Robin McLaughlin / Stonecrop Beadworks

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Kingston, NY

Artist Website

Stonecrop Beadworks is an independent jewelry design company owned by Robin McLaughlin of Kingston, New York. The company describes its jewelry as “Beadwoven Gemstone Jewelry,” offering natural and organic pieces made using off-loom weaving techniques.

McLaughlin weaves each piece of jewelry without the use of a traditional loom, choosing instead to weave each piece by hand for a more intricate appearance. She then accents her Stonecrop Beadworks necklaces with wooden beads, semi-precious stones and Japanese seed beads to create an elegant yet natural look. Each Stonecrop Beadworks piece features soft, muted colors and organic shapes, including small mandala pendants, beaded bracelets with geometric patterns and tube-shaped earrings with alternating bead colors. If you’re looking for jewelry that is truly special but still casual enough to wear every day, try Stonecrop Beadworks.