Susan Packard

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Sugarhill, NH





Wayne Parker / Whispering Willow Soap Co.


Hometown: Lincolnton, NC

Artist Website

When Wayne Parker and his wife Julia found Whispering Willow Soap Co. in 2010, they sought to instill their values in every apothecary product, offering the total package for like-minded focus. With three core principles as their driving force, the Parkers are making waves in personal care. Each product they sell is Sustainable, Natural and Beautiful, using organic ingredients and recyclable packing whenever possible; avoiding scents, colors, synthetic preservatives or other artificial additives; and making sure their products look as great as they work.

From these guiding principles, Whispering Willow now offers a variety of quality personal care products, including bar and liquid soaps, candles, shampoos, moisturizers and lip balms. All of them are crafted with the utmost care, with Wayne and Julia never making or selling a product they wouldn’t use themselves. In addition, they work to improve the world at large by donating 10% of all profits to charity. Traveling to the Mid-Atlantic from North Carolina, the Whispering Willow booth is a must-stop for anyone at a Sugarloaf craft show.


Roland Paronish / Roland Metal Art

Metal Sculpture

Hometown: Carrolltown, PA

Artist Website





Barbara Palmer /  Barbara Palmer Folk Art

Fine Arts

Hometown: Hilton, NY

Artist Website





Bil Palmer / The Photographic Art of BiLinda


Hometown: Milford, NH






Stelios Paraskevas / STELIOS

misc / accessories

Hometown: Norwalk, CT

Stelios Paraskevas, a Norwalk, Connecticut-based artist, is known throughout the area and beyond for winding, weaving, braiding and crocheting copper wire into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Born in Cyprus, Paraskevas developed a loved for working with copper thanks to the abundance of the metal available in his country. “Copper is a wonderful material to work with. It’s soft and easy to bend in shapes, yet when plated, it gets hard. Electroplating provides a multitude of colors, ranging from copper to bronze to gold to silver and many other striking hues. Plating also prevents the materials from tarnishing or changing color over time.” Paraskevas creates exquisite ear, neck, wrist and waist adornments.

Often working seven days a week, all of his jewelry is handmade from ordinary wire of various gauges in circular or flattened form using simple tools such as rollers, hammers, pliers, tweezers and a soldering iron. “I love my work. I love working with my hands and my mind,” he says. “I love to make new designs with copper — compared with other metals it’s more satisfying and not expensive. That helps to keep my work enjoyable and my products more affordable.” Stelios’ design philosophy is to keep it simple. “I’m using a pure, warm, natural metal for simple designs that complement and enhance those who wear them. Besides, simplicity sells.” He and his wife, Carol, run the Norwalk, Connecticut-based business called Stelios, Inc.


Roxanne Parent / Roxie's Studio

pottery & Ceramics
demonstrating artist

Hometown: Conway, MA

Artist Website

Roxanne Parent of Roxie's Studio lives in Conway, Massachusetts, where she works in a ceramics studio overlooking acres of rolling hills. Parent has more than 28 years of experience creating ceramics, initially painting designs for other artisans before creating her own line of hand-painted ceramics, Roxie's Studio.

Roxie's Studio creates quirky, realistic ceramic works that embody the look and texture of fabric. Her folded cheese platters and spreaders are made from slabs of clay with a “fold” of a handle, and they feature hand-painted designs inspired by the beach, animals or country scenes. Roxie's Studio also creates truly unique vases featuring the upper torso of a shirt, including the folds of the collar, the buttons and even the fabric effect of a tie draping onto the table. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or a quirky addition to your own home, shop Roxie's Studio at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

Kyoung-Joa Park / KJ Designs


Hometown: Rochelle Park, NJ

Kyoung-Joa Park uses thick rayon and wool yarns in an array of vibrant hues to create spectacular scarves and unique scarf necklaces. Each piece is hand-knotted and styles include billowy layers as well as stunning flower knots that will look beautiful for any occasion. Kyoung-Joa uses a variety of different fabrics, giving each scarf a different level of texture and dimension.


Peggy Park

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: King Ferry, NY

Artist Website






Kristiana Parn / Kristiana Parn Art & Stationery

Fine Arts

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Artist Website






Nicholas Parr / Nature's Turnings


Hometown: Taneytown, MD






Daniel Pasquariello / Deleware Delights

Specialty Foods

Hometown: Bear, DE

Artist Website






Jennifer Pate / The Quilt Ranch

textiles & home decor / quilts & comforters

Hometown: Garland, TX

Artist Website






Nicole Paterson / Neat Nick Preserves

Specialty Food

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

Artist Website





Sam Pathi / Sam Pathi Photography


Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Artist Website

With nearly 50 years of experience under his shutter, photographer Sam Pathi brings to the Sugarloaf Family a wealth of creative knowledge, natural artistic ability and plenty of amazing stories. Incredibly, these days you’ll find him capturing images the “old school way” with a large format 4x5 camera.

He may be based out of Baltimore, but the Sam Pathi Photography gallery shows that Sam is anything but rooted. His images evoke the sense that we’re all on a route going somewhere, many of them featuring paths in the woods, charming European streets, stairways and rivers. Sam’s quest for capturing beautiful art has taken him all over the world frequenting national parks in the southwest US, plus England, Amsterdam, France, Spain and Italy.

Sam’s son, Eric, penned the following brief note on Sam’s website, highlighting just a few of the reasons we are happy to have him as part of the Sugarloaf family:

"My father is ‘old school’ still photographing with a 4x5 camera. He never ever thought of making his images available online. He's a people person and prefers to know each client personally."

Come get to know Sam at one of our festivals!


John Pattenden / Patent Artwork

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Mystic, CT

Artist Website

Collages of iconic inventions which include elements from the patent filing and a photograph of the item on a contextual background.

From an early age John had a darkroom and loved using techniques such as dodging and burning, blending etc. When post processing went digital it opened up more possibilities. He started experimenting with blending multiple images and textures together and created a series of fine art photographs.

In the pursuit to create textures for blending, a new and unique collection of work was born that tell fascinating stories. John had photographed an old coffee mill and in the base of it was two patent dates. He searched for the patents and decided to integrate some of the elements into the image. Seeing the legal language and the old patent drawings together with a photograph of the actual invention, he caught a glimpse of how an inventor's dream became a reality and became inspired to create the Patent Artwork series.

Joined by his wife, Shantie, meticulous care is taken to match the patent filings with the actual inventions, track down and photograph the pieces, create the contextual backgrounds and putting the final collage together. Each print has an amazing story behind it. These prints make great gifts for anyone with a passion or profession and for decorating any room of the home or office.

You can find John and/or Shantie at many Sugarloaf Shows.




Frederic Payet Fine Art

Acrylic & Oil Paintings

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Artist Website






Pease, Suzanne


Hometown: Morganville, NJ

Artist Website

Suzanne Pease ran a graphic design business for many years while also serving on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

When she concluded her term on the board, a client presented her with several beads as a gift. These beads led her to further exploration of the world of beads and stones.

Suzanne creates beaded collars and necklaces, incorporating many different materials and techniques in her work. In addition to beads, her pieces may feature semi-precious stones, pearls, shells, coins, driftwood, silk fabric and wool. She selects Mother Nature’s finest materials and turns them into elegant, wearable art.

Many of her collars are statement pieces that work best when paired with a complementary outfit. Visit Suzanne’s booth at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals and find a special occasion piece of jewelry!


Erica Peck / Bayside Quilting LLC


Hometown: Dunkirk, MD

Artist Website

Nachshon Peleg & Stavit Allweis / Seeka and Yoolie’s

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Artist Website






Sue Peltzman / Toby


Hometown: Huntingdon Valley, PA

Artist Website

Sue Peltzman studied metal and jewelry making at the Museum School of Fine Arts at Tufts University and at the School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Working with high quality silver and gold paired with natural stones, rubies and gems, she creates custom pieces as well as her own collection.

For many years, she has been creating innovative original jewelry designs in her Philadelphia studio. Her elaborately detailed jewelry is sought after by discerning customers around the globe.

Sue’s work is favored by many film and music personalities and has appeared in various exhibits and shows in the Philadelphia and New York region.

Teresa Pennington / T. Pennington Art Gallery, Inc.

Fine Arts

Hometown: Waynesville, NC

Artist Website

Teresa Pennington creates colored pencil drawings that capture the landscape, wildlife and notable landmarks along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

She drew 4 series highlighting the house and gardens of the Biltmore Estate. Other classics include Grandfather Mountain, Cold Mountain and Mabry Mill, one of the most popular sites along Blue Ridge Parkway (at Mile 176).

Her signature image is a pink Lady’s Slipper, an orchid native to the Blue Ridge region, in memory of her mother. She sells originals, limited edition prints, mini-prints and cards. She also accepts custom orders for music boxes featuring her artwork.

Have a glance at Teresa’s work at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival. You just might recognize one of your favorite Blue Ridge scenes!


Sherryl Perez / Watercolors by Sherryl Perez

Fine Arts

Hometown: Wheatfield, NY

Artist Website


Bruce Perlmutter / Bruce Perlmutter, Woodturner

wood / wood turning

Hometown: Red Bank, NJ

Bruce Perlmutter is a woodturner based in Red Bank, New Jersey. Perlmutter began learning the art of woodworking when he was a child, but he fully delved into woodturning in the 1990s, when he bought his first lathe. Today, he is a member of the American Association of Woodturners and the Jersey Shore Woodturners and creates hand-turned wooden bowls and art pieces full time.

Bruce Perlmutter’s works feature organic shapes and attempt to bring out the natural beauty of the wood that he uses. He creates smooth, seamless bowls with accent rims, natural edge bowls that feature the true shape of the sides of the wood and hollow vessels made with matching finials. Equal parts form and function, Bruce Perlmutter’s woodturning creations are beautiful pieces to display in a home.


Eugene Perry / Eugene Perry Metal Art

Metal / Brass, Copper, Pewter & Bronze

Hometown: Whitehall, PA

Artist Website

Eugene Perry worked as a commercial steel fabricator for several years and earned a welding certificate.

In his off hours, he would create original works of art from salvaged pieces of metal.

After a few artistic collaborations with his mentor, Korean sculptor Jung Park, Eugene felt ready to take on more ambitious sculpture work.

With strong support for his work from Philadelphia and New York art lovers, Eugene decided to make the leap into life as a full time creator. His one-of-a-kind abstract metal sculptures are cherished by discerning art collectors near and far.

At the Vatican’s Global 2011 event in Spain, Eugene was one of only 38 artists selected from around the world to exhibit at the 1st annual International Contemporary Christian Art Show.


James Perry / The Cordwainer


Hometown: Greenville, TN

Artist Website

James Perry began working with leather in 1969 while still a student at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. After college, he moved to Knoxville, TN and opened a leather good retail outlet at the University of Tennessee. He met his wife, Rombye, in Knoxville and she came on board the business. Within a few years, they quit retail to concentrate on selling at arts and crafts shows along the East coast.

Over the years, the Perrys have enjoyed the face to face interaction with thousands of customers who they’ve come to think of as friends. Each Cordwainer leather purse or piece of luggage is hand stitched by one of the Perry family. Their two grown daughters work on the business with marketing and crafting tasks.

In addition to making handcrafted leatherwork, the Perrys raised 80 cattle on their Greene County, TN farm. Jim was a high school and county swim coach while his daughters were in school.


Monique Perry / Monique’s Art Jewelry

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Churchville, PA

Artist Website






Tracy Perry / Terran Dollmaker

Soft Sculpture

Hometown: Mechanicsville, VA

Artist Website






Lori Persa / Here's to Ears


Hometown: Schnecksville, PA

Artist Website

Lori Persa wants people to have fun at every age. In 2015, she started Here’s to Ears, which makes clip on animal ears using faux fur, faux suede and leather sequined fabric and other materials. Since the ears are not attached to a headband, wearers do not suffer from headband headaches.

She and her husband do all of the ear designs including ears for arctic cats, wolves, bambi, bears, cats, racoon, flamingo and many others. They also sell a ‘spirit’ line which features sports team colors in a dozen color combinations.

And for all you unicorns out there, Here’s to Ears makes unicorn horns in a dozen colors and one with an iridescent rainbow pattern! For the holidays, they have mini witch and Santa hats.

Stop by at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and try on a pair!


Lori Persa / Sensational LLC

Mixed Media

Hometown: Schnecksville, PA

Christine Peters / Christine Peters Jewelry

Jewelry / Gold & Silver

Hometown: Damariscotta, ME

Artist Website






Ronnee Peters / Captured in Glass

glass / leaded glass

Hometown: Stony Point, NY

Artist Website

Ronnee Peters started working with stained glass in 1981. A visitor to her home admired her work suggested she enter the local crafts fair. She signed up for the event immediately and has been happily creating and selling her work ever since.

She’s most known for her bookends and her cat and dog panels. Her 2 cats provide continuous inspiration for her work.

She takes custom orders based on buyers’ pet photos. As of 2017, she is also making shell and agate boxes.


Courtney & Lee Peterson / Courtney Design

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Lincoln University, PA

Artist Website

Courtney Peterson attended the University of New Orleans and taught high school English and French. Lee Peterson is the son of American naturalist, artist and educator, Roger Tory Peterson. Lee attended Johns Hopkins University and wrote the Peterson Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants.

Courtney and Lee met while filming a segment of PM Magazine in the swamps of Louisiana. Their jewelry crafting studio is located on a 200 year old farm in southeast Pennsylvania.

Their jewelry pieces, made with 14K gold, sterling silver, brass and copper, portray natural history themes and abstract designs. Additionally, they have many whimsical motifs for shoppers with more playful tastes.

Courtney has created custom designs for sporting events, museums and commemorative occasions.

Laurie Pfaff / Jersey Charm

Specialty Foods / Gourmet Coffee

Hometown: Forked River, NJ

Artist Website


Charlie Pfitzer / Pfitzer Pottery


Hometown: Chattanooga, TN



Brittni Pham / Tokki Design

Fine Arts

Hometown: Red Lion, PA

Artist Website


Thomas Phelps / Tom Phelps Studio

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Floyd, VA

Working from his studio and retail space in Floyd, VA., Thomas Phelps surely crafts some of the most unique ceramic arts available at Sugarloaf. The artist’s signature googly-eyed clay monsters are a favorite among lovers of whimsical art, but his repertoire doesn’t stop there! Fanciful yet functional, Tom Phelps Studio designs are made to be used. He offers a slew of hand-sculpted ceramic spoon holders, mugs, vases and more that you can enjoy every day.

Take a peek through Phelps’ collection to see dozens of unique whimsical faces, no two exactly alike. Once Phelps sculpts the clay into these inimitable characters, he then glazes them with eye-catching colors and fires them for a high gloss. Phelps Pottery was started in 1990 by Thomas Phelps but is now run primarily by Tom’s son Seth. Stop by the Phelps’ booth at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival to see and feel this truly unique crafter’s work up close. 


Nicholas Phillips / Affine Creations

wood / wood boxes

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Artist Website






Pam Phillips


Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA

Artist Website





William Phillips / Kool Krabs

Pottery / Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Middletown, MD

Artist Website






Tiffany Piazza / Dharma Cowgirl

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Evansville, IN

Artist Website





Doug and Sue Picotte / Picot Art Glass 

Fused Glass

Hometown: Henderson, NC





Soli Pierce / Sherwood Forest Design

Wood Mixed Media

Hometown: Cortland Manor, NY

Artist Website





Robert Piland / RE Piland, Goldsmiths

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Haymarket, VA

Artist Website

RE Piland, Goldsmiths is one of the country’s top makers of gold and silver Celtic jewelry. This independent company is run by Robert Piland, a jewelry maker based in Haymarket, Virginia. Piland makes each and every piece by hand in his home studio, all according to a strict code of traditional Celtic jewelry craftsmanship.

Piland began his jewelry making career in the 1960s, when he completed a two-year apprenticeship under a German immigrant goldsmith. He later worked at many top jewelry stores before beginning to make and sell his own jewelry at Celtic and Renaissance festivals. RE Piland, Goldsmiths jewelry features Piland’s own designs based on traditional Celtic symbols, and each piece is made of sterling silver, 14-karat gold or a combination of both. He also uses semi-precious or precious stones with a cabochon cut to add even more beauty to his jewelry.


Susan Pillay

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: New York, NY

Artist Website






Lauren Pinder & Karen Berry / Mick’s Gourmet Soups

Specialty Food

Hometown: Henderson, MD

Artist Website


Brian Pitsnogle / Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company

specialty foods

Hometown: Smithsburg, MD

Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company is one of the premiere food retailers at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. This Smithsburg, Maryland company is owned and operated by Brian Pitsnogle, who creates authentic, 100% beef jerky based on his own recipe.

Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company beef jerky contains only 100% beef from premium sources, which makes it a healthy, all-natural alternative to store-bought jerky. The low-calorie snack contains little to no carbohydrates, and it’s packed with flavor for a truly delicious taste. With flavors like Old Country and Teriyaki, there’s a beef jerky for just about anyone’s tastes. In addition to its signature beef jerky, Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company also makes Virginia peanuts and other healthy, protein-packed snacks. Be sure to pick up some Brian's Jerky & Peanut Company beef jerky to munch on at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.  


Amie Plante / ALPHA Studio


Hometown: Cranston, RI

Artist Website






Monique Platt / Du Till and Daughters Pottery,  LLC


Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

Artist Website






Rachael Platt / One:Eleven Pottery


Hometown: Leonardtown, MD

Artist Website

Although Rachael Platt earned a degree in Ceramics with a minor in Art History at Towson University she intends to continue learning while teaching and perfecting her craft. She frequently attends workshops and conferences and participates in community events. 

Rachael sees pottery making as an alchemy of the human spirit with the earth’s elements. The human mind or heart conceives an idea, the earth provides the clay, water gives the clay a new form, air or wind helps spin the clay into a distinct design and then fire fuses the other elements into an enduring sculpture or vessel.

Her work reflects her fascination with ancient, mystical realms. Many of her pieces look like they could appear on the shelf of a Hobbit home - many of her bowls sit in a base of tree branches or roots. Her mugs bear tree branches for handles.

All of her pieces are fully functional and food safe.

Matthew Platz / Platz Images LLC


Hometown: Chippewa Lake, OH

Artist Website







Carol Plescia / Acadia Antlers

specialty foods

Hometown: Ramsey, NJ

Artist Website

Pick up something healthy and delicious for your dog at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival from Acadia Antlers. This Ramsey, New Jersey company is owned and operated by Carol Plescia, and it is a family-owned business that is one of the premier sources of antler dog chews in the Northeast.

Acadia Antlers sources its moose antlers from Maine, using only antlers shed by moose in the area. The company uses environmentally responsible practices by recovering these antler sheds to reduce its carbon footprint while providing dogs with an all-natural chew toy. Dog chews from Acadia Antlers come in a variety of sizes and flavors to suit just about any dog breed, and they are non-splintering, so you don’t have to worry about your dog injuring its mouth or choking while chewing. These antler chews are long-lasting and non-messy, and they’re a natural source of calcium and minerals with trace amounts of iron, zinc and sodium.


Eve Plociennik / Body Logic


Hometown: Williston, VT

Artist Website


Irene Pluntky-Goedecke

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: New York, NY







Caryl Pohland / Name Me Company

Fine Arts

Hometown: Latrobe, PA

Artist Website

Caryl Pohland began pressing and framing flowers simply to preserve the beautiful flowers she’d received herself while recuperating from a ski injury. When she noticed how much other people appreciated her pressed flower arrangements, she began giving them as gifts.

Soon, a family business was born with Caryl’s husband, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter pitching in. Later, they started pairing the pressed flowers with their original illustrations and peoples’ names written in calligraphy lettering.

They now offer a complete line of personalized gift items including family trees and commemorative arrangements for birth and wedding announcements.

All flowers used in their crafting are grown, picked and pressed by the Pohland family. Their extensive garden in Latrobe, PA attracts many visitors each year, including horticulture students from a nearby college.


Karin Pohl / Enamel Collectables

jewelry / enamel

Hometown: San Carlos, CA

Artist Website






Yulia Pokalo

Fine Arts

Hometown: Union City, NJ

Artist Website





Angelo Polihrom / Doxa Woodworks

Functional Wood

Hometown: Waldwick, NJ







Brian Polizzi / Waffatopia

Specialty Foods

Hometown: Conshohocken, PA

Artist Website





Barbara Polin / SoLace Marbled Artwear & Accessories


Hometown: Elkton, VA 

Artist Website





Danny Polk / Grateful Gathers Glass

Blown Glass

Hometown: Whitehall, PA

Artist Website





Randy & Kitsana Polk / RandyPolkDesigns

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Fountain Hills, AZ

Artist Website

Randy Polk began designing 14 K gold and stainless steel jewelry in the 1970’s. His relentless efforts to source precious and semi-precious stones from around the globe has caused some media outlets to compare him to the fabled Indiana Jones. On the whole, Randy has enjoyed great media coverage with appearances in Time Magazine, MSJA Journal and the television show “That’s Incredible”. Over 200 consumer and jewelry trade publications have featured his jewelry.

His pieces have been worn by Elizabeth Taylor and many other celebrities. Some people have even compared Randy to the granddaddy of all jewelers, Carl Fabergé.

Randy works with his wife, Kitsana, and a team of crafters in his Fountain Hills, AZ studio.

Come check out Randy’s work at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival near you!


Dion Pollock / Williamsburg Studio

Wood Turnings

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA






Ellen Pollock / Williamsburg Studio

Glass - Mixed Media

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA







Terry Pool Design

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD 

Artist Website

Terry Pool has enjoyed painting, drawing and other artistic pursuits since childhood. Through his jewelry design and metalsmithing, he is able to bring his two dimensional drawings into the world of form.

With just a few introductory jewelry classes under his belt, Terry introduced his first jewelry collection. Working out of his Silver Spring, MD studio, Terry crafts his designs using karat gold, sterling silver, pearls and gemstones. Using expert craftsmanship, he frequently experiments with different textures and combines several metals to create distinctly original pieces.

Terry's clients appreciate his contemporary design interpretations and resulting elegant, streamlined jewelry line.

Mark Poole / Mud Poole Pottery


Hometown: Hagerstown, MD

Artist Website






Candice Popp / 4 Paws Pottery

pottery & Ceramics

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Artist Website






Jimmy Potters / Jimmy Potters Ceramics


Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Artist Website






Wendy Pound / Pebble Portraits


Hometown: Watertown, NY

During childhood summers at her family’s beach house in Sacket Harbor, NY, Wendy Pound developed a habit of collecting interesting shells, sea glass, rocks and pebbles. By the time she became an adult, her  childhood pastime had become something of an obsession.

One especially beautiful heart-shaped pebble inspired Wendy to begin arranging and framing pebbles on canvas. Soon she realized her obsession could lead to an income stream!

Wendy uses unpainted pebbles and rocks to create images, from nature scenes to ‘portraits’ of people and families, on canvas. A family portrait might contain two large pebbles next to several ones to represent parents and children.

These tender portraits are a wonderful, unique way to signify the bonds between people. Have a look during an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and find a special wedding, anniversary or birthday gift!


Louisa Powell / Carbon Rendered

Fine Arts

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD


Judi Powers / Judi Powers Jewelry

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Hudson, NY

Artist Website

Judi studied jewelry making for over a decade while working a corporate job in publishing. She loved jewelry design so much that she finally decided to make the leap into a new career as a full time jewelry making.

She makes one of a kind sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold and platinum pieces as well as small batch cast pieces too. Judi uses recycled and reclaimed precious metals and diamonds as part of her commitment to socially and environmentally conscious sourcing.

Customer favorites include her Kapoor earrings and pendants which are suitable for everyday wear. Her Montauk bangles and her Pebble collection rate high on the comfort scale. One of her popular necklace designs, titled A Tree Grows, features the delicate branches of a tree resting at the neckline.

Stop by and admire her carefully crafted jewelry at Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals this season.

Joan Prato / Joan of Art, designs

Gold & Silver Jewlery

Hometown: Wenonah, NJ

Artist Website






Daniel Pratt / Midnight Glassware



Artist Website






Patricia Pratt / Wood Well-Formed

Wood Mixed Media

Hometown: Columbus, NC

Artist Website






Jesse Price Sustainable Sculpture


Hometown: Shermans Dale, PA






Nettie Price / Nettie Price Sparkling Art

Fine Arts

Hometown: Reading, PA

Artist Website





Jeff Proch / University Wine Co.

Specialty Food

Hometown: Port Matilda

Artist Website






Lynne Puhalla / Lynne Puhalla Studios

pottery & Ceramics

Hometown: North Attleboro, MA

Artist Website






Marie-Pierre Pulcini / Marie-Pierre Collection

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Hometown: Jefferson, NY

Artist Website





Reshada Pullen-Jireh

Fine Arts

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD