Sondra Sardis

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Highland, NY

Women looking for unique, hip women’s clothing will find it from Sondra Sardis. The New York–based designer has her finger on the pulse of modern fashion, and brings her best ideas to life in every handcrafted garment. From a geometrically oriented base, Sondra’s designs explore asymmetry, balance and color placement, choosing just the right fabrics and texture to make your outfit come alive. She remains in control of the process at every step, from initial concept drawing to professionally finished product.

Sondra’s clothing for women is artistic, stylized and practical, ranging from subdued to bombastic and anything in between. Any of her pieces can be worn day or night and are easily accessorized for the occasion. She also offers customization options to get your new outfit just right. If you want a modern look with a classic feel, try out a new shirt, jacket or vest at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, and buy your favorite piece onsite or order a version that’s all your own.