Elaine Haag Designs


Hometown: Carlisle, PA

Artist Website


Susan Haas Glass

Blown Glass

Hometown: Leesburg, VA

Artist Website

Susan Haas’ glass blown vessels are accented with bubbles, waves and sea foam, vivid reminders of water in motion and a reflection of Susan’s innate love of water. Amidst a predominant blue palate, she works in streaks of the rose, purples and golds of sunset.

The playful titles of her pieces are inspired by her other career as a copywriter.

Her work is held by private collectors in the United States, London and Australia. It is also featured at an art-inspired hotel in Davenport, Iowa and at galleries in Douglas, MI and Nashville, TN.

Sierra Hack

Fine Arts

Hometown: Orlando, FL















Michelle Haden / Berkshire Bags

Textiles / Fabric Bags

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Artist Website














Hackman copy.png

Anan Hackman / The Naked Botanical LLC

Specialty Food

Hometown: Summit, NJ

 Artist Website















Craig & Karen Hagaman / SHENANDOAH ARTISANS


Hometown: Berryville, VA



Amanda Hagerman / Amanda Hagerman Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Crofton, MD

Artist Website

This former high school art teacher makes jewelry out of her home studio in Crofton, MD. Her designs are inspired by nature’s patterns which she observed growing up in rural Pennsylvania. She cherishes the slow paced aspect of handmade work and aspires to leave her unique imprint on every piece.

Amanda begins each piece by mixing and matching geometric shapes on paper. Once she has established the final design, she uses the Old World technique of lost wax casting which allows her to maintain the organic texture she desires.

She uses ethically-sourced metals such argentium silver, 14K gold vermeil and solid 14K gold. All items are nickel-free. She uses vermeil more than solid gold to ensure her jewelry is affordable. If requested, she can also melt down solid gold to create new jewelry pieces.

Her stunning one-of-a-kind designs have been featured in Washingtonian Magazine and several jewelry magazines. Meet her at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals and pick out (or design!) your perfect piece. 


Holly Hagen / Creative Capes


Hometown: Elkridge, MD

Artist Website

Empowering kids through art has been my life-long passion, so it was only a matter of time before my creative ideas and personal drive lead me to developing Creative Capes in 2010. The idea for Creative Capes™ was sparked by a visit from my nephew Max, who was 3 at the time. He wore a plain red cape with a cardboard mask. He lived in them, filled with empowerment and eager to save anyone in sight. I realized that something as simple as a cape has the power to positively effect a child’s self image. With that inspiration, I pulled out my sewing machine, I refined my ideas and developed a line of personalized satin capes and accessories. I featured the child's first initial on their cape, teaching them they are unique. Watching children burst with pride, self-esteem and happiness when they slipped on their own custom cape and accessories made me realize how impactful a cape could be. It brings me great joy to help kids realize their inner strengths, encourage active play, good citizenship and stimulate their imaginations.
In addition to online sales I travel with my husband (trusty sidekick) up and down the East coast to exhibit at approximately 25  juried craft shows annually. It is a wonderful opportunity to interact with families and see the instant transformation when the kids look in the mirror. Their reaction is priceless, warms my heart every time and is the reason I do what I do.


Jack Hahn / The Marble Man

wood / wood toys & puzzles

Hometown: Woodford, VA

Artist Website















Douglas Hain / Old Town Wind Bells


Hometown: Myersville, PA

Artist Website














Trisa & William Haisma / Natural Renaissance

Wood boxes

Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA

Artist Website

Natural Renaissance is a family wood crafting business which utilizes family members’ combined talents in painting, design, illustration, sculpture, theater, construction and business. Their woodworking business arose out of a desire to use their skills towards personally satisfying and creatively fulfilling ends.

They make impeccably patterned wooden boxes, such as eyeglass boxes and valet boxes, as well as  magnetic key racks, refrigerator and wall caddies. All items are made using non-toxic methods and materials out of concern for the artist and customer alike.

Natural Renaissance uses a layering and slicing process similar to “murrini” (used in glass work) and millifiori (used in clay work). Their techniques allow them to make use of wood scraps that might otherwise be wasted.


Tatev Hakobyan / Kool Kombz

misc / accessories 

Hometown: Mays Landing, NJ

Artist Website

Super chic hair accessories!

Kool Kombz meets the decorative and functional requirements many woman are looking for in a hair accessory. This multi-functional accessory holds hair in place (all day) while adding a chic decorative element. Unlike other hair clips and ties that cause breakage and damage to your locks, Kool Kombz is designed to gently hold the hair in place, preventing hair loss. The secret is in the design — an elastic cord helps gather the hair into various styles, while rubber combs interlock to secure hair into place. They are much softer than metal, plastic or wooden combs. Decorated with various elements such as Swarovski crystals and beads, Kool Kombz are elevated from your standard hair clip to hair art. Tatev Hakobyan is the designer behind Kool Kombz and hand makes each piece. She is always busy designing new looks to add to her casual, luxury, teen and beach collections and loves connecting with people at various fine arts and crafts fairs throughout the East Coast.


Alysia Hall / PHO~UNI~TRY 

Mixed Media

Hometown: Germantown, MD

Something amazing was created when God's divine intervention inspired Alysia to unite her original photography with her original poetry creating a beautiful artistic piece!

Artist Website













Duncan Hall / D&M Images 


Hometown: Coventry, CT

Artist Website












Kevin & Suzette Hallman / Hallman Millinery Studio

Textiles / Hats

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Artist Website















David Hallmark / Imagination Counts,  LLC

Wood - Functional

Hometown: Portsmouth, NH

Artist Website

David Hallmark is a woodworker based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire who specializes in live edge wood art pieces. Operating under the name Imagination Counts, Hallmark creates each piece by hand in his own garage.

Hallmark got his start in woodworking by creating wooden game inventions, but when a piece of wood passed by his shop that was too beautiful to cut into pieces, he knew that he wanted to start preserving the natural shape of the wood. Today, he specializes in creating wooden tables, benches and other furniture pieces with the natural curvature of the log maintained on at least one side, which creates a functional table that brings the outdoors inside. Each piece is entirely unique because they are all created from unique pieces of wood, so you can be sure that anything you purchase from Imagination Counts or David Hallmark is truly one of a kind.

Linda Hardy / The Butcher’s Daughter

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: East Aurora, NY














Colleen Harmon Designs

jewelry / Ceramic

Hometown: Valencia, PA

Artist Website















Marilyn Handel / Bar Harbor Goldsmith

jewelry / gold & silver 

Hometown: Bowling Green, VA

Artist Website

Founded by jewelry-maker Marilyn Handel, Bar Harbor Goldsmith is a Bowling Green, Va. based jewelry crafter offering a slew of stunning handmade pieces for the discerning jewelry collector. Handel creates a stunning selection of wire and beaded jewelry that offers a statement-making look whether worn with your special occasion or casual attire. Her creations are varied, but she specializes in neat wire-wrapped jewelry that’s delicate and wispy yet comfortable and strong.

Handel creates her one-of-a-kind jewelry to honor the fine-quality gold and silver while adding a trendy, up-to-date appeal. Shop unique cuff bracelets, necklaces, bracelets and much more by Bar Harbor Goldsmith at Sugarloaf. Handel often displays her fine-quality goods at various Sugarloaf Craft Festivals throughout the season, where you can get a close-up look at some of these stunning jewelry pieces. Make sure to explore our complete showcase of jewelry makers for more exceptional work.

Kanda Harp & Dave Feinstein / Catch of the Day Designs

Wood Mixed Media

Hometown: Sparrows Point

Artist Website

Kanda Harp and Dave Feinstein create home decor items from pieces of driftwood found in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

From their home near the Patapsco River in Sparrows Point, MD, they’re can see the Key Bridge and Chesapeake Bay Bridge. In 2016, they began exploring the Chesapeake Bay in their pontoon boat looking for interesting pieces of driftwood, metal and other treasures. Each piece of driftwood or other material is carefully cleaned, coated and designed to enhance your garden, porch or patio.

Come say hello during a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and see their driftwood herons and other designs.

Custom requests are always welcome.


Walter Harper / Sittin' Easy, Inc.

wood / functional wood 

Hometown: Eagle Springs, NC

Artist Website

One look at the selection of furniture from Sittin’ Easy, Inc. by Walter Harper will have you hooked. These beautifully hand-crafted wooden pieces feature minimalist looks that complement both rustic and modern spaces perfectly. White oak hardwood is used to construct each piece of wooden furniture. This wood offers a level of water resistance and durability that makes it ideal for use both indoors and out. And because Harper carefully designs each piece for optimum comfort, the curvature of each chair and bench eliminates the need for cushions.

Harper believes in creating a product built for comfort, durability, beauty and the preservation of the earth's environment. Sittin’ Easy, Inc. offers a selection of wood furniture that is attractive, functional and environmentally sustainable all at once. Check out Harper’s latest designs at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival to see just what makes these pieces so special.














Bobby Harr Studio


Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Artist Website
















Merrilee Harrigan / Joy of Glass

Glass Jewelry

Hometown: Washington, DC

Artist Website

Merrilee Harrigan enrolled in her first fused glass workshop in 2003 and was immediately enthralled with the medium. Creating glass art serves as a perfect counterweight to her other career as an environmental educator.

In her solar powered home studio, she creates handcrafted glass jewelry, wall decor items, decorative  plates and bowls.

Merrilee enjoys exploring the many intricacies of glass work with its ever unfolding color and chemical changes. She loves discovering new patterns of movement and color in the heated glass. She also appreciates the way that working with heated glass breeds discipline and patience.

She holds glass plate and jewelry-making workshops for adults and children in the DC area.

Christina & Carolyn Harrington / Artistic Creations by Harrington 

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: East Islip, NY

Artist Website














Janey Harrington / Silk Creations by Janey, LLC

Textiles / Accessories

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Artist Website

Janey Harrington’s silk scarf business is sustained by two of her deepest passions: textiles and painting. Though she was creative as a child, she put her artistic activities aside for a while and went to school for business.

After Janey and her husband divorced, she was time to pick up her artistic pursuits again. She found a class in silk painting and began learning about color therapy and different kinds of silk. Her long dormant creative spirit was thriving once again.

Janey paints one-of-a-kind, ethereal designs on scarves, shawls, head wraps and other items. In her work, she concentrates on flowers, dragonflies, ocean scenes, fire and other elements of the natural world.

Carrie Harris / Homemade Goodies by Sylvette

Specialty Food

Hometown: Hampton, VA

Artist Website


Linda Harris / PenCraft

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Poquoson, VA

In the beginning, Linda Harris taught herself calligraphy as a way to earn a living while staying home with her three children. Today she has a blooming business attending craft shows along the East Coast proudly sharing artfully hand lettered poems dispensing wisdom and encouragement.

For Linda Harris, crafting inspirational and humorous messages in Calligraphy lettering is personally fulfilling as well as a business. She feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do something she enjoys for over 30 years.

Her gracefully written messages make economical gifts for your favorite student, veteran, mom or any person in your life whose achievements you want to recognize. Linda’s work covers a vast range of subjects, but if you don’t find what you want at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, be sure to let her know. She may have it in her archives or she’ll custom make it for you!


Morgan Harris


Hometown: High Point, NC

Artist Website
















Steven Harris / Steve’s Wood Crafters

Wood Mixed Media

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Artist Website















Don Hart / Hart Woodcrafts

Wood Turnings

Hometown: Ledyard, CT

Artist Website















Madison Hartzell / Maddy Made Pottery


Hometown: Schwenksville, PA

Artist Website














Ryan Blaney Hauck

Fine Art

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
















Audrey Hauserman / Hauserman Quilts

Textiles / Quilts & Comforters

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
















Jean Havet / JM Havet Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Cultures collide in J.M. Havet Jewelry’s handmade metal jewelry for an unbeatable rush of beauty and style. The duo of French-born Jean-Marie Havet and Texas-born Juanita Havet infuse their creations with the spirit of both cultures while working from their San Francisco home. Using modern metalworking and fabrication techniques, the Havets handcraft custom jewelry from fine materials such as 14-karat gold, sterling silver and brass, with a form and design sure to attract any enthusiast.

Specializing in bracelets for both men and women, J.M. Havet Jewelry is always working on new techniques and designs while refining their existing craft. With a mission to create honest jewelry that lasts a lifetime, their skill and creations have drawn admiration from far beyond their San Francisco home base. Traveling all the way to Sugarloaf Craft Festivals on the Eastern seaboard, the Havets offer a unique cultural presence at any show. Try on their fine metal jewelry and feel the magic for yourself!














Brett Hay Art

Fused Glass

Hometown: Huntingtown, MD

Artist Website















Elizabeth Hay / Elizabeth Hay Designs

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Bellefonte, PA

Artist Website















Serez Haydar / Haydar Serezli

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Atlanta, GA















Lee Hazelgrove Ceramic Designs


Hometown: Richmond, VA

Artist Website














Billy Healy / Healy Glass Artistry

Carved glass

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

Artist Website

Over twenty years ago, a young Billy Healy, Jr. left his home in Waterford, Ireland destined for America. He was set to join his father in forging a new path in the American crystal market in Flemington, NJ. Healy soon forged that path and after 17 years of glass carving, engraving, restoration, and design, he was awarded his Master of the Crystal Craft status.

In 2009, Billy and his wife Nichole founded Healy Glass Artistry, and today Healy Glass is blazing a trail as one of the foremost designers in the Celtic Arts Market. The mission of Healy Glass Artistry is to foster the traditional craft of glass and crystal artistry in the United States, and to bring an appreciation of the craft to a new generation. Together, they design and create stemware and barware, family crests, home décor, artwork, ornaments and plenty more, while always honoring the centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship.

Healy’s deep interest in the rich history and beauty of the Celtic Isles led him to follow his passions in creating the Healy Signature Collection, his new line of contemporary glass work featuring images and symbolism from Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Maureen Hearn / Maureen Hearn Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Copper Hill, VA

Artist Website















Michael Heayn


Hometown: Ambler, PA

Artist Website















Bonnie Hedden / Bonnie Hedden Designs

jewelry / other

Hometown: Wellsboro, PA

Artist Website

Bonnie Hedden is a central Pennsylvania jewelry maker who makes one of a kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. She pairs colorful stones like purple turquoise, blue peruvian opal and raspberry cabalt calcite druzy with patterned sterling silver to create exquisite jewelry.

She loves learning new skills and mastering new tools. Sometimes her best work emerges from the ashes of an earlier failed project.

She believes that good design grows out of everyday life experiences. In her words, “My jewelry is an extension of my spirit, and I proudly embrace the view that my art is my energy. It will always be a work in progress, as am I.”


Michael Heffernan

Fine Art

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Artist Website


Charlene Heilman / Heilman Designs

Fused Glass

Hometown: Lily, KY



Jeffery Heilman

misc / brooms

Hometown: Lebanon, PA

Jeffrey Heilman only intended to help a friend with some remodeling work on his Pennsylvania mountain cottage. His friend, a veteran broom maker for several decades, had a work area with rows of corn brooms standing upside down, with the reeds of sorghum splayed out like fans.

Jeffrey was struck by the beauty of the scene and remarked to his friend, “You’re living inside the artwork.” The friend invited him to try making a broom of his own. And the rest is history!

At craft shows, he sometimes hears people say they are surprised anyone still uses corn brooms for cleaning. And they apparently don’t realize they’re actually better at cleaning. Jeffrey likes to say his house brooms are so good, “they put dust bunnies on the endangered species list.”


Victoria Heisler / Victoria Heisler Designs

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA

Artist Website

Victoria Heisler is a multi-media artist who makes functional ceramics, fused glass wall art, oil and acrylic painting and glass mosaics. Her style is influenced by her travels in southwestern United States and Greece. She loves adobe architecture and the vivid blues and whites of Mediterranean seaside villages.

She paints her ceramic items on white earthenware. It is oven and dishwasher safe and lead free. Her glass work is also handmade and kiln fired.


Edward Heller / Chocolate Moonshine

specialty foods

Hometown: Potomac, MD

Artist Website

You don’t need any special reason to treat yourself to the decadent sweets from Edward Heller’s Chocolate Moonshine. This company offers a variety of chocolate goods made with delicious, high-quality ingredients and fun flavor combinations. Each of their chocolate bars is made with French and Belgian Chocolate, organic pure can sugar and fresh cream. Some are also infused with a kick of liquor in the form of bourbon, whiskey, champagne or rum. From there, these sweets are painted by hand with French cocoa butter to add an artistic touch.

In addition to Heller’s popular chocolate bars, Chocolate Moonshine also creates a variety of chocolate truffles and chocolate fudge. The smooth and creamy texture of each dessert is made even more delicious thanks to the pure, organic ingredients and beautiful appearance of each piece. Meet Heller and see a full line-up of delicious Chocolate Moonshine treats at upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.














Jacques Hemsi / Jewelry of Chardavogne

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Warwick, NY

Artist Website

Jacques Hemsi makes hand wrought gold and silver jewelry accented with precious and semi-precious stones. His designs incorporate filigree, applique, interlocking planes, twisted wire and other techniques.

In school he majored in philosophy and worked as a scientific lab technician. At the suggestion of a friend,

he started making jewelry in 1970. With the simplest tools and limited resources, he taught himself to make marketable pieces. With practice, he feels he has become a ‘real jeweler’.

Jacques finds inspiration for his work everywhere. One day it might be Chinese paper designs or Art Nouveau. Other times a bouquet of flowers or a jewelry display he sees during an afternoon walk will spur new ideas for his own designs.

He reserves January and February for coming up with new designs.



Stuart Henderlich / The Custom Cutting Block


Hometown: Madison, OH

Artist Website



Kelvin Henderson / Fruits of the Spirit Fine Art

Fine Art

Hometown: Suitland, MD

Artist Website

Kelvin Henderson painted as a side hobby for over two decades while also holding a government job in the Justice Department. Since 1995, he has supported himself as a full time artist through art shows, gallery showings and museums.

His fine art acrylic paintings fall into two distinct themes and styles: brightly colored montages of jazz musicians and impressionist style paintings of wildflowers.

Former NFL player Julian Peterson and talk show host Tavis Smiley are two of Kelvin’s most prominent fans. He has won numerous awards for his artwork and been commissioned by many nonprofit and arts organizations.


Brian Hendrix / BLH Collection


Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

Artist Website


Kerri Henry


Hometown: Springfield, VA

Artist Website















Michael Heon / R. Michael Heon LLC

Functional Wood

Hometown: Washington, NJ

Artist Website

















Carol Heppe / Sugar Creek Quilt Company

Quilts & Comforters

Hometown: Blue Bell, PA

Artist Website
















Amanda Hering / Amanda Hering, Inc

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Weston, FL

Artist Website














Humberto Hernandez / Humberto's Designs

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Flat Rock, MI

Artist Website

Humberto Hernandez comes from a family of jewelry makers which allowed him to learn the basics at an early age. He went on to study at the Miami Jewelry School and continues learning through formal education and experimentation. He enjoys transforming the raw materials of silver, wire and stone into treasured accessories.

His jewelry items are mostly silver accented with gold, copper and brass and set with the most unusual stones he can find. He hopes each piece will be enjoyed for many years to come.


Keith Hershberger


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Artist Website

Keith Hershberger is a potter based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specializing in wood-fired ceramics made by hand, with care. He has been a working potter for more than 20 years, and his work is shown in galleries throughout the region.

Keith Hershberger says that the goal of his work is to bring people happiness and beauty in a fast-paced world. He chooses to work with wood-firing because it gives the ceramics a unique texture and appearance, building up ash on the exterior of each piece and leaving marks on the sides of the clay where the flames pass by. The result is a collection of mugs, bowls, bottles and vases featuring earthy, neutral colors and a different type of dinosaur on each piece.


Heidi Hess

Designer Clothing

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Artist Website


Tara Hicks / TaraVista Designs, LLC

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Fishers, IN

Artist Website

Tara Hicks’ jewelry designs are inspired by the love of nature she learned in childhood. Growing up in Indiana, she spent a lot of time outdoors hiking and camping with friends.

She makes handcrafted jewelry using sterling silver, fine silver, copper, bronze, leather and semi-precious stones. Tara meticulously handcrafts each one-of-a-kind design using a variety of carving and shaping methods, sometimes adding a patina finish to bring out unique design details.

In her designs, she strives for a harmony of masculine and feminine energies similar to the harmony that exists between man and nature. Her collections are centered around dogs, rabbits, trees and other living things.


Houston Hill / Fallingwood Studio

wood / wood turning

Hometown: Sussex, NJ

When looking at a piece from Houston Hill, it is easy to see how his artwork could find a place in any home in the country. Hill uses classic woodturning methods combined with a modern flare to create stylish and elegant candle holders. He uses several layers of plywood stacked on top of one another to create a perfect accent piece of any table or mantle.

The candle holders include bold cutaways that give the piece that extra little bit of polish. These pieces can find a home in many places, whether it be as a decorate piece of a living room or a bedroom or for a functional candleholder in the bath.

Hill is one of the many artisans showing their work at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. Come to an upcoming festival and hear about his woodworking process, where he finds inspiration and what pieces he plans to work on next.














Karen Hill / Cinnamon Hill Designs

Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Manassas, VA

Artist Website















R. Nemo Hill / Exot Blue Dyers

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Massapequa, NY

Artist Website















Betsy Himmelman / Promethea Potters 


Hometown: Killingworth, CT

Artist Website















Meghan Hine / Hinesite Creations  


Hometown: Thomasville, PA

Artist Website















Leni Hoch Designs


Hometown: Glenmoore, PA
















Douglas Hockman / Doug Hockman Photography


Hometown: South Windsor, CT

Artist Website















Jacob Hodsdon & Lisa Holt-Hodsdon


Hometown: Ithaca, NY

Artist Website 














Lauren Hoffman / Artpoptart

Fine Arts

Hometown: Hagerstown, MD

Artist Website

Lauren Hoffman creates mixed media collage paintings fashioned to add a touch of whimsy to any decor. Working with an assemblage of magazine clippings, spray paint and acrylic paint, she spends up to 20 hours creating each original bohemian design.

Her artwork is often inspired by favorite movies and other aspects of pop culture. In addition to wall art, she also designs clocks, pillows, tote bags and coffee mugs.

She is supported by three cat interns who do their best to destroy and semblance of order in her Hagerstown, MD studio.

Lauren welcomes custom orders. Stop by during a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and tell her what you’d love to have!


James Hoggard


Hometown: Fredonia, NY

Artist Website

Kate Holby / Ajiri Tea

pSpecialty Foods

Hometown: Upper Black Eddy, PA

Artist Website

Fine Teas from Kenya

In 2008, sisters Kate and Sara Holby were working with an NGO in western Kenya providing food and medicine to people suffering from HIV/AIDS. After the global recession in 2008, funds from international sponsors dried up. This moved Sara and Kate to look for sustainable sources of income to support the local population, including many orphaned children. They teamed up with their mother, Ann Funkhouser, and started a tea company, ‘Ajiri’. The word Ajiri means ‘to employ’ in Swahili.

As part of their goal to employ as many women in the community as possible, they pay women to make their hand cut box labels and the twines found inside. Their black teas are hand-picked on small-scale farms in western Kenya, an ideal region for growing tea. They also offer South African Rooibos and Egyptian Chamomile tea.

In 2013, they added Kenyan AA coffee to the product line while continuing to support employment and education. Their Kenyan AA coffee is also grown on small farms in the area stretching from Mt. Kenya south toward Nairobi.

The first orphans to have their education funded by Ajiri have since gone to college and now mentor their younger peers.

Barry Hollritt / Photographs by Barry


Hometown: Morristown, NJ

Artist Website

Barry Hollritt did photography as a hobby for many years before making it a career.

He finds his best images serendipitously, while wandering on a sandy beach or country road. Whether in his native New Jersey or traveling overseas, Barry simply allows himself to roam freely in search of interesting images.

Many of his photos are paired with an inspirational verse or Barry’s personal thoughts about the shot.

Felicia Holmes / Palmer House Art

Fine Arts

Hometown: York, PA


Rex Holsapple 


Hometown: Mount Vernon, ME

Artist Website















Cathy Holt / Claymonster Pottery

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Artist Website

If you’re looking for a way to put the “fun” in “functional stoneware”, then you need to check out Claymonster Pottery. Cathy Audette Holt and Richard Holt have been making pottery with personality since 1998, molding and painting whimsical designs into clay mugs, teapots, plates, bowls and more. As the name suggests their monster vessels are their best known, with three-dimensional creatures furrowing their brow or staring expectantly from the side of your mug or cookie jar – or maybe even peeking out from the lip.

These creature features are always endearing and will brighten up any countertop or dining room table. But don’t let the bulging eyes fool you – Cathy and Richard are expert craftsmen, and teach ceramics at the Columbia Arts Center and Towson University, respectively, when not working on their latest creations. Their more traditional designs are a sight to behold as well, with unique textures and patterns that add character to your home. Check out some of their incredible work online, and then see it in person at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival!














Maria Holt / Maria Holt Designs

misc / mixed media

Hometown: Sheffield, MA

Australian-born Maria Holt creates mixed-media art that’s perfect for the lover of rustic goods. Although she hails from across the globe, this decoupage artist crafts with a distinctly American and European spirit. She hand-selects some of the most beautiful and interesting papers to create stunning yet practical home accents, including decoupage tissue holders, boxes, wastebaskets and more. Her paper-covered goods would make any space a bit homier!

All of Holt’s pieces are crafted from her 1835 Sheffield, Mass. farmhouse, where she surrounds herself with plenty of pets and books. Her art is very much inspired by the Northeast and the surrounding beauty of the Berkshires, and it fits in well in country and rustic spaces. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals is happy to host Maria Holt Designs at some of our upcoming juried art and craft shows. Make sure to check the schedule and artist lineup to see her work first-hand.

David Horner / Drury Design Company

wood / functional wood

Hometown: Latrobe, PA

Artist Website















Chris Horst / George's Furniture

wood / functional wood

Hometown: Marietta, PA

Artist Website

George’s Furniture, a second-generation family-owned business, is known for its handcrafted pieces. Based in Lancaster County, Pa., the business was founded by George Martin in 1970. His daughter Juanita and son-in-law Chris Horst now carry on the tradition of quality, artisan made furniture. The pieces are built to last – George’s doesn’t use particle board, pressed board, veneers or soft wood – which makes them a worthwhile, not to mention beautiful, investment for your home. Each piece is hand-signed by the craftsman who built it from start to finish. Designs are available in walnut, oak, cherry and hard maple, using an array of different-colored stains. Styles include mission, shaker, country and traditional, so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. If you’re ever in the Lancaster area, you can tour their workshop and watch the furniture being made. Either way, make sure you check out their booth at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals so you can see their beautiful work for yourself.

Deborah Houser / Personal Etchings, LLC


Hometown: Dallastown, PA

Artist Website

Deborah and Bill Houser make unique mementos and gifts engraved with customized images on crystal clear acrylic. Assisted by their daughter, artist Stephanie Lapp, the Hoursers create treasured keepsakes in a rarely used material. Deborah is the sole remaining full time artist to practice hand carving on clear acrylic.

She is the only acrylic hand carving artist in the United States who can carve every dog breed. She engraves pet replicas from customers’ photos or based on standard breed imagery.

Deborah created the American Kennel Club’s National Agility trophies for two years in a row.

Stop by during Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and admire these incredible Personal Etchings!


Vonda Howard / Cute Little Crumbsnatchers Handmades

Textiles & Soft Sculpture

Hometown: Ft. Washington, MD

Artist Website

As a young girl, Vonda Howard loved to play with dolls. But as an African American child, she had limited access to dolls that looked like her. The few black dolls on the market were either too expensive or poorly made.

Vonda feels that all children should have toys and dolls that support their self-esteem. To support this need, she makes handmade fabric dolls to delight children of all races and genders. All of her dolls are durable and machine washable.

She also makes plush stuffed animals and clothing and accessories for children.


Scott Hronich - Pernicka / Internal Fire Glass

Blown Glass

Hometown: Malta, NY

Artist Website

After growing up on a cattle ranch in New Mexico, Scott Pernicka began painting and creating 3D sculptures in college. He enjoys exploring the intersection of painting, sculpture and science and finds handcrafted artisan glass is the perfect medium for his artistic vision.

Scott is known for his captivating vortex marbles which combine beautiful color patterns with an optical illusion of infinite space.

To create his magical spheres, he melts top quality borosilicate glass at 3000°, adds crystallized metals and metal oxides and shapes the glass into perfectly formed spheres you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Scott’s award-winning art appears in galleries and private collections throughout the United States.

Check out his mesmerizing creations at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival!


Ava Hu / avalove


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn poet and designer, Ava Hu, creates hippie chick clothing for creative women. She studied poetry and sculpture at Bennington College and Sarah Lawrence and went on to earn an MFA in poetry from The New School. Poets and Writers Magazine recognized her with an Amy Award for best female poet under 30 in New York City.

Her playful designs interweave peacock feathers, flowers, hummingbirds alongside snippets of her poetry. The end result is uniquely charming casual wear intended to make the wearer feel grounded and inspired at the same time.

All clothing items are silk screened by hand in her Bushwick, Brooklyn studio.

Yenfen Huang / Iris Artworks

Fine Arts

Hometown: Alfred, NY






Alonzo Hubbard / Al Hubbard Art

Fine Arts

Hometown: Roanoke, VA

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Alonzo Hubbard creates vibrant fine art paintings full of tulips, butterflies and other symbols of joy.

He showed artistic talent from a young age and was given ample opportunity to express it up until high school. As the second oldest of twelve children, his parents were unable to send him to art school. He put his artistic yearnings on hold for many years until he could return to it full time.

He feels great art is not determined by the price but by how it affects the viewer. He feels art should inspire higher emotions such as peacefulness, beauty and contentment.

Corey Hubbel / HubbellArt Glass, Inc.

Blown Glass

Hometown: Decatur, GA

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Elwood Huff / The Stained Glassery

Leaded Glass

Hometown: Dansville, NY















Gretchen Hulse / Crescent Moon Clothing

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: Drexel Hill, PA

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Susan Humphrey / Rockcrest Glass Studio


Hometown: Pikesville, MD

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Susan Humphrey makes nature-themed Tiffany copper foil stained glass items as two and three dimensional pieces. Her most popular items are 3D origami butterflies, 3D birds and 2D bird silhouettes.

Around the holidays, she includes snowflakes and a limited edition bird design.

She has been a bird lover and outdoorsy spirit since childhood when she lived near Lake George in NY and the northern PA woods. After many years in an unfulfilling corporate job, she wanted to devote more time to creative activities and also spend time in nature.

She started her stained glass business doing only custom orders and later expanded to art shows. She is still available for custom orders since she loves helping others bring nature’s beauty into their homes.

She donates 10% of the sale of many of her bird pieces to The American Bird Conservancy.













Serge Hung / Impression Jewelry

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Clermont, FL















Sara Hunter / By Sara Hunter, LLC


Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

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Sara Hunter is watercolor artist and potter based in Virginia Beach, VA.

With her distinctive style featuring geometric designs and whimsical illustrations, she creates fun, functional pottery pieces from white earthenware clay.

After the initial design, each piece is kiln fired and hand painted with lead-free paint and a non-toxic glaze and kiln fired a second time. Her most popular items are her Sea Turtle and Mermaid Plates and Platters.

Sara’s work has appeared in galleries throughout the United States and in many commercials, news shows and magazines.

Becky Huntington, The Quilting B

Quilts & Comforters

Hometown: Milton, MA

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Working out of her home in Milton, MA, Becky Huntington makes cotton quilts, table runners, tree skirts and wall hangings. Her booth is easily recognized amongst all the artists at Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals. It’s the only one with a cart piled high with hay and quilted leaves. Any awesome fabric can inspire a new quilt but she especially loves the colors of autumn. Her quilts are made with only the best quality cotton found in quilt shops all over the northeast.

Becky Huntington came onto the craft show circuit almost by accident, thanks to a good friend’s foresight. Many years ago, her friend signed her up as an exhibitor at a local charity event even though she didn’t have any craft show experience or even any merchandise at first! Once she did her first show, she realized she really enjoyed it, and she just kept going.

Paul Hurwitz / Paul the Wood Guy

Wood / Furniture and home furnishings

Hometown: Rockville, MD

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Megan Huston & Victor Field / Ataraxia Designs

Pottery / Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Peterson, CA

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