Sandra Jaffe / Yucandu

wood / functional wood / knives 

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Artist Website

Spice up your kitchen with some of these beautiful hardwood knives, bowls and utensils from Yucandu. Designed by Sandra Jaffe, these kitchen essentials are crafted using techniques borrowed from ancient civilizations and indigenous peoples of places both near and far, including Alaska, Africa, Europe and Asia. The resulting products are quite beautiful thanks to a natural and raw look. However, they are also practical thanks to hours of rigorous use in test kitchens. These non-electric kitchen alternatives are easy to use and add a personal touch to any home.

Yucandu is a family-owned craft business located in upstate New York. Their focus is on creating high-quality kitchen utensils that will last for years to come and provide both beauty and functionality in the home. Jaffe is a popular exhibitor at Sugarloaf Craft festivals, so be sure to check out her work in person and learn more about the inspiration behind her designs by visiting one of our upcoming art fairs.