Marci Eberhardt-Yocum / Gallery Marci

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Lebanon, PA

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Stacy Eckels / Windermere Farms LLC

Specialty Foods

Hometown: West River, MD

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Isabelle Ecker / Isabelle Ecker Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Ambler, PA

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Isabelle Ecker made her first sterling silver ring at the age of 13. Pretty soon, she knew that was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

She continued making jewelry throughout high school and while working towards her Fine Arts degree at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

During her teens, she had the opportunity to be mentored by a local jeweler. She started selling some of her jewelry at the age of 15 and she introduced her first collection in 2014.

Though much of her formal training focused on CAD/CAM designs, Isabelle prefers creating handmade jewelry from start to finish.


Joan Ecker / Fat Hat Clothing Company

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Quechee, VT

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Joan Ecker designs comfortable clothing for women of all ages and sizes. She started her business in response to her own difficulty finding a style of clothing she liked and felt comfortable in. She realized many women find it hard to feel comfortable in mass produced clothing. She made it her mission to make clothes that make you feel great just as you are.

She now has a complete line of women’s apparel that combines fashionable design with a relaxed attitude and comfortable fit.

She started her company on a shoestring budget as a desperate single mom with two small children in 1979. Her very first clothing item was a ‘shape-able, drape-able hat’ which her mother promptly dubbed ‘the Fat Hat’. To this day many people know Joan Ecker as the Fat Hat lady.

After her mother passed away from lung cancer, Fat Hat Clothing Co. began giving away hats to chemo patients all over the country.

Chester Eddington III


Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

























Evy Edelman / Designs by Evy

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Great Neck, NY

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Evy Edelman found her college jewelry making classes too primitive. It wasn’t until she found a teacher at the Cecilia Bowers Studio in Manhattan who taught the granulation method that she found her groove as an artist. She decided right away that she wanted to do modern granulation. Today she makes one of a kind 22K gold and silver rings, necklaces and pendants. She buys her pearls and stones from Hong Kong and Bangkok where she visits regularly through her work as a corporate travel agent.

Evy is happiest working outside her comfort zone and changes her style frequently as she gets bored.

She is driven by the desire to make jewelry designs she absolutely loves and hopes each piece finds its true owner who loves it as much as she does.

Check out her dazzling designs at any Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and see if there is something made just for you!

Robert Egee / Woodhall Turnings


Hometown: Dublin, PA

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Robert Egee began woodworking as a teenager in junior high school and continued it as a hobby. When he became a homeowner, he was finally able to set up his own basement woodworking shop. He made furniture for many years before switching to vases and bowls for craft festivals. Most of his bowls are food safe and have a hard shell finish so they do not need to be re-oiled every few years.

He turns bowls from freshly cut walnut, maple, cherry, chestnut, ash, bigleaf maple and others. Customers like the color lines in bowls made from salted maple and from burls the most. When he’s lucky he gets wood from a local tree surgeon or from neighbors with downed trees. Occasionally customers at shows like Sugarloaf Crafts Festival have offered him extra wood!


Hannah Ehlman / Hannah Jean Metalworks

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Frostburg, MD

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Hannah Ehlman started showing her metal work at craft festivals while still a senior at Frostburg State University. After graduation in 2013, she took her business full time.

Working with bronze, copper and sterling, she uses blacksmithing techniques to forge and shape one of a kind jewelry pieces and sculpture. She loves the process of transforming thoughts and feelings into lines and shapes with metal.

Hannah appeared in Handmade Business Magazine as one of 30 under 30 rising stars in the world of handcrafting businesses. She lives and works in western Maryland where she is a member of the Spruce Forest Artisan Village. She is also a master artisan in the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.


Ashley Elliott

Fine Art

Hometown: Bluebell, PA

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Gary Elliott / Wind Spirit, Inc.

Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Temple, GA




Giang & Chad Emerich / Jhoi Broom


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

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Giang and Chad Emerich were simply looking to find a great broom to clean their own floors. They wanted a broom that met several criteria: beautiful design, efficient at cleaning floors and made with earth-friendly materials.

Their search took them to Vietnam where they discovered grass brooms made using traditional weaving techniques still practiced by only a handful of crafters.

With the creation of Jhoi Brooms, Giang and Chad are helping to preserve a dying art form. These extremely durable brooms provide an efficient and ergonomic sweep that will satisfy the fussiest housekeeper.

The name Jhoi comes from the Vietnamese word for broom, ‘choi’, which is pronounced ‘joy’.

Jhoi brooms are available in three sizes plus a small hand broom for your dustpan.


Russell Erickson / Erickson Studios

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Naperville, IL

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Lioubov Ermalova

Textiles / Accessories

Hometown: East Greenbush, NY

While growing up in Russia, Lioubov Ermalova learned hand knitting from her grandmother. However, even at a very young age, she longed to have her own knitting loom.

Today she makes women’s rayon and lace scarves on her a two hundred needle loom. She buys cotton, merino and silk yarn from Italian and U.S. suppliers. Her scarves are woven in a thin, airy weave that she loves.

She came to the United States in 2004 without knowing any English. When she started doing craft shows in 2009, she would have her teenage daughter with her to act as translator. The need to communicate with customers forced her to rapidly improve her English speaking skills.


Jeff Nelson & Eric Erstling / Hudson River Inlay

wood / functional wood

Hometown: New Windsor, NY

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Paul Estler / Paul’s Specialties

wood / functional wood

Hometown: Huntington, WV

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Regina Ewer / Regina Marie Designs

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Schwenskville, PA

Artist Website

Regina Ewer didn’t always see herself as an artist and actually planned to go to school for business. But a chance connection with another jewelry maker led to a five year apprenticeship. When she left that position as shop manager, she created her own line of jewelry and began her business Regina Marie Designs in 1995. Regina is ever evolving and expanding her techniques continuing in all facets of jewelry creation. There is always something new to see when she comes to a show.

She derives inspiration for new designs while out hiking in wooded areas near her home. Her love of trees is prevalent in the graceful line design that is a signature of her designs. She incorporates hand selected natural stones as well as found glass pieces that she discovers on her walks along the local Perkiomen creek. 

Regina loves hearing customers talk about their design ideas. She thinks her best work evolves from these conversations. At Sugarloaf Craft Festivals she will have a stash of unused precious and semi-precious stones for customers to pore over and incorporate into custom work. No idea is too unusual. She loves to explore uncharted territory.


Uzoma Ezekwudo / Nnamdi Batik Art

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Nnamdi Batik Art features 100% cotton dresses, pants, skirts and jackets for men and women. Their clothes are designed with a free, loose resulting in comfortable, non-constricting outfits. Customers often mention that they like Nnamdi designs because they can eat as much as they want and still look good!

The business is run by Uzoma Ezekwudo and her cousin, Nnamdi, who designs the patterns. When Nnamdi was a student at the University of North Carolina in the 1970's, other students admired his African fabric designs and begged him to make clothes for them too. He began selling clothing on campus and soon one of his professors urged him to turn it into a full time business. Initially, he didn't believe a clothing business would be successful. He spent several years testing the market through small shows and finally turned it into a full-fledged business in 1989.

Today all of their clothes bear the label, "Spirit of Courage” - a tribute to the attitude shift which helped   Nnamdi learn to believe in his own business potential.