Ossi Rioux / Ossi Hats, Etc.

textiles & fashion design / hats & accessories

Hometown: New York, NY

Artist Website

New York City-based Ossi Hats, Etc. is the brainchild of textile artist Ossi Rioux. Her unique, hand-crafted hats are the cornerstone of her portfolio. Rioux actually developed her very own nontraditional hat-making technique, which features a soft block method for shaping, a heat transfer method for dying and custom-made patterns on her hand-selected fabrics. Ossi Hats are constructed with some of the most desirable materials, including wool, cotton, velvet, satin, silk and grosgrain.

Each and every hat made by Rioux is hand-planed, cut and sewn by the artist in her New York City studio. Not only does Rioux create one-of-a-kind hats, but she also makes standout scarves and quilts using a fascinating blend of textured fabrics and trim. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals proudly hosts Ossi Hats, Etc. at many of our annual Mid-Atlantic juried art and craft shows. For more information on where to find Rioux’s original creations, check our schedule to see which artists will be at which events.