Brian Clasby / Lone Crow Studio

misc / mixed media

Hometown: Trumansburg, NY

Brian Clasby of Lone Crow Studio is an artist specializing in mixed media photographs and prints carved into glass. By combining screen-printing, photography and painting, Lone Crow Studio is able to create bold and unique works of art depicting people, animals and other subjects.

Lone Crow Studio’s process begins by taking a black and white photograph and printing it on vellum. He then exposes it to UV light in a dark room to toughen light areas of the photo, then rinses it with water to allow it to stick to the glass. Finally, Clasby sandblasts the darkened areas of the image on the glass, using skills he’s honed over time to work with the difficult machine on the delicate glass. The final product is a painted image on glass with a slight Pop Art style, using only minimal, dark colors that stand out against the glass. Lone Crow Studio pieces look beautiful on display, and they can be customized with your own pet or loved one.