Wayne Parker / Whispering Willow Soap Co.


Hometown: Lincolnton, NC

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When Wayne Parker and his wife Julia found Whispering Willow Soap Co. in 2010, they sought to instill their values in every apothecary product, offering the total package for like-minded focus. With three core principles as their driving force, the Parkers are making waves in personal care. Each product they sell is Sustainable, Natural and Beautiful, using organic ingredients and recyclable packing whenever possible; avoiding scents, colors, synthetic preservatives or other artificial additives; and making sure their products look as great as they work.

From these guiding principles, Whispering Willow now offers a variety of quality personal care products, including bar and liquid soaps, candles, shampoos, moisturizers and lip balms. All of them are crafted with the utmost care, with Wayne and Julia never making or selling a product they wouldn’t use themselves. In addition, they work to improve the world at large by donating 10% of all profits to charity. Traveling to the Mid-Atlantic from North Carolina, the Whispering Willow booth is a must-stop for anyone at a Sugarloaf craft show.