Mihira Karra

Fine Arts

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Artist Website

Mihira Karra creates fabric collage art of people, nature scenes, famous figures and pets. She has also done several replicas of impressionist paintings. She found her calling as a portraitist and painter at the age of 12 when she did her first family portraits.

She came from India to the U.S. for grad school in the 1970’s and has worked for the U.S. government as a public health scientist. Her international development work has taken her to many far flung places and inspired her to do more portraits of men, women and children.

Over time, she moved from painting with a brush to painting with fabric. She was motivated to experiment with fabric painting after studying with prominent fabric artist Laura Breitman. On her fabric collage paintings she draws the outline by hand and then glues small pieces of fabric to create the rest of the image.

Her portrait of her son was awarded a prize in the international Art Olympiad in 2015.