Joe Ladendorf / Joe Ladendorf Photography


Hometown: Lowell, IN

Artist Website


Jeff Laibson / Laibson Artworks


Hometown: Asheville, NC

Artist Website


Douglas Lake / Burniture

Wood/Functional Wood

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Artist Website


Bridget LaMell / Reign Vermont


Hometown: Waitsfield, VA

Artist Website

Christopher Lambert / CRL Pursuit

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Marshall, VA

Artist Website

In 2013, Christopher Lambert was building his own line of women’s jewelry when a sudden epiphany led him to pivot towards men’s accessories.

While watching a red carpet event, he noticed that women attend these events decked out in their most elegant finery, but there is very little for men in the way of special occasion wardrobe pieces, beyond the usual bowtie. He felt like there should be something designed for men to wear to gala events.

He began designing gold and silver-plated tie ornaments for men and wearing them to jewelry shows. The tie clips attracted more attention than his jewelry line did and he realized he had created a product for an untapped market.

The tie clips, called Tie Verso, have a tab at the top and the design wraps around the tie keeping it in place without scratching or tearing it. Lambert has patented his designs in the U.S. and Canada so now he is just waiting for a Hollywood A-lister to be seen wearing one on the cover of people magazine.

He also takes custom requests such as including football emblems, initials and other images in the design.


Alan Lampe & Courtney Kandler / Wood You Have Thought, LLC

Wood Mixed Media

Hometown: Kensington, MD

Artist Website


Augustus Lammers / A. Lammers Furniture

Functional Wood

Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ

Artist Website


Ira & Sue Lances / Handmade Chenille

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Artist Website

Ira and Sue Lances are a big-city couple with a down-to-earth spirit. Based in Staten Island, this dynamic duo makes exquisite hand-crafted chenille goods, including their signature chenille tassel jackets, boleros, shawls and tunics. The couple began crafting wearables back in 1980, but soon discovered that their textile work was popular among the arts and crafts community. Each fine art textile work made by Ira and Sue Lances is a 100 percent one-of-a-kind. And the pieces aren’t just beautiful, they’re also practical. Each garment is machine washable and dryable.

Many of the Lances’ pieces are crafted using a unique handmade chenille technique featuring four layers of nylon fabric that has been stitched together. The artists then cut through three of the layers, leaving one layer as the lining. The Lances also specialize in crafting lace chenille, which is created using a specialized process using recycled fabrics. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind chenille apparel, the Lances’ artist-made creations are sure to draw you in. Sugarloaf Crafts is proud to host the Lances at various festivals throughout the Mid-Atlantic.


Alynne Landers / Alynne Originals

Fine Arts

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Artist Website


Sherry Lane / Sherry Lane Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ

Artist Website

Kristen Langelier / My Urban Poncho

Clothing / SILK

Hometown: Park City, UT

Artist Website


Kim Laprete / Bakers Bounty

Specialty Food

Hometown: Linden, NJ

Artist Website


Thomas Laraia / Tommy Conch Designs

jewelry / glass

Hometown: Milford, CT

Artist Website

Add an unexpected element to any outfit with these beautiful jewelry pieces by Tommy Conch Designs. Crafted with care by Thomas Laraia, who is based out of Milford, Connecticut, Tommy Conch Designs jewelry is made with a unique blend of materials, colors and textures. Many of the elements found in his jewelry designs are actually reused or repurposed to create something quite beautiful and eye-catching. The result is a line of jewelry that mixes modern and vintage elements seamlessly for truly one-of-a-kind pieces that can complement just about any wardrobe.

Laraia crafts a wide range of pieces for Tommy Conch Designs, including bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Each piece has its own story to tell based on the found items it’s made from, which is why seeing Tommy Conch Designs at a Sugarloaf Craft Festival is so special. You’ll get to meet Laraia and learn the unique history behind each piece, which lends even more meaning to the ones you decide to add to your personal jewelry collection.

Julianne Lardass / Julianne’s Rethreads

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: Orville, OH



Yousung Largent / Yousung Choi Fine Art Pottery

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Round Hill, VA



Tom Laudenslager / Flint Hill Studio


Hometown: Coopersburg, PA

Artist Website


Aaron Laux / AaronLauxDesign

Wood Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Madison, WI

Artist Website



Ryan & Kaitlyn Lawless / Corbe


Hometown: Detroit, MI

Artist Website



Kathryn Learn / Earthen Arts


Hometown: Millersville, MD

Artist Website

Tracy Lebenzon / Lebenzon Paintbrushes

Functional Wood

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Artist Website

Pamela LeBlanc / Old Bagzz

Textiles / Fabric Bags

Hometown: Kennebunkport, ME

Artist Website

Pam LeBlanc has sewn all her life, initially mostly to make gifts for others and clothes for herself.

After a work injury drove her to find a new career, she started a children’s clothing company. With a pile of vintage fabrics on hand and a desire to take her sewing business in a new direction, she launched her line of handbags. Eventually she dropped the clothing line and focused exclusively on handbags.

Most of her bags are made with vintage or reclaimed fabric and leather. However, she also designs and prints some original fabric designs by blending favorite quotations with retro images.

Stop by during the spring Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and you’ll probably find Pam making more bags on the spot!


Lauren LeBon / ArtByLouin

Fine Arts

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

Artist Website

J.R. Ledman / Rust2Relics

Wood - Mixed Media

Hometown: Leonardtown, MD

Artist Website

Thomas LeGault

Fine Arts

Hometown: Plymouth, MI

Artist Website

Thomas LeGault began calling himself a painter at only 13 years old and he has been developing and refining his personal style ever since. He attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI to refine his techniques.

Along with skilled use of color and mirrored reflective images, Thomas is known for his habit of painting outside the margins to pull the viewer into the scene on canvas.

Thomas feels extremely fortunate to be able to support himself and his family with a creative career. His artwork has earned many awards from numerous gallery and museum exhibits and craft show tours. His wife, Nancy, and his two children all help with the sales and promotion of his work.

Sandy Lehman / Small Wonder

Pottery, Sculpture

Hometown: Melbourne Beach, FL

For those who are fan of small creatures with big personalities, be sure to check out Small Wonder at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival. Designed by Sandy Lehman, this fun collection of hand-formed clay sculptures features a variety of animal designs that are sure to put a smile on your face. Whether it’s a sneaky little lizard, a charming frog or a curious turtle, Lehman’s Small Wonder sculptures make delightful additions to any home. Use them to add a pop of color and personality in any corner of your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Another reason that Lehman continues to be a popular Sugarloaf artist exhibitor is that her Small Wonder Sculptures make wonderful gifts for loved ones at any age. Whether it’s a fun present for a frog-obsessed kiddo or a beautiful lizard figurine to decorate a desert home, the options for these carefully crafted clay sculptures are endless. Add a Small Wonder to your personal collection by visiting Lehman at the next Sugarloaf event.


Julie Leininger / Saratoga Jewels

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Midway, PA

Artist Website

In her previous career as an environmental engineer, Julie Leininger spontaneously decided to accompany a co-worker on a lunchtime trip to a bead store. She had no plans to become a jewelry maker but soon found herself buying beads too!

She quickly lost interest in beads and began experimenting with metal. From there she practiced jewelry making as a hobby for a few years and turned it into a business when she wanted a more flexible schedule to spend more time with her family.  

Julie makes sterling silver and gold jewelry incorporating found pebbles, designer cabochons and occasionally gemstones and pearls.

She is known for her Tendril Abstract Collection, the series that launched her jewelry career. These pieces are inspired by the abundant twisting, twirling tendrils of creeping vines.

Alexa Lemley & Samantha Aulick / 240Sweet Gourmet Marshmallows

Specialty Food

Hometown: Columbus, IN

Artist Website


Robin Lennon / Uncommon Artwear


Hometown: Newton, NY

Artist Website


Margaret Lent / Margaret Lent Handwovens

textiles & fashion design / weaving & knitting

Hometown: Buchanan, NY

Artist Website


Jonathan Leon / Lolipop Glass

glass / other

Hometown: Quebec, CAN

Artist Website

Jonathan Leon first started glassblowing at the age of 17 while working with a scientific glassblower. During an eight year flamework apprenticeship he learned to work with Borosilicate laboratory grade glass, which is the highest quality glass available. It’s so strong that it’s used to insulate the thermal tiles on American space shuttles.

His Lolipop Glass pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings are crafted from borosilicate pyrex which gives each piece an extremely durable finish.

He draws creative inspiration from contemporary arts and crafts, architecture, fashion, design and daily life.

Check out his cool designs at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals.


Mark & Jessica Leonard / Ithaca Sheepskin

leather / sheepskin

Hometown: Ithaca, NY

Artist Website


Lily Leong / Lily's Chocolate Paradise

Specialty Food

Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, PA

Lily’s chocolate business grew out of her love for chocolate-covered pretzels.  She ran her small batch chocolate business on a part-time basis for over 20 years while also working as a legal assistant. In March 2017, she left the corporate world to take her chocolate business full time.

Lily's Chocolate Paradise sells over 3 dozen chocolate items including chocolate-covered pretzels, graham crackers, Oreos, potato chips, pizzelles, mango and ginger slices, sea salt caramel cashews, dark chocolate almonds, pistachio bark bars, cashew turtles, caramels, marshmallows, peanut clusters, coffee beans, raspberry jelly sticks and many other chocolates.

Stop by for a taste of these chocolate goodies during Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.  Take some home for yourself and all the chocolate lovers in your life.


Shawn&Ann Lester / Lightwing Designs

jewelry / glass

Hometown: Plainfield, VT

Add the finest in handcrafted jewelry to your collection with pieces from Lightwing Designs! Vermonters Ann and Shawn Lester went from craftspeople to innovators in 1975, as they began searching for a way to merge Ann’s stained glass skills with Shawn’s metalsmithing ability. After three years of experimenting, they broke through with a new jewelry-making technique, where they added a sterling silver overlay to stained glass jewelryThey have been producing these pieces to national acclaim ever since.

Ann’s translucent glass designs serve as the base, with themes ranging from Victoriana to sci-fi. From there, Shawn hand cuts and crafts each silver overlay, conceiving a brilliant encasement that enhances each piece. With jewelry of all shapes and sizes featuring reversible pieces, kaleidoscope pieces and more, you can feel the magic in each one. Lightwing Designs has been on display in numerous exhibitions, including the Smithsonian’s prestigious Renwick Gallery, and you can find them for yourself at a Sugarloaf Craft Festival this season!


Melissa Lettick / The Herb Lady


Hometown: Shepherdstown, WV

Artist Website




Tracy Levesque / Tracy Levesque Fine Art

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Lowell, MA

Artist Website

Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, Tracy Levesque is surrounded by plenty of beautiful natural features to inspire her gorgeous paintings and prints. This artist, vegan and nature enthusiast creates some of the most inspiring works we’ve seen at our Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. Her chromatic paintings blend realistic and symbolic elements to create unique twists on natural features. Every texture, color and shape seems to come alive in her vibrant and detailed paintings. As Levesque describes it, her work is “like looking through a stained-glass window into a fairy tale world that pulls you out of time and into a magical world filled with imagination.”

If you’re inspired by the beautiful paintings and prints available from Tracy Levesque Fine Art, be sure to attend an upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival. These events give you the opportunity to see a range of Levesque’s gorgeous work up close and discuss the inspiration behind each painting with the artist herself.

Henry Levine / Thorn Ridge Studios

Blown Glass

Hometown: Albany, OH


Paul Levine / Clipper Mill Sports Art, Inc.

fine art

Hometown: Finksburg, MD

Artist Website

Paul Levine survived formal schooling as an undiagnosed dyslexic. Since he couldn’t enjoy reading, he immersed himself in hands on work which allowed him to learn and develop skills through the use of touch and visual assessment.

During his youth, Paul was a passionate pen and ink artist. But during the summer, he often worked for a landscape company.

Years later, his two primary interests of drawing and landscaping made him perfectly suited to a career in landscape architecture. After earning his degree in Los Angeles, Paul opened a landscape architecture and sports are business in 1991.

He has built a large following for his personalized sports are including commissions for many prestigious sports organizations. Today he creates customized landscape designs and sports themed pieces using mixed media.

Solomon Levine / Nature's Images by Sol



Artist Website



Richard Levitt / Mr. Blockhead, Inc.

misc / mixed media

Hometown: Northwales, PA

A simple block goes a long way in the hands of Mr. Blockhead. Known to some humans as Richard Levitt, Mr. Blockhead spends his time in North Wales, PA creating home accessories such as tissue boxes, storage boxes, jewelry boxes and any other box you can think of – because what else would someone named Mr. Blockhead do? Using finely textured materials and lively designs such as palm trees, his creations are anything but blocky. Well, they are in the shape of blocks, but he’s sure you know what he means.

Some may think there’s only so much you can do with a block. If you’re one of those people, Mr. Blockhead invites you – and any other people, really – to come say hello at his Sugarloaf Craft Festivals booth. He’s eager to demonstrate his handcrafted boxes and show you what they do. Perhaps he can even pressure you into buying one of them while you’re there. After all, he wouldn’t want you to be a blockhead – that’s his job.


cover point winery.jpg

Barbie Levy Jewelry Design, Inc.

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

Artist Website



Kathrine Lewis / Kate Laine Jewelry

jewelry / other

Hometown: West Nyack, NY

Ever since 2004, Katharine Lewis and Kate Laine Jewelry have been creating the finest handmade jewelry on the western bank of the Hudson River. Located in West Nyack – just outside of New York City – Katharine uses only the best metals and semi-precious stones in her necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Her work is influenced by the stylings of ocean shabby chic, using marine-inspired colors and designs to create a well-loved look.

Katharine begins with 14-karat gold or sterling silver as a base metal, with accenting available in copper bronze and gunmetal. From there, pearl shapes frequently take center stage with the use of keishi, Biwa and coin, and she also incorporates stones such as Balinese shells, mabe pearls and labradorite gemstones. Recent additions such as hand-stamping add even more flair to this stunning jewelry that can be worn any time of year. Accessorize at the height of fashion with the help of sparkles and seashells when you add Katharine’s creations to your collection.


cover point winery.jpg

Tim Lewis / Cove Point Winery

specialty foods

Hometown: Lusby, MD

Artist Website



John & Debbie Liberty / Liberty Farm & Forge

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Corinna, ME



Jan Lichtenstein / It’s by Jan

Textiles / Mixed Media

Hometown: Pound Ridge, NY

 Artist Website


Dede Lifgren & Lisa Drummond / Capuchinz

Textiles / Hats

Hometown: Brewster, NY

Artist Website



Chong & Judi Lim / Island Designs

fine Arts

Hometown: Scarborough, ME

Artist Website



Travis Lindenbaum / Steven * David Jewelry



Artist Website



Kathy Litchfield / Firecrow Creations

Handwoven accessories & Home Textiles

Hometown: Gill, MA

Artist Website

When it comes to feeling cozy, don’t feel like you have to sacrifice on style. Kathy Litchfield’s Firecrow Creations is a wonderful resource for a brilliantly colored, handwoven scarf or shawl that feels warm and inviting as well as elegant and stylish. Each of these beautiful accessories is made completely by hand and features vibrant colors. Whether it’s made with lightweight rayon or loosely woven mohair, these scarves and shawls are sure to keep you warm while adding a colorful accent to your ensemble.

Litchfield’s Firecrow Creations also makes it possible to add that cozy, colorful vibe to your own home. Check out her collection of luxuriously soft chenille wraps and throws to add a welcoming and wonderfully stylish touch to any room. Each of these handmade pieces is woven on Litchfield’s eight-harness, cherry Norwood loom. They make excellent purchases to treat yourself as well as thoughtful gifts for loved ones. You can catch Litchfield’s Firecrow Creations at an upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival.


Zenia Lis / Zenia Lis Jewelry

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Boardview Heights, OH

Artist Website


Dennis Wolk & Joanne Litz / Steel Pony

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Artist Website

This husband and wife team designs and creates Bohemian chic women’s hand dyed clothing and handmade leather purses.  

Prior to starting Steel Pony in 1992, Joanne worked as a design director and Dennis created store displays for Bloomingdales, Strawbridges and other outlets.

Their company is built around the desire to produce environmentally-friendly clothing. All of their apparel is made in the United States using sustainable fabrics and eco-conscious dying processes.

Steel Pony’s line of alternative wedding wear and handbags appeared on the runway at Philadelphia Fashion Week.

Wilma Little / Heavens Gate Gourmet Coffee Shoppe

Specialty Food

Hometown: Stafford, VA

Artist Website



Smadar Livne / Livne Fine Art Studio

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Owings Mills, MD

Artist Website

Smadar Livne is an Israel-born fine artist producing exquisite multi-medium works that portray scenes from her life and learnings. Using fabric, paper, acrylic paint and other materials, Livne produces colorful works of art from her Owings Mills, Md. studio. She studied at Haifa University in Israel and has degrees in fine art, architecture and literature, all of which inspire the work that makes its way onto her canvases. Livne creates exceptional paintings, prints and fine art that are highly coveted among collectors and art enthusiasts.

Livne continued her education in philosophy at Baltimore Hebrew University, so it comes as no surprise that much of her work contains abstract philosophical observations. You’ll also find short stories and poems housed within some of Livne’s colorful, vibrant paintings and prints. Collage-inspired artwork means a tactile, multi-level experience that you’ll want to touch and admire. To experience Smadar Livne in real life and to find a stunning piece of artwork for your home, make sure to stop by her booth at an upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival

Maria Livrone & Bill Zack / Whimsy & The Welder

Fused Glass

Hometown: Plains, PA

Artist Website


Tracy Lizotte / Tracy Lizotte Studios

Fine Arts

Hometown: Acton, ME

Artist Website

Tracy Lizotte learned to paint and draw from her great Aunt Dot when she was 10 or 11 years old and continued working alongside her throughout her teens.

Her aunt and other professional artists coached her on how to prepare for shows and sell her work. She sold her first paintings at an art show when she was 14. She loved the whole experience and knew she had found her life’s work.

She creates watercolor paintings of children, pets and wildlife in a variety of humorous and every day scenarios. Her wildlife collections comprise 16 individual paintings which can be combined into a single image or mixed and matched separately.

Tracy has worked with Lowe’s, Trader Joe’s, Highland Graphic, Elizabeth’s Studio Fabrics and other companies. Her Bird Tree design is the best selling quilting fabric for Elizabeth’s Studio.

She is most fulfilled by selling her work at art shows just the way she learned from her great Aunt Dot. She loves having face to face interaction with her customers and seeing the enjoyment they receive from her work.

Terry Lo / Terry's Boutique

textiles & fashion design / accessories

Hometown: Manalapan, NJ

Terry Lo began knitting scarves for herself and her daughters as a hobby. It wasn’t long before people started asking her where she bought her scarves. When they found out she made them herself, they offered to purchase them. What started as a hobby more than 10 years ago has turned into a profitable, and exciting, family business. Terry and her husband operate Terry’s Boutique Scarves out of their Monmouth County, N.J., home where Terry designs and knits her popular accessories. Using a variety of colors and fabrics, Terry creates stunning scarves that keep her clients coming back for more, whether they’re shopping for themselves or for gifts. She takes pride in her eye for color and can customize a scarf to meet any size or shade. Her scarves are all washable and allergen free. Stop by and see the array of colors and styles and let Terry show you the different ways you can wear her fashionable scarves.


London, Ellen / ellenlondon Studio

Handcrafted designer clothing

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Artist Website

Ellen London creates artisan jackets and coats made from natural fabrics embellished with embroidery and hand painted details. She uses traditional handcrafted silks, linens and cottons of African, Asian and European origin as well as original materials made by her studio.

She feels that the fusion of cultures through design helps foster a spirit of connection. Many of her jackets have hand printed cultural stories in the lining fabric. Ellen intentionally uses stories from more oppressed societies as part of her mission to promote peace building through fashion.

Her clothing has appeared on the runways in Paris and Washington DC. Come take a look at her globally inspired designs at Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals.


Dawn Lombard 


Hometown: Milford, PA

Artist Website


Sharon London & Carl Mateo / Sharon London Designs

Handcrafted designer clothing

Hometown: Saugerties, NY

Artist Website

Day-to-evening fashion is Sharon Broit’s and Carl Mateo’s passion. Both textile artists draw deep inspiration from their painting backgrounds, taking careful note to mind color, line, movement and light as they create unique, wearable works of art. Sharon London Designs’ made-to-order wearable tableaux are crafted out of eco-conscious, high-end fabrics, making for some truly special pieces.

The pair met “while immersed post punk Downtown Art, Fashion and Music world and the influence of street fashion.” They developed a taste for upcycling vintage clothing, reclaiming old wardrobes for the modern-day closet. This history with fine, vintage fabric from around the world plays into their designs as well. Timeless, versatile and strong textiles like Italian knits, organic cotton, wool and bamboo help Sharon and Carl maintain their commitment to giving their customers only their best work.

They have dressed notable women and celebrities from all around the world and we are proud to call Sharon London Designs part of the Sugarloaf Family.


Hannah Long


Hometown: Boynton Beach, FL

Artist Website


Andrew Lonon / Rillworks

Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Durham, NC

Artist Website


Kate Loomis


Hometown: Henrico, VA

Artist Website


Noah Lorang / Elevated Woodworking

Wood / Mixed Media

Hometown: Jefferson Hills, PA

Artist Website



Paul Lorber

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Monmouth Junction, NJ




Antonio Loria

wood / functional wood

Hometown: Willow, NY



Frank Lovero

Functional Wood

Hometown: Howell, NJ




Suhua Low / Rainbow House, Inc.

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ

Artist Website

A Taiwan native who studied painting with master artists professors Shih-Ciao Li and Ku-Mei Li, Suhua Low moved to the United States when she was 36 years old. While living in New Jersey, she regularly traveled to Manhattan where she spent time in galleries and museums, and attended workshops to enhance her techniques. An award-winning artist, she was invited to exhibit her work with the Greenwich Art Council and curated a solo exhibit in Bridgewater, N.J. Suhua enjoys floral paintings, and focuses on bringing the essence of her subject to life. She uses a number of different techniques, including shade manipulation and the use of thin and thick lines, to move beyond how the object is seen through the naked eye so that the viewer can actually feel the subject through her work. Be sure to stop by Suhua’s booth and enjoy her creative paintings.


Susan Lowenthal / By Susan Designs

glass / other

Hometown: Westport, CT

Artist Website

Susan Lowenthal discovered a passion for art early in life while working with her parents in their small clothing and home goods store in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. “I was in love with arts and crafts from the time I was a small child,” she recalls. “I would buy the paper dolls that come with clothes you cut out, throw out the clothes, and make my own. I was always dabbling in art and making things. My mother liked to sew and I would design dresses and she would make them.”

While working in various fields in the corporate world, she earned her way up to a CEO position of a Wall Street securities firm. In her free time, Lowenthal get her art alive by painting, decoupaging, and etching glass in her kitchen “studio.” She began experimenting in stone, creating Shabbat candlesticks and Chanukah menorahs and soon started working in glass. In 1994, Lowenthal left Wall Street, moved to Westport, CT and started a gift basket business with her husband. When a customer ordered a beauty-product basket, she and her husband created Accents Naturally, a line of skincare packaged in fine crystal containers. Lowenthal eventually became a freelance consultant to the creative industries, working on product design, packaging, repurposing, marketing plans and booth design.

Mostly self-taught, Lowenthal has taken classes and workshops along the way to gain specific skills. Lowenthal regularly shows and sells her glass work at various crafts festivals and at juried exhibitions.


Rebecca Lowery Ceramics 


Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Artist Website


Susan Loy / Literary Calligraphy

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Moneta, VA

Artist Website

Susan Loy is the creative force behind Literary Calligraphy, a Virginia-based studio which brings an impressive collection of exquisite calligraphic art paintings to the Sugarloaf community. Loy uses watercolors to create the main theme of each piece and then surrounds the design with a literary verse by one of the greats, such as William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson or Walt Whitman. Because of her work’s depth and complexity, Loy says that a single one of her pieces can take several weeks, and even months, to complete.

Loy then turns her prints into keepsake stationaries, calendars and books that you can purchase for your home or a loved one. Loy’s creations are so varied that they make excellent gifts. She incorporates everything from American poetry to Bible verses to quotes from the U.S. Constitution, so you’re sure to find a one-of-a-kind gift for your favorite scholar in at the Literary Calligraphy booth. Watch Loy transform important literature into long-lasting artwork at an upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival this year.


Iona Loyola Textiles

Textiles / Feltmaking

Hometown: New York, NY

Artist Website


Liz Lubansky / We Are Clay Studios


Hometown: Oak Ridge, NJ

Artist Website


Tyler Lucas

wood / wood turning

Hometown: Paramus, NJ

Tyler Lucas began making wood crafted work in 2014 while still in college with only a handful woodworking machines. After a few months, he realized there was a market for his work. At the time he was making small, inexpensive items like pens and bottle stoppers.

Over the next two years, he accrued enough machinery to run a full time woodworking operation. His ever expanding product line includes wood kitchen and diningware such as cutting boards, pepper grinders, cheese boards and his best-selling item, a redesigned bottle opener.

Tyler lives in Paramus, NJ where he continually surveys the market for new kitchen trends.

Zsuzsanna Luciano

Luciano Photography

Hometown: Matawan, NJ

Artist Website

Hungarian-born Zsuzsanna Luciano travels the globe with her family taking panoramic photographs of iconic and endangered sites. Zsuzsanna’s specialty is conservation photography which aims to increase public interest in conservation.

She is particularly focused on Venice, Italy which scientists believe is steadily sinking into the ocean. Years from now, her photographs will be some of the truest representations of Venice as it appeared in the early 21st Century.

Zsuzsanna is the recipient of numerous awards including 2 Awards of Merit from the New York Institute of Photography. Her photography is shown at Blue Galleries in several cities in Florida and also on permanent exhibit on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship.



Mark & Cathy Lukacs


Hometown: Sodus Point, NY

Artist Website


Valerie Luke

Textiles / Clothing

Hometown: Arlington, MA




Masiah Lumpkin

fine arts

Hometown: Windsor, CT



Peggy Clark Lumpkins

paintings, prints & fine art


Artist Website



Joann Lustig

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

Artist Website

Joann Lustig is a fine jewelry designer based in Sebastopol, California. She created Joann Lustig Fine Jewelry in 1980, and since then, has become a well-respected name in the world of fine jewelry.

Joann Lustig creates her jewelry pieces out of high quality gold, creating each piece by hand using intricate details and ethereal swirls of texture and layering. The result is a series of jewelry that appears to be made from melted metal or liquid gold, creating a truly unique appearance that is sure to turn heads every time you wear a Joann Lustig piece. Many pieces are also accented by colorful gemstones or crystals, adding even more interest to the overall look. Here at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, we’re proud to carry Joann Lustig’s latest rings, necklaces, earrings and other fine jewelry creations.


Jason Lutz & Rick Francis / Vermont Chair Company

Functional Wood

Hometown: Hardwick, VT

Artist Website


David Lynch / Torchbearer Sauces

specialty foods

Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA

Artist Website


Kathie Lynch / Kathie Perry Lynch Fused Glass


Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Artist Website