Howard Field / Farm Fromage

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Hometown: Lancaster, PA

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There’s nothing quite as delicious as farm-fresh foods, and these Farm Fromage artisan cheeses from Howard Field are no exception. Each one of these delicious cheeses is handmade in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The result is a selection of world-class cheese that are made by those with a passion for organic, artisan cheese bursting with natural flavors. These products range from traditional options like cheddar and pepper jack to more unusual flavors like sheep feta, beer-washed tome and mushroom leek jack cheeses. Made in small batches on the farm using fresh goat, cow and sheep’s milk, each product is guaranteed to be fresh and flavorful.

Just one sample of Farm Fromage will have you hooked, so be sure to check them out at an upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival. Field will be on hand to answer your questions and give you expert tips on the best ways to enjoy each and every one of these flavorful artisan cheeses.























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