Yasar Guzel / Uteamup LLC


Hometown: Dayton, OH

Artist Website

The artisans of Copper Reflections use an ancient copper crafting technique to create stunning handmade jewelry and gifts. All of their items are silver plated and diamond cut then coated with a clear acrylic to prevent tarnishing. The artists use a method called ‘diamond cut’ to make their jewelry sparkle as if it had real diamonds in it.

Their designs are inspired by the Native American traditions and the natural world. Animal lovers will be delighted by their horse, hummingbird and cat designs. Aside from jewelry, they also make Christmas ornaments, jewelry boxes, card holders, pill boxes, bookmarks, money clips and cowboy belt buckles.

The copper crafting techniques they use are hundreds of years old. They believe they are the only jewelry makers in the world today using these techniques.

Copper jewelry is sometimes used to ease arthritis pain. It is called the Fountain of Youth for it’s ability to improve skin elasticity and minimize wrinkles.