Mette Jensen / MBGDESIGN

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Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

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Scandinavian-born Mette Jensen is dedicated to creating innovative, contemporary wearable art, which is exactly the right kind of artisan we want in the Sugarloaf Family! Her millefiori beaded jewelry and ornaments are beautiful, intricate pieces that radiate both joy and sophistication.

Growing up in Denmark, Mette was fascinated by design, flowers and colors, and loved helping her mother plant and tend her garden. Her childhood fascination flourished and grew (pun intended!) and she went through the rigorous four-year schooling process to become a florist.

Her plant and flower muses followed her to the United States in 2007, when she moved to Bethlehem, Penn. with her family. She experimented with several other jewelry-making processes before she discovered handcrafted millefiori beads. She put floral arrangements in a vase for another day and leaned right into jewelry craft. Two years later, much to our delight, she started MBGDESIGN.

Each bead is made from polymer clay, meticulously layered and formed to achieve unique designs that never look quite the same way twice. Meet Mette at one of our festivals and find out more about her creation process!