Sue & Ray Binetti / Glass Crafters

glass / leaded

Hometown: Sparrows Point, MD

Once enjoyed as a hobby, stained glass has now become a big part of the lives of Sue and Ray Binetti of Sparrows Point, MD. Having both worked as teachers for many years, the Binettis took their first stained glass class in 1974 and started participating in craft shows soon after. They started exhibiting at Sugarloaf productions in 1977. Their work includes an eclectic assortment of colorful items, including sun catchers, wreath-like pieces, lamps and panels. Each authentic, high-quality stained glass product is handmade in their home studio. They frequently spend the winter and summer months building their inventory and doing fall and spring art shows such as the Sugarloaf Craft Festival, where they typically present 200 to 300 stained glass pieces for sale. Their kaleidoscope-like spectrum of colors is thoughtfully fashioned into many popular designs such as lighthouses, birds, flowers, animals and plenty more. Their stained glass pieces have the power to inspire a range of emotions — from joy to whimsy and serenity.