Willard Olney / Olney Originals

jewelry / enamel

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Willard Olney of Olney Originals is perhaps best known for his stunning cloisonné enameling. This method uses colored glass, which is ground and then fused to fine silver at high heat. Olney then finishes each piece with wires integrated into the design, which are set and fired into the piece to separate the colors and to create unique, eye-catching imageries. Willard Olney cloisonné jewelry and gifts are made with beautifully vibrant colored glass and set within long-lasting silver.

This popular jewelry artist often travels to Sugarloaf from his home in Wilmington, NC. Jewelry-lovers are constantly drawn in by his one-of-a-kind enamel originals which make truly exquisite statement pieces. Olney’s work is simultaneously sophisticated and down to earth, with a wide variety of whimsical color pairings and nature-inspired landscapes completing each piece. Sugarloaf is proud to position this renowned maker alongside many preeminent jewelry artists.