Renee Obrock / Verre & Behker

glass / other

Hometown: Pemberville, OH

Each piece of artwork has a story behind it as does each artist. For Renee Obrock of Verre & Behker, it is a story of helping others. In 2013, Obrock was teaching art to students with special needs when an organization near her Ohio home asked that her students paint glasses for a fund raiser.

Obrock and the students went to work, creating memorable pieces of artwork and sparked inspiration for Obrock. An award-winning artist, Obrock now specializes in hand-painted glassware. Based in Pemberville, Ohio, Obrock’s work can be found at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals throughout the year. Her work is inspiring, whether it be paintings a garden scene on the side of a glass or creating a gravity-inspired plate.

Obrock is one of the many talents that appear at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. Come see her work and the learn the stories that inspired them. She is truly a talented artist and her work is regularly praised by attendees.