Edward Feldman / Feldman Ceramic Designs


Hometown: Cortland, NY

Edward Feldman creates ceramic pots, platters and drinking vessels for everyday use. He is inspired by the communal spirit created when people come together over shared meals.

While growing up in a working class family Edward grew accustomed to fixing and making things to suit his needs. He’s continued to be extremely self-sufficient, not only mixing his own clay and glaze, but also building his own kilns. He learned to build kilns from his mentor, John Jessiman. A tile company in China invited Edward to build a soda firing kiln for their artists’ residency.

He fires his work using the soda firing technique practiced in 14th - 16th Century Germany because it allows him greater design possibilities. His work is in the permanent collection at the Foshan Contemporary Ceramic Art Research Center in Foshan, China.