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Hometown: Tappahannock, VA

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"Art makes my life even more wonderful than it already is" — Jen Callahan

Jen Callahan is an artist based in Tappahannock, VA who is drawn to vibrant colors and capturing the characteristics and personality of each subject — whether it’s sea life, fairies, horses or African animals — and making them feel as if they’re jumping off the canvas. “My emotions come out with each painting and I tend to use colors that make me happy. Sometimes I disregard what is presented in real life and express it in a different way. Art is a way to share my personality with someone as they look at my paintings. One of art's rewards is knowing that others get joy from viewing my artwork.” Callahan uses water based paints and likes to combine her painting technique between watercolor and acrylics as well as experimenting with different painting surfaces and styles. In 2007, she closed her studio and focused on displaying her paintings at indoor and outdoor art festivals. “I enjoy the thrill of showing my work in new exciting places and currently show at festivals year round.”