls and bottle toppers. Then he spent 5 or 6 years developing his own crafting technique to make beautiful artistic vases and other items. Using a combination of wood from his farm and inlaid exotic woods from around the world, he creates design patterns that shoppers compare to cloisonné.

Currently he does not do custom designs, preferring to create whatever he is in the mood to create and allowing the natural patterns of the wood to direct his creations.

Cheese Cover.jpg

Salvatore Barrafato, Jr. / Brianna’s

Specialty Food

Hometown: Perth Amboy, NJ

Artist Website

Salvatore Barrafato (Sal, the Mozzarella Guy) got his introduction to the food business working in a pork store and Italian gourmet food shop in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn at the tender age of 12.  

He makes specialty Italian cheeses and breads. His widely acclaimed homemade fresh mozzarella cheese has been featured on Martha Stewart, on the blog of food critic Jeffrey Steingarten and in many newspaper and magazine articles.

At Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, you can sample several kinds of mozzarella cheese, other domestic and imported cheeses and several specialty breads.

He’ll share bread baked by Il Panetierre Bakery and the gluten-free Ethan’s Cauliflower bread.

Heidi Barron / Barron Glass Design

glass / other

Hometown: Ada, MI

Artist Website

Heidi Barron is a glass artist working in her Ada, MI studio, for over 35 years creating unique glass sculpture artwork. In the past few years, her husband Paul has joined her with his creative talent to create an artistic team. Barron uses a glass process called cold worked or cold fusion, a method where an ultraviolet bonding system is used to create the artwork. This process has a very strong bond, one that is stronger than glass. The result is geometric-inspired designs that offer a scintillating prism reflection.

Barron and her husband frequently travel to juried art shows showing and selling their unique sculpture artwork with their mascot Hunter. Their masterpieces include frames, candle holders, glass sculptures and more. They carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. “Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.”

Amy Barry / Amy Barry Designs

textiles / quilts, comforters & home design

Hometown: Shelburne Falls, MA

From her hometown of Shelburne Falls, MA, Amy Barry creates quilts as fabric paintings that express her artistic vision and evoke an emotional connection with the viewer. “With my bold use of color and design, my quilts energize a room while their touchable nature conveys a sense of comfort. I create my quilts as fabric paintings that express my artistic vision and evoke an emotional connection with the viewer.”

Barry’s love for making quilts expanded several years ago when she began making "Special Moments" quilts for customers from their own collection of special clothing, including tee shirts and baby clothes. Each quilt is unique and reflects a special story of someone's life sewn into a beautiful and lasting piece of art. Whether it is an original design, or a quilt custom made to a customer’s specification using vintage handkerchiefs, concert tee shirts or other favorite frocks, Barry believes memory quilts can be a great way to weave together a story about a favorite hobby, activity or memory.



Matthew Bartik / Fork Art

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Bergen, NY

Artist Website

Where most people see a simple eating utensil, Matthew Bartik sees a skier, an octopus or a pair of ballroom dancers. Using just stainless steel forks, he creates funny sculptures of people, objects and abstract images.

Bartik earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Arts at the State University of New York at New Paltz and started sculpting as a New York street artist. Passersby would gather to watch him at work and soon he started taking on private clients and presenting his work around the U.S.

There is no welding, soldering or any adhesive used in his pieces. Each item is created using the strength of his hands, arms and a few tools. He loves to create new pieces based on customers’ requests.

He has won several awards for his designs and been featured at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine festival in Monterey, CA.

Pamela Bartl / Jesamie Handwovens

textiles & fashion design / weaving & knitting

Hometown: Chambersburg, PA

Artist Website

Pamela Bartl and two assistants create beautiful cotton jackets, cardigans, tunic tops, capes and accessories for men and women. All of their fabric is woven in-house using durable cotton yarns.

Their versatile designs can adapt to casual and formal occasions and make great travel outfits. Pamela is able to custom fit her designs to fit any figure but their standard sizes are labeled:

Tiny baby bear
Baby bear
Momma bear
Poppa Bear
Momma Bear Plus

The Jesamie Handwovens team works in a renovated warehouse in south Central Pennsylvania supplied with 7 looms, multiple sewing machines and 2 cats.

Randy Bartlett / Randy’s Candies

Specialty Food - Candy

Hometown: Frederick, MD

Artist Website

Randy Bartlett of Randy’s Candies can’t forget the childhood joy of “old tyme” candy, snacks and sodas, popular down at the general store or soda shop of yore. He brings some seriously delightful taste memories to the Sugarloaf Family, that’s for certain.

With six permanent candy shops located in antique malls in the tri state area, plus our festival circuit, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch up with Randy’s collections of sweet treats. He’s combed the country looking for popular modern and vintage-inspired candies alike. (Emphasis on “inspired.” We don’t recommend eating gummy bears from the 1920s.) The result is an enchanting assortment of chocolate, fudge, gummy candies, suckers and pretty much everything else you can imagine that your mom never let you have. Let your inner child go wild!

Randy’s Candies also offers licorice, sugar-free goodies, novelty sweets, gift boxes, snack mixes, holiday confections, vintage sodas and more, believe it or not. Come for the “old tyme” treats you’ve always remembered at our next Sugarloaf Craft Festival.

Kali Basi / Kali Basi Designs

textiles & fashion design

Hometown: Yelm, WA

Artist Website




Barbara Bass

Textiles & Fashion Design / clothing

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Since 1977, fiber artist Barbara Bass has been creating beautiful, unique textiles that are right at home in the Sugarloaf Family. Her original, wearable works of art take fashion to another quality level that you won’t find at your average festival.

A woman of faith, Barbara believes “every soul is unique and beautiful” and she works passionately to make sure her clothing accentuates that inner beauty on the outside. Each piece is versatile, practical and stylish in both neutral and vibrant colors, made from imported, natural fibers from all over the world. Several of the wearables are adorned with luxe marabou or ostrich feathers, giving you a fabulous vintage aura.

The nature of natural fibers, of course, is that not all the colors and textures are completely uniform. This gives each design its own distinctive and signature Barbara flare. Just as no two people are the same, identical articles of her clothing are nearly impossible. You can guarantee you won’t be caught out wearing the same scarf as your colleague down the hall. That’s the beauty of handmade items. 

Barbara has been featured on QVC and in the New York Times.


Connie Bates / Fahrenheit NY. Inc.

Mixed Media

Hometown: New York, NY



Marcy Bates / Recycled Reads

Mixed Media

Hometown: New Brighton, PA

Artist Website

John Baun / Baun Galleries

wood / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Artist Website




Margaret Barth / Reimaginary Friends

Soft Sculpture

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Artist Website

Roberta & Dan Beason / Love and Lace

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Artist Website




Mary Lou Becker / Floating Leaf / Hello Mary Lou

Functional Wood

Hometown: Franklin, TN





Kirby Beard / Freestone Millworks, LLC

Functional Wood

Hometown: Norristown, PA

Artist Website




Patricia Beard / Pat Beard Handwovens

textiles & fashion design / clothing, weaving & knitting

Hometown: Greencastle, PA

Artist Website

Patricia Beard makes cotton and acrylic shawls and scarves that are designed to be worn year round. They are light and breathable enough that the wearer is able to wear them indoors and outdoors comfortably.

Her most popular shawl is named Hug because the ends are sewn together so the whole piece forms a loop. The shawl hugs the wearer and can not fall off the shoulders. She likes to tell customers, “You don’t have to hold onto it, it holds onto you.” She developed this hands-free design in response to her own frustration with scarves that had to be held in place.

About half of her scarves are 100 % cotton and half are a cotton/acrylic boucle mix. The loopy acrylic boucle yarn adds more texture to the scarves. All of her garments are machine washable except for the ones with a fringe border which have to be hand washed.

Patricia earned a degree in Fine Art and she has been designing clothes since high school. She lives in rural Greencastle, PA where she weaves all her garments on looms built by her husband.

Pat Beard Handwovens creates beautifully crafted wraps and shawls with contrasting yarns in rich, luxurious colors. Special accent pieces are woven into the fabric to create a multidimensional appearance. For colder months, Pat Beard Handwovens also creates structured jackets, vests and scarves that can be worn a number of different ways. With unique fits, European cuts and unique details, these handwoven clothing items offer quality and style that is truly exceptional and long-lasting. Discover all of the latest woven goods from Patricia Beard and Pat Beard Handwovens at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

Brian Beckenheimer / Clays of Our Lives


Hometown: Baltimore, MD

For nearly 40 years, Brian Beckenheimer has been wowing pottery enthusiasts in Baltimore and all along the East Coast with his ceramic artistry. Using artisan techniques first learned apprenticing in Boston and perfected at Martha’s Vineyard, Brian’s functional stoneware begins simply enough by throwing clay on a pottery wheel. From there, he uses master-level glaze effects to create stunning color and style. From teapots and Saki sets to vases and bowls, any of his pieces will look right at home on your shelf.

After spending 27 years running the pottery store As the Wheel Turns and traveling to art shows, Brian took some time offer from the kiln. But artistic passion never truly dies, and in his newest venture, Clays of Our Lives, he continues to craft the same wonderful ceramics he’s always been known for. As a longtime regular at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, Brian is a welcome part of any show, as his fans and customers flock to his latest creations. With one visit, you’re sure to be a fan as well.




Traci Beden-Tambussi / Mud Alley Pottery

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

Ever since she was in high school, Traci Beden-Tambussi has been working with clay. After being introduced to pottery in 1975, she went on to earn a BFA in clay from Tennessee State University, and has since spent more than 30 years making functional and decorative ceramics while teaching the art at various schools and workshops. She now offers instruction through her studio Mud Alley Pottery, and her work is displayed at museums, galleries and craft shows through the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern U.S.

Traci’s believes that people’s surroundings have a profound effect on them, and her work is constantly evolving in response to new influences. After many years of porcelain and stoneware that owed their style to the Oriental philosophy of clean and understate simplicity, she began adopting a more textured look, and she has recently incorporated more nature themes. Her bowls, kettles, vases and other pieces feature a number of soothing colors and majestic patterns, and some even use real leaves for an authentically unique design. Come see the beauty and mastery of four decades’ work at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival near you.


Amy Begg-Marino / Monster This

Fine Art

Hometown: Pasadena, MD

Artist Website





Josef Belchatovski / Exotic Water Sculptures

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Millersville, VA

Josef Belchatovski came to the U.S. from his native Israel as an exchange student in 1970 to study at California State University, Long Beach. While at Cal State he began creating his first metal sculptures.

Soon he joined a group of itinerant artists called “The World of Art,” who traveled around the country in motor homes, selling their art at short stopovers along the way. With the mellow mood of the hippie era still in the air, the artists could earn a living this way. Josef enjoyed this unique opportunity to travel and share his artwork. In the mid-1980’s he and his wife, Karen, moved to Maryland.

Josef creates large flowing water sculptures in brass, copper and bronze. To him, the running water represents life, rebirth and optimism.

His work is found in corporate and private collections around the world.

William Bell / Bell Gallery and Garden, LLC


Hometown: Floyd, VA

Artist Website





Suzanne Bellows / Blue Palms Fiber Art

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Valrico, FL

Artist Website

Hand-painted silk can make you feel luxurious and handmade jewelry can make you stand out in a crowd. Suzanne Bellows of Blue Palms Fiber Art says why not do both? Her hand-painted pieces of silk create stunning pieces of jewelry you’ll be hard-pressed to find at just any art show.

Earrings, chokers, pendants, bracelets and more transform into remarkable pieces of art under Suzanne’s talents. All of her jewelry is independently created, producing stunning, beautiful, wearable art that is lightweight yet rugged and water resistant.

As a, experienced batikist and graphic designer, Suzanne is known for using a form called “Gesture writing” in her work. The swirling lines resemble handwritten alphabetic letters written on top of one another or Japanese characters, but are simply abstract marks. It is intended to capture the essence of writing without the words, forcing the artist to communicate with the viewer through the art of script itself and not through the symbols associated with language. They are graphemes with no phonemes.

When used in a piece, Suzanne’s signature gesture marks move in a line from right to left starting in the upper right corner of the page.

Fernando, Melody & Mel Benally

Jewelry / Gold & Silver

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM

Artist Website





Gary & Michelle Bender / Dixie Bags

Textiles / Fabric Bags

Hometown: Danville, VA

Artist Website





Marijke Benedict / Stijfselkissie

textiles & fashion design / silk

Hometown: Allenwood, PA

Artist Website

The name “Stijfselkissie,” comes from a Dutch song meaning “starch crate.” It’s personal to Stijfselkissie owner Marijke Benedict, who grew up in Europe and now resides in North Central Pennsylvania. This independent clothing company designs modern clothing for the modern woman, aiming to provide breathable, comfortable garments for all shapes and sizes.

Stijfselkissie uses beautiful, luxurious fabrics and timeless cuts to create clothing made with a focus on craftsmanship and fit. Each piece is pre-washed and pre-shrunk, and they’re designed to grow to accommodate gains up to 20 pounds more or less, depending on the wearer’s body changes. Jackets, scarves, tunics and blouses in soft, neutral colors and bright, splashy shades will take you from winter to summer in style, and the premium materials and cuts will give you a look of effortless elegance that never goes out of fashion.

Iris Benjamin / BR Blends, Inc.

specialty foods

Hometown: Monkton, MD

Artist Website

As a proud distributor of Gourmet Blends, Iris Benjamin and BR Blends are dedicated to their mission of bringing you the finest balsamic vinegar and infused olive oils known to mankind. Their artisan-made, 100% pure balsamic vinegar is produced and barrel-aged right in its native land of Italy, then imported to the U.S. from the city of Modena. This premium vinegar gets richer and sweeter as it ages, losing its acidity for a delicacy to be enjoyed at any dinner table. Iris has numerous flavors available that will satisfy and palate, from traditional to dark chocolate to sriracha mango.

Their olive oils are to die for as well, infused with herbs and fruits that will delight your taste buds. Whether you’re looking to add something more to your entrée, salad or dessert, oil and vinegar will never be the same. As part of their commitment to your taste sensation, Iris is always releasing new recipes and other great ideas for enjoying your newest discovery. Visit him at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals to try the best balsamic vinegar available or just talk cooking.





Branson Bennett / Branson’s Designs

Mixed Media

Hometown: Evansville, IN



Veronica Bennett

Mixed Media

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Artist Website



Jessie Benson

Fine Art

Hometown: Willis, VA

Artist Website



Pamela & David Berari / Feathers, Fins & Fur, Inc.

misc. / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Ortonville, MI

Artist Website





Fred Berckefeldt / Leonard Mountain, Inc.

specialty foods

Hometown: Leonard, OK

Artist Website

Fred Berckefeldt founded Leonard Mountain in 1992 with the goals of making delicious gourmet food and providing great customer service. For the past 25 years, his business has grown and grown, constantly offering new products that are conceived, created and manufactured at their rural Oklahoma facility. From quality food selection, to customized packaging, to offering employment in an area where many can’t drive to the city for work, Fred has been committed to doing gourmet his way.

Leonard Mountain is best known for their award-winning dry soup mixes that are high in nutrition and low in prep time, along with their hand-stuffed queen olives filled with everything from almonds to bleu cheese. With other delicacies that include chili, fruit and vegetable dips, pasta salads, breads and hot sauces, there’s something for everyone in the Leonard Mountain kitchen. Whether you’re looking to fill your own pantry or choose the perfect gift for a friend, stop by the Leonard Mountain booth at a Sugarloaf craft show to meet Fred and sample some of the finest packaged artisan food.




Barbara Berman / CRAFTIBARB

textiles & fashion design / fabric handbags

Hometown: Sanford, NC

Artist Website

For more than 20 years, Barbara Berman has been crafting handmade, one-of-a-kind handbags for people of all ages. These fashionable purses, totes and packs feature vibrant colors and accessorizing beads that add the perfect amount of flair. The nature-based designs feature a variety of animals and plant life, and whether you want to showcase a mellow or bombastic spirit, Berman has something that fits your personality. Each bag is machine washable and guaranteed for her lifetime.

From her hometown of Sanford, NC, Berman was working as an interior designer when she bought her first sewing machine. With a newly inspired passion, she formed “Craftibarb” in 1995 and is now a regular at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals throughout the region. Her artistic creativity is highlighted by her choice of fabrics, using velour, silk, upholstery fabrics and more for the perfect combination of texture, color and style. Her unique totes are perfect for use as knitting bags, beach bags, baby bags and more. Come meet Barbara at a Sugarloaf festival near you and check out her amazing selection!





Yuliya Bernadsky


Hometown: Weehawken, NJ

Artist Website


Bernardin Shengzhu

Textiles / Mixed Media

Hometown: Torrington, CT

Artist Website

Shengzhu Bernardin started learning the art of dying patterned fabric at the age of 7 while still in her native China. She combines plant dye extracted from Blue Grass Indigo plants with wine and other ingredients to create a rich indo blue.

Shengzhu (her name means ‘Shining Pearl’) dyes and imprints cotton fabric with New England nautical-themed patterns such as boats, seashells and ropes. This process is very time consuming since each piece of fabric may be dyed more than 10 times to reach the desired shade of blue. She uses the fabric to make handbags of various styles and sizes, tablecloths, coasters and other items.

Stop by True Blue Collection’s booth at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and get a close look at her beautiful indigo blue bags and other items.

Nancy Berry / Decorating Impressions

misc. / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Lake Worth, FL

Artist Website

Lake Worth Floridians Shawn and Nancy Berry want your garden to make good, decorative impressions on the neighborhood. In fact, that’s how they got their start.

The Berrys’ foray into casting sculptures for indoor and outdoor décor began at their own home when they were looking for something to spruce up their garden. They soon discovered it was an activity they loved doing together and, much to our delight at Sugarloaf Crafts, decided to go into business. Voilà – Decorative Impressions popped out of the mold!

Shawn and Nancy learned to make and use their own molds, casting each piece in a product called Hydrocal. This multi-purpose gypsum cement is more lightweight than traditional cement and more durable than craft plaster, perfect for your garden row. While Hydrocal doesn’t take well to paint absorption, each piece is dipped in a neutral-colored finish so you can custom paint it at home if you’d like.

Decorative Impressions’ diverse designs cover a wide range of interests from angels to wildlife. Several of the cast sculptures feature quotations, scriptures and other writings.

Scott Berry / Berry Goldsmiths

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Artist Website

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based goldsmiths and father-son team John and Scott Berry began creating gold and silver jewelry under the name Berry Goldsmiths in 1986. While John has since retired from the business, his son Scott continues to create the same luxury jewelry pieces in the styles that the brand has become known for. He uses a wax casting process to create the majority of his jewelry pieces, creating simplistic designs that feature eye-catching stylistic details.

Gold bar necklaces featuring intricate cutout details are some of Berry Goldsmiths’ signature jewelry items, while you’ll also find long, slender pendants with colorful gemstones, handsome gold and silver rings and many other handcrafted jewelry items. Berry Goldsmiths takes pride in choosing only Grade A gemstones in unique shapes and of the highest quality available, so you can feel confident that any piece you purchase will truly last a lifetime.


Lydia Bhaskarla / DC Dills

Specialty Food

Hometown: Sykesville, MD

Artist Website

Tom Billone / Thomas Photography


Hometown: Centreville, VA

Artist Website





Sue & Ray Binetti / Glass Crafters

glass / leaded

Hometown: Sparrows Point, MD

Once enjoyed as a hobby, stained glass has now become a big part of the lives of Sue and Ray Binetti of Sparrows Point, MD. Having both worked as teachers for many years, the Binettis took their first stained glass class in 1974 and started participating in craft shows soon after. They started exhibiting at Sugarloaf productions in 1977. Their work includes an eclectic assortment of colorful items, including sun catchers, wreath-like pieces, lamps and panels. Each authentic, high-quality stained glass product is handmade in their home studio. They frequently spend the winter and summer months building their inventory and doing fall and spring art shows such as the Sugarloaf Craft Festival, where they typically present 200 to 300 stained glass pieces for sale. Their kaleidoscope-like spectrum of colors is thoughtfully fashioned into many popular designs such as lighthouses, birds, flowers, animals and plenty more. Their stained glass pieces have the power to inspire a range of emotions — from joy to whimsy and serenity.





Chelsea Bird / Chelsea E. Bird Designs

Enamel Jewelry

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Artist Website





Allen Bjorkman / Allen Ye Printmakers

Paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Oswego, NY

Artist Website

Allen Bjorkman is the name behind Fenix Forgeries by Allen Ye Printmaker, one of the largest sources of replica Renaissance prints. Bjorkman began issuing Renaissance replica prints in 1969 after he decided to abandon a “traditional” career path and become an artist to the dismay of his family (as he puts it). Since then, he has exhibited at major exhibitions throughout the US and has carved hundreds of editions of linoleum block prints and screen prints from hand cut stencils. Each image is printed on acid-free paper in one of three methods: linoleum block prints, serigraphs (screen prints from hand-cut stencils) or digital images. Every print is labeled with its source, method and date of issue.

Bjorkman is also an abstract artist. “I am a self-taught artist whose work has happily landed outside art’s mainstream. I have been making and exhibiting images since 1969, and my abstracts tell stories; they are poems without words.”






Jon Black / Jon Black Studio

Jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Morrisville, VT

Artist Website

Sheryl Blais / Sheryl Blais Studios

Jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Westhampton, MA

Artist Website

Sheryl Blais is a self-taught jewelry designer with more than 12 years of experience, and today, she creates unique jewelry under the name Sheryl Blais Studios. Based in Westhampton, Massachusetts, Blais displays her jewelry creations at fine art retail shows, museums and at our very own Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

Sheryl Blais Studios is known for crocheted earrings, pendants and other jewelry creations made from polymer clay and wire woven into eccentric shapes. Blais also creates handcrafted earrings in the form of flowers, feathers and organic shapes using high quality materials like semi-precious stones, Czech glass, brass, copper or aluminum. With its whimsical flair and unique, one-of-a-kind shapes that you truly won’t find anywhere else, wearing jewelry from Sheryl Blais Studios is the ideal way to get noticed.


Carol Bloomgarden / Poetic Art Micrography

Etched Glass

Hometown: Trumansburg, NY

Artist Website

Carol Bloomgarden is an artist specializing in Poetic Art Micrography, or “tiny writing” on paper and glass. She got her official training from the Rhode Island School of Design, and she now creates art full-time in her home studio. By using tiny, etched words instead of drawings or designs, Bloomgarden aims to evoke thoughts of nature, texture and emotions through each of her unique creations.

Carol Bloomgarden’s work combines tiny writing with images of animals and natural landscapes painted on glass or paper. She begins by painting the image and then finds a poem to pair with it. Once she’s selected the accompanying text, she carefully etches the words into the glass or inscribes them on paper.

Carol explains her work as “giving a painting a voice and an emotional background.” She loves creating customized orders such as a painting of a certain kind of animal or one which uses a quote from their favorite author.

Her artwork is inscribed with messages from a wide range of sources including Emily Dickensen, Rudyard Kipling and Chicken Little. She works out of her studio in Trumansburg, NY and she loves to hear customers’ reactions to her art. Find the piece that speaks to you at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival! 

Adrienne Blum / Adrienne Blum Enamels

metal / enamels

Hometown: Earlysville, VA

Artist Website

Adrienne Blum Enamels is based in Earlysville, Virginia, and run by enamel artist Adrienne Blum. For almost forty years, Blum has been experimenting with enamel art in a variety of different forms, and she still uses the very same methods that have been used in enamel crafting for generations.

Adrienne Blum Enamels applies ground glass by hand to a metal backing and then fires the creation in a kiln, allowing the glass to melt and form the glossy enamel that you see in the finished product. Blum creates uniquely colorful, intricate light switch covers and outlet covers for the home or office, all featuring soothing, natural themes. From stunning ocean scenes to galloping herds of horses and beautiful hummingbirds, no two Adrienne Blum Enamels light switch covers are alike.


Sheree Blum-Cuthbert / Kicking Glass, Inc.


Hometown: Wellington, FL

Artist Website

Sheree Blum-Cuthbert learned her craft at Lee Art Glass in Winter Harbor, Maine. She creates beautiful glass dinnerware items using techniques established by the early Egyptians. All of her dinnerware is dishwasher safe.

Prior to her current dinnerware craft, she enjoyed creating mosaic tiled floors, watercolor paintings, photographs and other artistic projects. She also taught underprivileged children in the Florida Everglades for two decades.

Her work has appeared in People Magazine, Epicurious Americans, Best Recipes, Coastal Living and Southern Lady.

Come admire her colorful patterns at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival. Find the perfect wedding gift or something to dress up your own table.  

Ryan Boase / ReAcoustic


Hometown: Greenville, SC

Artist Website

Ryan started his business in 2011 after experimenting with a broken trumpet and realizing he could amplify the sound from his iPhone through the bell of the trumpet horn. He liked the result and continued sampling other instruments and finally phonographs and gramophones.

Ryan creates Bluetooth and acoustic speakers from phonographs and gramophones dating from the early 1900’s as well as from musical instruments. He sources antique phonographs and gramophones from dealers all around the country. The musical instruments come from band directors and repair shops. Each bell speaker is attached to a solid walnut base creating a truly vintage look.

People like to recreate the ambiance of the early 1900’s by playing radio coverage of sports events over these speakers.

In 2012, American Express included a photo of one of his acoustic gramophone speakers in their Departures Magazine. That led to orders from around the world and Ryan was able to take his business full time.

He has had several celebrity clients such as tattoo artist and TV personality Kat Von D, British singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding and British comedian James Corden.

The Acoustic Magnavox Gramophone speaker is his best-selling piece.

Susan Bock

Fine Arts

Hometown: Gum Spring, VA

Artist Website

Susan Bock restores and colorizes historic black and white photographs from the Civil War era through the 1930’s. Her early 20th century photos show marches by women suffragists, golfers and pilots, and people of the rural south.

She finds old photos that are free of copyright restrictions, restores the damaged ones and prints them on a photo quality paper that is compatible with oil paint. She then enhances them with a transparent oil paint solution to make them more vibrant.

Susan feels it is important to keep these historic periods fresh in our memories as we navigate life in modern times. She says, “It is only when we can celebrate where we have been that we can fully understand and celebrate the beauty of each moment of today.”

Stop by her booth at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and share the stories your family has passed down from previous generations. Susan loves to see how her photos remind shoppers of their own long dormant memories.

David Bodnar / Chef Folio

MISC / mixed medium

Hometown: Sabillasville, MD

Artist Website







Loring Boglioli

Textiles / Rugs

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Artist Website







Holly Bollier / Holly Bollier Fiber Art

Mixed Media

Hometown: Guilford, CT

Artist Website

Ben Bonart

Fine Arts

Hometown: Nyack, NY

Artist Website

Ben Bonart left a successful design career in the advertising and marketing industry to become a full time artist. He says his objective when he paints is simply to make people feel good.

His paintings are filled with uplifting scenes of radiant suns and vibrant cityscapes that draw the viewer into the painting. Through the use of light and layers, he creates a 3D effect.

He is inspired by the abstract expressionism and pop art of the 1960’s. All of his work is one of a kind because he approaches each painting as an experiment and lets it unfold along the way. He’s also unconventional in his choice of tools, preferring not to paint with a paint brush but with various straight edge utensils.

Bonart has had paintings commissioned by hotels and international corporations. One media company bought one of his cityscape paintings for each city where they have an office.

Pick up some good vibrations for the weekend at Feel Good Art at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.

Richard Bond / Richard Bond Artist

glass / mixed medium

Hometown: Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Artist Website

Richard Bond is an Ottowa, Canada-based artist specializing in glass and other mediums. Since 1985, Bond has focused mainly on creating organic nature scenes on sandblasted glass, all inspired by the landscapes of his hometown in Canada.

Richard Bond sandblasts each image onto pieces of colored glass, clear glass or a combination of different shades. He does not use any paints or stains, preferring instead to use the natural color of the glass to create each image. Many of Richard Bond’s works can be found in government buildings, corporate and private art collections around the world, and he was even chosen as an artist to represent Canada by gifting his works to visiting nations during the G-20 summit in Toronto in 2010. You can find Bond’s latest works at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

Ricky Boscarino / Luna Parc

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Sandyston, NJ

Artist Website

For fans of luxury jewelry with truly unique, one-of-a-kind elements, Luna Parc is a perfect choice. The jewelry line, created by artist Ricky Boscarino, features gold and silver jewelry items in the form of insects, animals, fungi and even medical-themed objects that you truly won’t find anywhere else.

Operating out of a wildly colorful home and atelier under the same name, Luna Parc is a truly immersive art collective that invites visitors to see the entire process as it unfolds. Boscarino graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with expertise in mediums such as metal, clay, glass and wood, but today he chooses to focus on large-scale found art installations and whimsical jewelry pieces that are sure to start a conversation each time you wear them.

Edgar Boshart / PhotoSpeak Productions - Image Fusion


Hometown: Arlington, VA

Artist Website

Daniel Bostic / Alli’s Art Corner

Fine Arts

Hometown: Natural Bridge Station, VA

Artist Website






Judy Ford and Stacie Bourne / Gourmet Creations

specialty foods

Hometown: Whitehouse Station, NJ

Artist Website

One of our fine food vendors at Sugarloaf, Gourmet Creations is a line of specialty oils and dessert mixes created by Stacie Bourne. This beloved independent company is based in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, and offers all of the accoutrements you’ll need to make a party or gathering even more special.

Gourmet Creations makes everything from scratch in the U.S., from its tangy, flavorful dip mixes to its pickles featuring mild or spicier flavors. The brand’s olive oil blends are ideal for dressing meats or seafood or for dipping breads, while the Gourmet Creations spreads come in flavors like Asiago-Stuffed Artichoke or Bacon & Onion. Finish off your meal with one of Gourmet Creations’ dessert mixes for banana cream pie, birthday cake or peppermint flavored dessert spreads that you can enjoy with fruit, cookies or on their own


Mary Ann Bowden / Quilts by Mary Ann

textiles & home design / quilts & comforters

Hometown: Crozet, VA

Mary Ann Bowden retired from her administrative job at a law firm and immediately set about fulfilling a longheld dream of quilting in retirement. Soon she had satisfied the quilting needs of her friends and family, but she didn’t want to stop. So she started exhibiting at craft shows.

Unlike many traditional quilters, Bowden chooses contemporary designer fabrics in bright, bold colors. She favors the floral patterns of British fabric designer, Kaffe Fasset, Australian Aboriginal designs and Indonesian Batiks.

She makes quilted table toppers and wall art in addition to quilts and comforters for children and adults. Craft show shoppers often ask her to make quilts in certain colors to match their home decor. Some people ask for a memory quilt incorporating articles of a deceased loved one’s clothing.

Stop by her booth at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and see if one of her designs catches your eye!








Kelley Bowers / Angels of Heart

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Point Pleasant, NJ

Artist Website

The love of an angel is pure and eternal. That’s why Kelley Bowers’ Angels of Heart wooden angel wings plaques make such incredible gifts for loved ones and inspirational reminders in the home. These beautiful pieces are made from a wooden base with sculpted angel wings added to create striking texture and depth. Many also feature beautiful quotes or inspiring words that bring joy, love or healing to those who need it. Bowers has also crafted specialty angel wings for weddings, new babies and those who are grieving or going through a difficult time.

Each of the pieces in the Angels of Heart collection is handcrafted and numbered by Bowers. No two of these heartfelt works of art are exactly alike, making each one perfectly unique and special. View the complete collection online or see some firsthand by visiting Bowers at a Sugarloaf Crafts fair.







Christina Boy / Christina Boy Design


Hometown: Madison, VA

Artist Website

With sleek, minimal designs, functional components and a distinctly modern eye for style, Christina Boy Design creates wooden art and furniture pieces entirely by hand. Located in Madison, Virginia, this self-proclaimed “one-woman shop” sources all materials locally and makes each item to last. Owner and designer, Christina Boy learned the art of woodworking in the Craft and Material Studies program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, and was later awarded a 2-year Core Fellowship at the Penland School of Crafts to continue studying.

Christina Boy Design creates smaller items such as beautifully simple wooden serving trays and cutting boards with hand-stamped details, carved wooden knives and spreaders and salad tongs in your choice of woods. Larger items like mid-century modern inspired chairs, functional stools and patterned benches in colorful designs combine beauty and purpose. By using both traditional and modern woodworking techniques, Christina Boy Design makes small and large wooden home goods that can be cherished for years.

Christopher Boyd / Boyd’s Cardinal Hollow Winery

Specialty Food

Hometown: North Wales, PA

Artist Website

Christopher Boyd wanted to differentiate himself from big box wine sellers so he decided to make wines that no one else makes. His number one seller, which contains no grapes, is a Whiskey Mead - a honey wine fermented in a whiskey barrel for over a year. It was a top scorer at an international mead competition. The number two seller and a two time silver medal winner is Jalapeno wine. He promises that it won’t burn your eyes or lips but the jalapeno bite is definitely noticeable.

In the savory category, he sells a Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic wine. The smoky red pepper stays in the background leaving center stage for the garlic.

He also makes several fruit-based wines - apple, blueberry, cranberry, mango, strawberry and others, each made with a whole pound of fresh fruit. He does not use any added sugar or flavoring.

It looks like he has achieved his goal of standing out from the pack. His Jalapeno wine was featured in a Mens’ Journal article, “7 Really Out There Wines Not Made From Grapes.”


John Boyett / Canton Glass Works

glass / blown

Hometown: North Canton, OH

Artist Website

John Boyett of Canton Glass Works creates stunning blown glass pieces that are both beautiful and functional. He uses bright, bold colors and swirls of circular patterns in each piece, creating a whimsical and nature-inspired effect.

Boyett says that he takes his inspiration from the ocean, tropical plants and underwater creatures when hand blowing his glass art, and it’s evident throughout his collection. You’ll find bright, rainbow-hued bowls mingling with deep blue elevated dishes on curved legs. Canton Glass Works also creates useful tumblers and glasses in the same plethora of colors that would often be found at a beach, which would make eye-catching sets to use in your home. Find Canton Glass Works’ latest glass art pieces and functional kitchen wares at Sugarloaf craft festivals.


Tracy & Eric Bradford / TB Pots Stoneware Pottery

glass / leaded

Hometown: Dresden, ME

Artist Website

Tracy Bradford started working with clay in the 1980’s while attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco. A few years later, she and her husband, Eric, were settled on the coast of Maine and trying to move on from bartending and waitressing work. Eric started a lobster business and Tracy decided to try working with clay again.

With her own potter’s wheel and a small glass kiln, she was fired up. She took an 8 week ceramics class where she learned how to make bowls and cylinders. Between classes she’d do more pottery at home, learning how to fire pots through lots of trial and error.

After about a year of practice, she began producing consistently high quality pieces. She continues to learn and refine her techniques year after year. All her pots are lead-free, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

Julia Brandis / Julia Brandis Glassworks

glass / leaded

Hometown: Westminster, VT

Artist Website

Through color and light comes truly one-of-a-kind stained glass from Julia Brandis Glassworks.

Julia likes to express herself through harnessing both natural and interior light. Her glass panes, lamps and fire screens enhance your household décor with a splash of color that only gets more brilliant with the addition of a light source. Whether it’s the rising sun streaming in through your kitchen windows or the warm reassurance of a bedside reading lamp, no bit of light or color is wasted in Julia’s designs.

Each shard of glass is carefully selected for how each color will behave in the light of morning, noon, evening and night. Warm golds, soothing blues and vibrant purples break out of the traditional geometric patterns to create exquisite swirls and unexpected angles. Her meticulous eye and knowledge of light are apparent in the varying textures, iridescence, wirework and jewels that give each piece a feeling of organic, pleasing depth and design.

Julia Brandis is just one of Sugarloaf Family members putting a fresh spin on ancient forms of art.

Joy Brathwaite Photography


Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Artist Website








Pat Brazill / Pat Brazill Chain Jewelry llc

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Westwood, MA

Artist Website









Deanna Breault / Bella’s Home Baked Goods

Specialty Food

Hometown: Highland, NY

Artist Website








Robin Brickell / Reloved Fabrics

Textiles / Accessories

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Artist Website

At Reloved Fabrics, Robin Brickell upcycles Laura Ashley summer dresses, vintage prints and men’s shirts into wearable art and accessories. Her women-centric product line includes hats, gloves, scarves, handbags, sweaters, shirts, dresses and coats.

Her purses and handbags are favored by vegans and others looking for leather alternatives.

A lifelong seamstress and knitter, Robin estimates that she’s knit enough yarn to circle the earth a few times and probably sewn even more! She works out of her home in Virginia Beach, supervised by her two Spanish Water dogs.

Bill & Claudia Britz

Specialty Food

Hometown: Winchester, VA

Artist Website









Jean Broden

fine art 

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA


Deborah Brodie / Dor L'Dor

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Artist Website

Dor L’Dor, founded by Deborah Potash Brodie, specializes in handmade jewelry and painted glass with a spiritual message. Her collections are made of sterling silver with a 14k plate, and include a variety of themes from Ahava, which translates to “Love is in the heart,” to Sh’lom Bayit, meaning “Peaceful home.” Collections feature charms, brooches, earrings and more so you can coordinate each piece with the specific message that speaks to your heart. Brodie and her partner, Jay W. Brill, are based in Rockland, Maryland, where they not only hand make jewelry, they also create etched and hand-painted glass which convey some of the same spiritual messages. Their work features hand-painted candlesticks, movable menorahs and colorful stemware – all with a deeper meaning and the hope of provoking a spiritual awakening. View the Dor L’Dor website to see their jewelry and learn more about their process, and then stop by and say hello at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival.


Megan Brogden Studio


Hometown: Wilton, CT

Artist Website

Working out of her studio in Wilton, CT, Megan Brogden makes stylish one-of-a-kind reversible jackets, vests, dresses, tops and skirts. Using embroidered silk, cotton, velvet and nylon taffeta, Megan creates figure-flattering designs accented with carefully sourced vintage buttons.

In addition to her regular clothing line, Megan creates custom-designed outfits for weddings, mitzvahs and other occasions. She’s especially skilled at matching fabric color with varying skin tones.

Her designs are wrinkle-free and easy care, making them well suited for travel wear. When you want to look your absolute best, Megan has you covered!

Stop by during a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and find a special piece to jazz up your wardrobe.


Colleen Dougherty Bronstein Designs

Metal / Mixed Media

Hometown: Yardley, PA

Artist Website









Jacqueline Brooks / Southern Belles BBQ

Specialty Foods

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Artist Website

Winner of 86 National Awards, these Southern sauces pack a flavorful sauce that only can happen from family recipes being passed down. The sauces were originally created and bottled over 55 years ago down in Memphis TN. A lineage of Southern Belles developed them further, creating seven bottles that is sure to cure any smokey and sweet craving!

Jacqueline Brooks enjoyed her grandmother’s special BBQ sauce countless times throughout childhood and today she is delighted to share her grandmother’s legacy with Southern Belles BBQ Sauce. This legendary sauce was born out of a southern belle’s desperate attempt to satisfy her husband’s gourmet appetite.

In the summer of 1963, Jacqueline and Edward Knight set out for California, leaving Memphis behind. In the sunshine state they encountered many new foods for the first time. Edward became obsessed with teriyaki sauce and couldn’t stop talking about it all the way back to Tennessee.

Jacqueline, who was well recognized as a talented southern chef, couldn’t bear it that Edward loved this exotic new sauce more than any of her infamous concoctions. In an effort to recreate that same teriyaki taste, she came up with something even better - Southern Belles BBQ Sauce!

Jacqueline’s daughter, Vicki, tweaked the recipe to make it even better and passed it down to her daughter, Jacqueline Brooks who is delighted to share her grandmother’s recipe which she enjoyed throughout her childhood.

Stop by during Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and taste this third generation BBQ sauce!

Aaron Brown / Aaron T Brown

Metal Mixed Media

Hometown: Lyndeborough, NH

Artist Website









Karen Brown / Karen Brown Fine Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Artist Website

Karen Brown Fine Jewelry is a unique, contemporary collection of luxury jewelry pieces made in Berkeley, California. Designer Karen Brown has more than 35 years of experience creating jewelry, and now she makes each piece by hand in her home studio in Berkeley.

Karen Brown Fine Jewelry specializes in gold jewelry using clean, natural lines and bold, one-of-a-kind gemstones. Standout pieces include uniquely shaped, swirling rings and wedding bands with large, colorful stones at the center, as well as angular pendants and curved bangles featuring equally beautiful gemstones. You won’t find straight lines in Karen Brown Fine Jewelry pieces, but rather natural curves and organic shapes inspired by nature. Whether you’re looking for a unique engagement ring or a unique piece of everyday jewelry to add to your collection, Karen Brown Fine Jewelry creates necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings for a number of occasions.

Larry & Brenda Brown / Larenda Designs

Textiles / Fabric Bags

Hometown: Vacaville, CA

Artist Website








Pauline Brown

Fine Art

Hometown: Hampton, VA

Artist Website








Sara Brown & Brendon O’Connor

Fine Arts

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Artist Website







Suzanne Bruhn / TimbertikiTraditions

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Newmanstown, PA

Based on Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, TimbertikiTraditions is a handmade clothing and textile company that creates colorful, whimsical apparel for women of all ages. Suzanne Bruhn makes functional clothing and accessories using up-cycled materials, and her goal is to make buyers feel happy and inspired by each piece.

Each TimbertikiTraditions clothing item is made from scrap textiles deemed unusable or unwanted by more traditional clothing companies, all in an effort to reduce waste and cut down on the amount of fabrics in overloaded landfills. These beautiful, luxurious fabrics become rainbow-hued sweaters, blouses decorated with handmade floral decals and arm warmers featuring multicolored stripes. TimbertikiTraditions also creates handmade, up-cycled accessories and jewelry items, including beaded earrings, infinity scarves and even children’s accessories and toys made from recycled scrap fabrics.


Judith Brumbaugh / Brumbaugh's Delights

Specialty foods

Hometown: Williamsburg, PA

Artist Website

A favorite at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, Brumbaugh’s Delites, by Judith Brumbaugh, is known for its homemade confections, such as delicious pumpkin logs filled with rich cream cheese and angel food cake in every flavor imaginable, from traditional to chocolate coconut to walnut and pecan. They’re also available in gluten- and sugar-free versions. Festival regulars also know to stock up on Brumbaugh’s Delites jarred jams and jellies which are made strictly from produce grown on their Williamsburg, Pa., farm. Classic favorites like strawberry and raspberry sit alongside spicy habanero jam and artisanal red beet and cherry jelly – Brumbaugh’s even boasts an orange zucchini marmalade jam. A selection of canned fresh pickles and flavored butters round out the offerings. Brumbaugh’s makes everything by hand in small batches to ensure the quality and flavor. Stop by Brumbaugh Delite’s booth and have a look at their delicious selection.