Deborah Houser / Personal Etchings, LLC


Hometown: Dallastown, PA

Artist Website

Deborah and Bill Houser make unique mementos and gifts engraved with customized images on crystal clear acrylic. Assisted by their daughter, artist Stephanie Lapp, the Hoursers create treasured keepsakes in a rarely used material. Deborah is the sole remaining full time artist to practice hand carving on clear acrylic.

She is the only acrylic hand carving artist in the United States who can carve every dog breed. She engraves pet replicas from customers’ photos or based on standard breed imagery.

Deborah created the American Kennel Club’s National Agility trophies for two years in a row.

Stop by during Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and admire these incredible Personal Etchings!