Doug Daniels / Grassfed Cheeses

Specialty Foods

Hometown: Fredericktown, OH






Jodi Daniels / HackPhotos


Hometown: Royersford, PA






Allen & Edna Danielsen


Hometown: Mt. Joy, PA

Artist Website

Allen and Edna Danielsen started out making unusual lamps just as a quirky evening pastime. As their reputation and skills improved, they started showing their work at arts and crafts shows from Pennsylvania to Maine.

This pair of creatives share a mutual fondness for vintage appliances and old fashioned Edison light bulbs. They turn vintage instruments, including clocks, pulleys and cameras, into one of a kind working lamps.

Each restored and repurposed piece in their collection is a one-of-a-kind home decor treasure.


Paul Dannecker / Silverworks

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Troutman, NC

Stop by Paul Dannecker’s booth at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival if you’re looking for hand-crafted silver jewelry that’s as versatile as it is beautiful. Dannecker hails from Troutman, NC, where he forges a collection of high-quality gold and silver necklaces, earrings, rings and more for the discerning jewelry-lover. Dannecker’s twisted metal designs are often complemented by attention-grabbing semi-precious stones that are hand-picked for each piece.

Dannecker offers a collection of signature twisted silver jewelry featuring high-quality sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Dannecker’s skill at making the metal dance alongside the pearls — almost as though they’re floating in thin air — makes each piece a genuine work of art. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals hosts multiple annual art and craft shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic region each year. Be sure to visit our schedule to find an upcoming show near you!





Susan Dannecker / University Pride n' More


Hometown: Troutman, NC

Susan Dannecker is a photographer from Troutman, NC who has been exhibiting her unique photography at fine arts and crafts fairs throughout the area.


Jupi Das / Jupi's Art of Paper Cutting

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Blue Bell, PA

Artist Website



















Steve Datz / Ryefield Ceramics


Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Artist Website


















Kathleen Dautel / Sparks Metal Studio

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Artist Website

Kathleen took her first metalsmithing class while enrolled in the Arts program at the University of Oregon. After graduating, she came back to earn a BFA in metalsmithing in 1993. Later, after she moved to Portland, the local building designs inspired her to pursue a degree in architecture. In 1999, she received her Masters of Architecture and went on to work with prominent firms, winning a few design awards along the way.

However metalsmithing held a special place in her heart and she longed to return to it. In 2009, she launched Spark Metal Studio with her original jewelry and metalsmithing designs.

Each piece is laser cut, stainless steel meticulously finished and colored by hand. Her designs are inspired by architectural forms and Mother Nature. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband and son.

Dan & Bonnie Davenport

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Millington, MI

Artist Website

Dan Davenport makes hand hammered aluminum giftware using a traditional French technique called “repousse” meaning pushed up. The designs are drafted with pencil and paper which is used to make an engraving in reverse of the image. Next they place a piece of aluminum over the engraving and hammer the image into the aluminum. This same technique was used in the creation of the Statue of Liberty.

Using recycled aluminum, he and his wife Ruth, produce over 100 items including decorative and commemorative trays, bookmarks, plates, coasters, pins, ornaments and crosses. They run American Forging out of Millington, MI, where they share various roles of running the business.


Deborah & Mark Davenport

Glass / Mixed Media

Hometown: Vail, AZ

Artist Website



Millie David / Ites International 


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Artist Website


Catherine Davis / Unique Creations

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Trenton, MI

Jeweler Catherine Davis has aptly named her line of fine jewelry made from gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones Unique Creations. Each piece of her collection features a bold splash of color with precious and semi-precious stones in unusual cuts set in a complimentary juxtaposition to create a bold statement. Find truly one-of-a-kind pieces in the Unique Creations booth at many of the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals throughout the year.

Each piece in the Unique Creations collection is in itself unique, and the perfect complement to the individual who likes to add a bright pop of color in their outfits and accessories. Davis has developed a signature style over the years that she has crafted jewelry under the Unique Creations label from her Michigan-based studio. 



















Cherie Davis / Cherie’s River Rags

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: Germantown, NC

Artist Website

Cherie Davis had her first exposure to vintage clothes as a young girl when her parents brought home an antique doll dressed in vintage velvet and lace. Immediately, she knew she wanted to make the same kind of clothes.

Her hippie chic, rocker fashion sense fully developed during her 20’s when she created dramatic outfits for musicians and fashion models. These clients encouraged to  come up with the most unusual, playful designs she could dream up. From then on Cherie knew she would never want to design ordinary clothing.

Her one-of-a-kind creations combine multiple fabrics, buttons and accessories to create fun, dramatic pieces. She makes leather, suede and denim jackets, gypsy tunics and sweater-jackets and vests using several layers of vintage lace, corduroy, suede and chenille tapestry.

At Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, Cherie (and her husband) encourage shoppers to try things on. She says many first time customers approach her unconventional designs timidly, wondering where or if they will be daring enough to wear such unique outfits. At a later show, they’ll come back to tell her they wore her clothes everywhere!

Ruth Davis / Odile

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: Dennisport, MA

Artist Website



















JD Davison & JD Shipengrover / Lab Partenrs, LLC 


Hometown: Upper Arlington, OH

Artist Website

Mariella De Leeuw & Richard Jackson

Textiles / Accessories

Hometown: Pawling, NY

Artist Website




















Geraldo De-Souza / Everyday Bow Ties

textiles & fashion design / accessories

Hometown: East Syracuse, NY

Artist Website

After learning the art of sewing working as a young man in the family sewing business, Geraldo De-Souza branched out into his own designs, and eventually found his calling with handmade bow ties. As a man who enjoys making people smile, Geraldo found he could do just that by taking a classic fashion accessory and giving a fun modern look. His bright bow ties are the centerpiece of any outfit with their bold colors and dashing patterns. Everything from classic plaid bow ties to ties with flowers and cartoon eyes are available to showcase your personality.

Geraldo’s distinctive bow ties are designed to be worn every day, and can be appreciated by men, women and children. By producing less than 30 of each style, he makes sure you always have a fresh, unique look, and will never end up wearing the same bow tie as your neighbor. And if you truly do need a special tie for a special occasion, he can craft those as well. Stop by to meet Geraldo and see how you can add a truly original flair to your next outfit!



















John DeAmicis

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Milltown, NJ

Artist Website

New Jersey-based artist John DeAmicis’ illustrations capture feelings and moments that occur in everyday life, often incorporating quotations, thoughts and other unusual interpretations.

Armed with nothing but a pen, pencil and wit, John describes himself as a “keen observer of life.” He likes to tease out some of life’s more idiosyncratic elements and get people to connect with them. You’ll get to see the world through his eyes, framed by clever satire. His illustrations appeal to a wide range of people, including animal lovers and golfers.

John’s work has been compared to Charles Bragg and Daumier, and has been displayed in galleries all over the world. He’s a wonderful examples the kind of caliber of artist you’re likely to find at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

A member of the National Cartoonists Society, some of the more notable owners of John’s work include Sir Elton John, Shirley Maclaine, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Luciano Pavarotti and Henry Kissinger. Stop by one of our festivals and add your name to that illustrious list!



















Brenda Dean / Designs by Brenda


Hometown: Hernando Beach, FL



Randy Dean / Randy Leibowitz Dean, Fine Art ~ Sculpture

Wood Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Matthews, NC

Artist Website

Randy Liebowitz began selling her portraits at malls and local markets in Bucks County, PA at a young age. She would also create murals for homes, businesses and nursing facilities. She designed the “Art on Walls” project to help people find healing and support through art and communication.

When she transitioned to creating fine art wooden sculptures, she won several awards for her work. She creates abstract wooden sculptures and wall hangings using various tools and techniques. She also makes small whimsical characters and painted bangle bracelets from plywood.

When not traveling to shows, she leads art classes for adults with developmental disabilities in Charlotte, NC. She loves talking to art lovers in any venue and she’s always ready to consider collaborative projects.

Lynn DeBlois

specialty foods

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Artist Website





















Fine Arts

Hometown: Bethesda, MD


Stacey Deiseroth / Liberty Woodworking

Functional Wood

Hometown: McConnellsburg, PA

Artist Website

Stacey and her husband produce end-grain wooden cutting boards, chess boards, jewelry boxes, wine racks and beverage caddies. They’ve recently started making tumbling block end grain cutting boards too. Their items are made with maple, cherry, walnut, purpleheart, bloodwood and paduk sourced from Africa, South America and other regions.

Each item made in their McConnellsburg, PA studio is a handcrafted one of a kind piece. The Deiseroths began woodworking in 2015 as a hobby and quickly turned it into a business and began showing at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals and other shows.

Their cutting boards come in a variety of dazzling patterns, including 3D patterns, puzzles and American flags. Any of them would look perfectly at home in an Americana kitchen.


Scott Delange / SD Wood Designs

Wood / Mixed Media

Hometown: Levittown, PA

Artist Website



Michael Delizia / Butter Me Up

Specialty Food

Hometown: Toms River, NJ

Artist Website

Brian Delozier / Brian’s Dots

Fine ArtS

Hometown: Reading, PA

Artist Website

Jayne DeMarcay / DeMarcay Design

gold & Silver jewelry

Hometown: Abita Springs, LA

Artist Website

Jayne DeMarcay’s father was a jeweler. After spending many happy hours watching him at his work bench, she never cared any other career besides jewelry making.

Through many years at the bench, she developed superior technical skills. She creates original pieces with precious metals embellished with detailed hand engraving and semi-precious gems.

Her timeless designs compliment casual and formal attire. Come say Hello during a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and see if her work ‘speaks’ to you!


Mary DeMarco-Wolfe / La Contessa

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Artist Website

La Contessa by Mary DeMarco-Wolfe is three things above all else: creative, hand-crafted and unique. DeMarco-Wolfe and her husband Buddy Wolfe have been creating La Contessa jewelry since 1986, when they unveiled their very first line of nature-inspired pewter jewelry and gifts. Each La Contessa piece is inspired by the artist’s Italian heritage as well as her love of antiques, gardening and travel. The Baltimore-based team crafts every last piece right here in the U.S. with a commitment to quality, beauty and value. Despite its success, La Contessa is often represented at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals throughout the season.

DeMarco-Wolfe received a degree in fine arts from Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland and then went on to study in Florence, Italy, where she solidified her love for Old World craftsmanship. A beautiful collection of lead-free pewter bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins, rings, gifts and tableware unites the La Contessa collection, and each one is finished with exquisite stones and embellishments that give it a one-of-a-kind flair. All pieces are hand-crafted in DeMarco-Wolfe’s Baltimore studio. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals is proud to offer this artist alongside many other prominent jewelry makers.


Tony Demasi / Turnings by Tony

wood / wood turning

Hometown: Front Royal, VA

Artist Website

Though he’s been working with wood for over 25 years, Tony DeMasi only recently turned it into a full-fledged business in 2015. He creates beautiful and functional bowls, vases, platters, pens, bottle stoppers and other items out of cherry, maple, large salted maple, box elder, walnut, mulberry and other woods. Most of his wood is carefully sourced from dead trees in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. A few times he received wood from Thomas Jefferson’s plantation in Charlottesville and from the White House.

Be sure to take a look at Turnings by Tony at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival. His artistic creations make great wedding, anniversary and holiday gifts.


Scott Deming / Eastern Woodworks

wood / functional wood

Hometown: Butler, TN

Woodworker Scott Deming shows what is possible. More than 30 years ago, Deming started working full-time with wood although he had no previous experience. A self-taught artist, Deming has honed his style over the years depending on the type of piece he is working on. He shows that art is inside people and not something that can necessarily be taught by a teacher or from a book.

His goal with each piece is to design something that is one-of-a-kind with a sense of movement and an organize flow. He works with domestic hardwoods, using a combination of dark and light woods. He sculpts the wood using a series of grinders and sanders, working without sketches so the wood can speak to the type of art it turns into. From shelves to frames, Deming has a vast collection of piece for you to see at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival.




















Sandra Dennis / Chez Dennis Inc.

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Rye Brook, NY

Sandra Dennis started her jewelry business making beaded jewelry and eventually began making her own clasps, bails, earring hooks and other elements. She took formal jewelry making courses in silversmithing, gem setting and traditional goldsmithing techniques.

She designed a ring shaped to more comfortably accommodate the shape of a person’s fingers. She created hammered gold stacking rings in this design. She loves the textures and layering techniques from the Medieval Era.

Sandra uses recycled and ethically-sourced solid gold, fine silver, sterling silver and conflict-free gemstones and pearls.

Come say hello at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and check out Sandra’s one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry.


Dawn DeSanto / Hand Jive

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Artist Website

Hand Jive is an independent clothing company created by designer Dawn DeSanto. The company is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana and specializes in fun, funky apparel for women of all ages.

Every Hand Jive piece is made by hand and is full of personality, featuring a bohemian flair that still feels totally current. Tank tops and blouses feature loose, breezy fabrics and multicolored patterns mixed and matched in a truly one-of-a-kind way. Hand Jive also makes tunic tops that can be worn with leggings or jeans and vests that are perfect for layering over other items. You’ll also find flattering dresses in retro shapes and styles in chevron prints, peacock patterns and other bright, bold shades. If you’re looking for clothing that will really make a statement and make you feel unique and inspired, be sure to look out for Hand Jive at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.


Paul Desrochers / Desrochers Studio

Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Sugar Loaf, NY

Artist Website

Known in the fine art and craft circuit as the “Ear Cuff Man,” Paul Phillipe Desrochers has more than 25 years of experience specializing in ear cuff design. Desrochers also has over 50 years of experience as a sculptor, where his work has been on display in both Canada and the United States for decades. Desrochers Studio is located in Sugarloaf, NY and specializes in creating truly unique ear cuffs. “Each ear cuff is conceptualized, sketched, molded and handmade with precise attention to detail. The result is an elaborate work of art and tiny sculpture for your ear. Each creation starts in the mind and flows to the add the final touch." From the whimsical (turtles) to the graceful (flowers) and edgy (geometric designs), Desrochers’ pieces have their own individualized personality. Made from fine metals such as sterling silver, his ear cuffs are often accented with amethyst, onyx, green jade, garnet, turquoise, amethyst and other precious and semi-precious gems.


Teresa Dever / Dever Originals


Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL

Artist Website


John DeVore / Daisy Lane Creamery

Specialty Food

Hometown: Frederick, MD


Sara Dewees / Whiskey Hollow Maple

Specialty Food

Hometown: Avondale, PA

Artist Website


Robert Dewitt Jr. / Dewitt's Spoons & Bowls

wood / functional wood

Hometown: Buffalo Mills, PA

Woodworker Bob DeWitt and his design partner Dominique Vallon make handcrafted kitchenware that is as functional as it is beautiful. From selecting the wood to finishing each piece, these Sugarloaf Family members manage every step in the production process.

To make each piece, Bob and Dominique source sustainable wood harvested from their own property, or find it elsewhere in the region from trusted purveyors. Spoons are made from regional hardwoods like cherry, maple, ash, black walnut and apple. Chopping blocks and cheese boards are made from solid one-piece, seasoned, domestic hardwoods like cherry and tiger maple, featuring beautiful heart wood grain with natural free-form lines. Everything is hand carved and treated with nontoxic mineral oil and beeswax.  

Everything Bob makes is backed by his pledge of integrity. It’s his personal guarantee covering the quality of the wood and carving methods, sanitation concerns and other details. We would expect nothing less!

Each piece comes with the pledge of integrity, plus detailed instructions and beeswax for everyday care.


Julie Derby / Derby Divas Boutique


Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA

Artist Website


Jessica Dey / J Dey, LLC

Fine Arts

Hometown: Torrington, CT

Jessica Dey makes hand-sewn and hand painted journals which are suited for writing, sketching, watercolor painting, you name it! She always likes to have a notebook nearby in case the urge to write or sketch hits her. She makes handmade journals because she feels they are more fun for travel or any special occasion you want to record.

One journal takes many hours to make. The pages are handsewn together with a wax-covered thread and attached to a cloth spine. The cloth spine holds up better than leather under repeated use. She designs an original hand painted cover for each journal.

At Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals, Jessica is accompanied by Horton, a Yorkshire Terrier Daschund mix. Horton helps her manage her PTSD symptoms incurred through combat service in Iraq. Her husband, Sean, co-owns and helps run the business.

Diana Deborah

Fine Art

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Artist Website

Deborah Diana has been an avid artist since childhood when she used the Philadelphia sidewalks and brick walls of her home as her canvas. She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where she studied the human figure.

Diana is known for her vivid paintings of butterflies and their journey of transformation. She taught art classes at her own studio and at a private school in Pennsylvania for 20 years.

In addition to creating traditional artwork, she competed in the world of bodybuilding, sculpting her own body into a work of art. In 1980, she competed in the National Capitol Championships, the first women’s bodybuilding competition in the DC region, and came away with first place.


Daniel DiBernardo / Photo Art By Dan By DiBernardo Enterprises


Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Artist Website



Daina Dickens / Daina Dickens Jewelry

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Daina Dickens puts her personality into each piece of jewelry she creates, and each necklace, bracelet and other bauble is a reflection of her zest for life. Dickens is known for her trademark, “double-helix” necklaces or bracelets, and her jewelry line is appropriately named D.N.A. by Daina. She uses a unique beading technique which combines the finest of Swarovski crystals and pearls, ‘Czech’ and Venetian glass beads and semi-precious elements into double-helix strands of smaller sparkling beads which orbit larger beads. Since each piece of jewelry is truly handmade, it adds to the validity that each spectacular piece is unique — just like each individual who wears it. Daina, a Columbus, OH resident, has a long lineage of appreciation for craftsmanship including her godfather, Karlis Miesniecks (1887-1977), a famous Latvian painter, and her mother who was a painter and who owned The Blue Sky Gallery in Columbus. Since 1988, she has been a professional artist and has been designing and creating exquisite three-dimensional jewelry.

Her designs can be found displayed at juried arts fairs and at galleries throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast.

Denise Dickens & Miranda Cross / Outside Designworks

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: Washington, DC

Artist Website

Jeffrey Diener / JAD Photography


Hometown: Norfolk, VA























Elaine Dimino / Gift Boxes by Elaine

misc / mixed media

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Artist Website

Elaine Dimino’s love of fabric crafts began in childhood when she would accompany her mother on frequent trips to the fabric store with visions of new outfits dancing in her head.

She was a nurse in a busy Philadelphia hospital for many years. Seeking a respite from her demanding job, she pulled out the fabric and accessories she inherited from her grandmother and began creating beautiful gift boxes. Her gift boxes are covered on the outside and inside with a variety of fabric designs. They’re great for storing treasured mementos, jewelry, accessories, stationery and more.

Her craft business has always been a family affair. For many years her mother, Gloria, worked with her helping her choose the right fabrics and accessories for the boxes and accompanying her to shows. Her father would drive her mother to many fabric stores in upstate New York looking for suitable fabrics. Her sister, Ann Marie, maintains her website and writes the product descriptions.

Elaine works out of her home in Philadelphia surrounded by the trimmings of a fabric craft business. She loves hearing how shoppers at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals use her boxes for gifts and for themselves.

Frances Martin Dixon

Fine Arts

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Artist Website

Frances Martin Dixon grew up in West Virginia with ample exposure to wildlife and nature. She fell in love with drawing at a young age and chose animals and wildlife as her favorite subjects.

Using varying kinds and sizes of treated hardwood and acrylic paints, she creates enchanting portraits of domestic animals and wildlife.

Frances paints from her own firsthand observations supplemented with photos and research to create realistic animal portraits. With special attention to the eyes, she imbues each creature with a spark of it’s inner nature. As a reminder of the miracle of life, Fran concludes each painting by adding a small bird.

Her work has appeared in Virginia Wildlife Video Magazine and Virginia Outdoors.

Stop by during Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals and admire her lifelike animal portraits.


Laura Doan / Laura’s Raw Honey

Specialty Food

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Artist Website






















Steve Dodson / Dodson Kitchen Restyling

Functional Wood

Hometown: Newry, PA

Artist Website























Audrey & Jamel Doiley / Auntie’s Place

Food Concession

Hometown: Germantown, MD

Artist Website























Walter Dolata & Gary Cartwright / W.D. Studio

Wood Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Hermitage, PA
























Catherine Dolch / The Contrary Captain

Fine Arts

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

In addition to creating and selling are for shows, Catherine Dolch runs Captain Marketing Solutions offering a range of marketing and design solutions for commercial clients in the DC region.

She received a BFA from Salisbury University which set her on the path of pursuing her artistic inclinations ever since. She creates fine art illustrations using ink, watercolor and acrylic.

Catherine’s work appears in galleries and museums in Annapolis and throughout Anne Arundel County and in print magazines from Baltimore to the United Kingdom.

Daniel Donaldson

Broom Maker

Hometown: Hartwell, GA

Artist Website






















Nathan Donaldson / PotomacMoon


Hometown: Williamsport, MD

Artist Website























Charles & Caryn Donofrio / D’onofrio Leather Designs


Hometown: Danbury, CT

Artist Website























Brian Donovan / BrianMetalCraft


Hometown: Easton, PA

Artist Website






















Andrew Doren / AtDCopperCreations

Metal / Furniture & Home Accessories

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Artist Website























Tenisha Dotstry

Soft Sculpture

Hometown: Washington, DC

Artist Website



Linda Doucette / Shades of Nature

textiles & fashion design / weaving & knitting

Hometown: Millville, PA

Artist Website

Mother Nature provides some of the best inspiration for our Sugarloaf artists, and Linda Doucette is the perfect example. Her Shades of Nature collection includes naturally dyed fiber art, woven paper paintings and small sculptures that are made uses natural elements. Whether it’s using flowers to create colorful dyes, turning mushrooms into sheets of paper or weaving natural fibers into soft and cozy cloths, Doucette has a knack for using the earth’s bounty in her creative pursuits. Her pieces combine beautiful designs with natural mediums that convey a rawness and purity not found in many other works of art.

Based in Millville, Pennsylvania, Doucette, works out of her own farmhouse, which contains workshops for felting and dying along with a small farm where she raises her own alpacas and angora rabbits for their luxurious fibers and a garden where she tends to flowers and plants used to create natural dyes. If you love eco-friendly artwork, be sure to check out Shades of Nature at your next visit to a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.





















Jackie Dougherty / City 2 Shore Gourmet

specialty foods

Hometown: Ocean City, NJ

Artist Website

City 2 Shore Gourmet is one of our tasty food vendors at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, and we’re proud to carry high quality products from this Ocean City, New Jersey-based company. City 2 Shore Gourmet specializes in vinegars, olive oils, salts and other gourmet goods, and people across the country have enjoyed these culinary products since 2010.

City 2 Shore Gourmet’s olive oils are sourced straight from Italy, and they come in a variety of different styles for a number of uses.  From dipping oils for breads to butter oils for cooking, you’ll find all kinds of olive oils from this trusted retailer. City 2 Shore Gourmet also carries balsamic vinegars and vinegar blends in 8.5 ounce bottles and many different flavors. Top off your culinary creations with City 2 Shore Gourmet sea salts, which feature unique seasonings like Hickory Smoke, Chipotle Cinnamon and Dulse Seaweed.


Lorene Drabo / Pour La Pluie

textiles / mixed media

Hometown: Fallston, MD

Artist Website

Lorene Drabo has been sewing almost since birth, and her Pour La Pluie line of rainwear for women and children offers great protection while also making a fashion statement. Named after the French phrase meaning “For the Rain”, Lorene’s trench-coat style rain jackets are made using cotton fabrics that have been overlaid with a semi-gloss laminate treatment, making them both water-repellant and breathable. A wide variety of printed and coordinated fabrics offer any sort of style, from sophisticated to flamboyant to whimsical – all with a classic tailored look.

After being introduced to her craft for her grandmother, who had worked as a tailoress in Italy, Lorene later received textile and clothing degrees from Framingham State University and the University of Massachusetts. But more important is her lifelong unbridled enthusiasm for her work. The Pour la Pluie line also includes rain hats, women’s swing coats and tote bags, which are made using the same materials and with the same passion. Cast aside boring black or brown rainwear and try out Lorene’s work at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival this season.





















Erin Draper / Hermann-Draper, LLC

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Artist Website

Erin Draper’s handmade womens apparel is designed for women who want to look smartly dressed without the discomfort common to many professional wardrobes.

She combines her training in art and fashion with her interest in aerial fabric acrobatics to design clothing suitable for professional environments or every day activities while always providing maximum comfort to the wearer.

With strategic seam placement, color blocking and draped fabric, her pieces look flattering but still  allow unrestricted movement. To ensure a comfortable fit, Erin uses supremely soft jersey, silk and tencel fabrics that are a pleasure to touch and stretch easily as you move.

Hermann - Draper apparel is handmade in Baltimore, MD.


Diane Dua / DuaFlower


Hometown: Springfield, NJ

Artist Website























Daniel Duffy / Philly Word Art

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Lansdale, PA

Artist Website

Love typography? Then you’ll adore Daniel Duffy’s Philly Word Art. Duffy offers a unique take on Philadelphia’s local culture and national sports icons that incorporates the use of meaningful and attractive text into the design. The words used to create each bring added depth to the work’s significance. Meanwhile, the text also serves to act as part of the design itself by adding texture and color in unique and creative ways. By using the elements of typography, Duffy has developed a creative way to memorialize everything from athletes to musicians to locations.

Sports fans are especially drawn to Daniel Duffy’s Philly Word Art. However, there are other beautiful works that will appeal to other interests, including travelers, animal lovers, history buffs, music appreciators and more. See Duffy’s detailed and engrossing works up close and meet the artist himself at a Sugarloaf Craft Festival near you.






















Andrea Durnell / Village Folk Handmade Designs

misc / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Baden, PA

Andrea Durnell hand carves, paints and clothes wooden dolls using primarily vintage and found materials. She also makes felted wool hats for women.

She began carving wooden dolls and making dresses for them as a child and never stopped. As an adult she traveled to North and West Africa, Guatemala and Europe, accumulating bits and pieces of material to use in her work and picking up crafting techniques from the handcraft artisans everywhere she went.

She’s especially inspired by vintage items and loves finding ways to reuse them in her work. Her dolls heads are carved from found wood and attached to muslin stuffed bodies. The dolls’ clothing is made from antique fabrics she might have found at a Paris flea market or in a Montana antique shop. Friends from around the world send her items they can no longer use knowing she will find a way to breathe new life into them.

She also makes felted wool hats for women using an antique wooden hat mold she found during her treasure hunting expeditions.


Stacey DuVall / Soy Love Candles

misc / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Hanover, PA

Artist Website

Joseph Dyson / Reflections of Nature, LLC


Hometown: Rustberg, VA

Artist Website

Joseph Dyson started playing around with a camera in 2011 and didn’t want to put it down. Soon he went from being a journeyman machinist who hunted waterfowl in his spare time to an avid photographer who hunts wildlife and landscape shots. Every year he travels to Africa, Alaska, South America and many U.S. National Parks in search of awe inspiring images.

He learned the ropes of wildlife photography by accompanying experienced photographers on tours and expeditions. Photographing animals in the wild requires enormous patience as well as photography skills. He sometimes sits and waits 8 or more hours for a family of lion cubs to wake up and start playing. He has to watch and wait and then be ready to shoot when the animals are active.

The practice of photographing wildlife and the outdoors has deepened his appreciation for the natural world. He hopes his work inspires others to feel a greater urgency to protect wildlife and natural resources.