Robert Egee / Woodhall Turnings


Hometown: Dublin, PA

Artist Website

Robert Egee began woodworking as a teenager in junior high school and continued it as a hobby. When he became a homeowner, he was finally able to set up his own basement woodworking shop. He made furniture for many years before switching to vases and bowls for craft festivals. Most of his bowls are food safe and have a hard shell finish so they do not need to be re-oiled every few years.

He turns bowls from freshly cut walnut, maple, cherry, chestnut, ash, bigleaf maple and others. Customers like the color lines in bowls made from salted maple and from burls the most. When he’s lucky he gets wood from a local tree surgeon or from neighbors with downed trees. Occasionally customers at shows like Sugarloaf Crafts Festival have offered him extra wood!