Eddie Gonzalez / Apothecary Spices

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Hometown: Alexandria, VA

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At any social gathering, Eddie Gonzalez is happiest in the role of grill master. He loves experimenting with seasonings and sharing the results with friends and family.

With practice, he learned that the key ingredients for a great grilled chicken are seasoning salt, lemon pepper and garlic powder. After many successful cookouts using this recipe, he decided to package it for wider distribution into a blend he named Eye of Newt.

For many years, he just gave his spice mixes as gifts on holidays and birthdays until finally starting his own company.

Apothecary Spices seasonings appeal to people who like strong, bold flavors. Wing of Bat is also good on roasted chicken, roasted carrots and potatoes. Dragon’s Breath is similar to Eye of Newt but hotter due to the addition of chipotle and white pepper. Not sure which one is your favorite? There’s a sampler pack with all three signature spices.

Newer items are red bacon salt and black bacon salt which are great on salads, root veggies, ice cream, fruit, cheese or whatever you can think of!