Christopher Boyd / Boyd’s Cardinal Hollow Winery

Specialty Food

Hometown: North Wales, PA

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Christopher Boyd wanted to differentiate himself from big box wine sellers so he decided to make wines that no one else makes. His number one seller, which contains no grapes, is a Whiskey Mead - a honey wine fermented in a whiskey barrel for over a year. It was a top scorer at an international mead competition. The number two seller and a two time silver medal winner is Jalapeno wine. He promises that it won’t burn your eyes or lips but the jalapeno bite is definitely noticeable.

In the savory category, he sells a Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic wine. The smoky red pepper stays in the background leaving center stage for the garlic.

He also makes several fruit-based wines - apple, blueberry, cranberry, mango, strawberry and others, each made with a whole pound of fresh fruit. He does not use any added sugar or flavoring.

It looks like he has achieved his goal of standing out from the pack. His Jalapeno wine was featured in a Mens’ Journal article, “7 Really Out There Wines Not Made From Grapes.”