Tom Wachs / Tom Wachs Photography


Hometown: University Park, MD

Artist Website






Sheryll Waite / lighwaiteimages


Hometown: Morrisville, PA

Artist Website





Bill & Grace Wald

Wood - Functional

Hometown: Hardwood, ND

Artist Website






Kristine Waldron / MEME Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

jewelry / other

Hometown: Syracuse, NY







Richelle Walk / Richelle Leigh Collection

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Artist Website

"My designs are inspired by the natural beauty I see in gemstones. I like to look at the mineral and echo what I see there in my piece using the inclusions that enhance the stone and give it valuable character. Whether I am looking at a Tourmalated or Rutilated Quartz, a piece of Jasper, or a well-cut faceted gemstone I am using. My jewelry is created out of sterling silver, 14 karat white or yellow gold, and natural gemstones. I personally handcraft each piece from start to finish by using the lost wax cast process. I design each piece in wax by hand. I model the wax by using different gauge wax rods and sheet. Casting is just the beginning. I finish each piece of jewelry individually by using a series of metalsmithing techniques which include filing, sanding, fabricating hardware, soldering, stone setting, and polishing."





Todd Walk / Todd Walk Studios

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Morgantown, PA

Artist Website






Ede Walker / Ede Walker Pottery

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Smyrna, NY

Artist Website

Pottery can be quite simple and stunning, but Ede Walker’s beautifully detailed designs are sure to catch your eye. The geometric patterns and brightly contrasting tones she uses in her line of Ede Walker Pottery are inspired by the artwork of ancient Puebloan and Mayan cultures. Her studies in the pottery of these ancient potters has inspired her to create her distinctive and beautiful pieces of painted pottery.

The majority of pottery pieces by Walker are totally functional in the everyday home. Whether you need a beautiful serving piece or a place to store fresh fruits and vegetables, the bowls made by Walker provide the perfect vessel. And with so many different designs and color schemes from which to choose, it’s easy to find a piece of Ede Walker Pottery that complements your décor. Meet Walker and see her beautiful pottery in person at an upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival. 




Cyndi Walsh / Red Rover Clothing Company

textiles & fashion design / clothing

Hometown: Framingham, MA

Artist Website






Jakob Wainshtein / Jakob Wainshtein Wood Sculpture

Wood Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: North York, Ontario

Artist Website






Lisa Walker / Pink House Designs

Fabric Bags

Hometown: Upperco, MD







Chan Wang / zenart

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA







Huan Wang / Jewelyrie

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Paterson, NJ

Artist Website






Molly Wang / Woolbuddy



Artist Website






Yandong Wang / Yan’s Art Sudio

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Crownsville, MD








Lisa Ward / Lisa Alex Ward Photography


Hometown: Bowie, MD

Artist Website






Elisa Warder / E. Warder Studio


Hometown: Voorhees, NJ

Artist Website





Debra Warrenfeltz


Hometown: Williamsport, MD

Artist Website






Nancy Wasserman / Glitzy Glass

Fused Glass

Hometown: Washington, DC

Artist Website






Wendy Waugaman / WLW Designs

jewelry / gold & silver

Hometown: Port Clyde, ME

Wendy Waugaman is a Maine-based jewelry-maker who crafts one-of-a-kind pieces for the discerning jewelry-lover under the name WLW Designs. With a primary focus on mixing precious metals with hand-picked stones, Waugaman offers a fantastic collection of beautiful showpieces ranging from traditional to contemporary. Each piece reflects Waugaman’s signature elegance, featuring delicate metalworking and prominently set semi-precious gemstones that are treated with care.

All Wendy Waugaman jewelry is made from fine-quality 14-karat gold or sterling silver for a long-lasting, gift-worthy appeal. She handcrafts a huge selection of retro-inspired pieces that are rich in bold, eye-catching shapes and playful colors and patterns. Make sure to stop by the WLW Designs booth at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festivals event near you. We’re proud to position Waugaman’s work among a variety of region- and world-renowned jewelry artists at our annual shows throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

Cookie Wayte / Fiberlicious!

Textiles / Accessories

Hometown: St. Augustine Beach, FL







Robert Weaver / Bob Weaver ArtAttack

Fine Arts

Hometown: West Newton, PA

Artist Website







Lisa Weber / Silver Vine Jewelry

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA







Susan Wechsler / Susan Wechsler Designs

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Hamburg, NJ

Artist Website






Helen & Allen Weichman / Groundhog Blues Pottery

pottery & ceramics
demonstrating artist

Hometown: Reeders, PA

Artist Website

Whether you’re looking for decorative or functional stoneware, the work of Helen and Allen Weichman is one of a kind. With more than 90 years of combined experience, the two opened Groundhog Blues Pottery in 1973 have been producing beautiful ceramics by hand ever since. Helen instills her love of animals into her work, producing a number of collections themed for cute critters such as their “Man’s Best Friend” line. Allen hand throws each of his pieces, creating sculptural aspects on items where, in his words, you “can almost smell the earth”.

From plates to soup tureens, from reclining cats to punch bowls, every dish and sculpture from Groundhog Blues is made to order using throwing and firing techniques that are perfect for the specific item. Add in stunning glazes and patterns, and their pieces will look perfect on your dining room table or bookshelf. Both Helen and Allen are regular demonstrating artists at Sugarloaf, offering enthusiasts a chance to see masterful wheel-thrown pottery at work. Make sure to come see them in action!

Roz Weinberger / Roz Potz

pottery & ceramics

Hometown: Mahwah, NJ

Artist Website






Angela Welti / BJ Creations

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Okemos, MI

Angela Welti has been making distinctive jewelry in her studio in Okemos, MI for over thirty years. Welti is at the helm of BJ Creations and creating hand crocheted silk and nylon jewelry. Her distinctive designs are embellished with stone, wood, crystals, and silver and gold beads. Her dedication and love for design is reflected in every piece.

“Using multiple variations, I hand knot, crochet wrap and sew my designs. I use silk and nylon based cord and incorporate many different stones, wood crystals, silver and gold beads, etc. All my original designs are done by me by hand in my home studio. My tools include needle nose pliers, penny nails in a board (to create various patterns) several different dowels and “sticks” (for winding and wrapping) and others.” It’s precise work that requires great patience and attention to detail. “It often involves organizing and knotting up to 16 strands at a time.”


Jay Wennersten / Wennersten's Etchings

paintings, prints & fine art

Hometown: Carol Stream, IL

Jay Wennersten has created a unique body of work in Wennersten's Etchings. The Carol Stream, Illinois-based artists uses different techniques such as drypoint, aquatint and multi-plate etchings to bring his artwork to life. He hand etches images onto copper plates, hand prints and colors work to create prints and other media. He produces museum-quality inks and papers that will stun visitors to your home, or wherever you choose to hang your prints.


His prints and artwork include nature sceneries, photographs and images taken from rural settings, and several series that include subjects such as early life and domesticated animals that strike a chord with many audiences. Find works including paintings, prints and fine art on display and for sale in Wennersten's booth at the next Sugarloaf Craft Festival.





Robert Wertz / Ingneous Rock Gallery Fountains and Décor

Miscellaneous / Mixed Media

Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA

Artist Website






Gini Weslowski / Suki Handmade Jewelry

jewelry / non precious

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Artist Website






Frank Westfall / Middle Earth Leather Works

leather / clothing

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

With a business named Middle Earth Leather Works, it is safe to say that Frank Westfall is a big fan of The Lord of the Rings and that shows with the creativity he brings to his work. A second-generation tailor, Westfall has been selling leather goods in upstate New York for more than 40 years.

He creations show off the beauty of leather in everything from handbags to jackets with unique designs for each one. A mechanical engineer by trade and with skills in machine tool and dye, Westfall brings a wealth of education as well as personal experience to his products. He makes his own patterns as well, which show the dedication he has to all of his designs.

As one of the top leather workers at Sugarloaf Creative Festivals, Westfall’s work stands out. Join us at our next festival to see his work in person and learn the stories behind each design. 






Chae Wheeler / Wheeler's Craft

wood / functional wood

Hometown: Frederick, MD






Stephen White & Jan Schultz / Stem Vases

Glass / Mixed Media

Hometown: Shohola, PA

Artist Website





Susan Whitehouse-Evenson / Tres Jolie Design by Sue

Polymer Clay Jewelry

Hometown: Clarksburg, MD







Meg Widger / Meg Wear Fine Art Jewelry

jewelry / polymer

Hometown: Clarksville, MD

Artist Website






Debra Wiggins / Supreme Accents

textiles & home design / quilts & comforters

Hometown: Columbia, MD

Artist Website






Laurie Wilhite / Evergreen Mountain, LLC

misc / accessories

Hometown: Santa Claus, IN

Artist Website





Lori & Paul Wilkinson / Wilkinson Enterprises

Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Marshville, NC

Artist Website

Kyle Wilson / Left Behind Photography by Kyle Wilson


Hometown: Clayton, NC

Artist Website

Kyle Wilson of Left Behind Photography uses high dynamic range photography on old objects, natural scenes, and abandoned houses and buildings often native to his hometown of Clayton, North Carolina. To Kyle, the peeling paint and cracked wood represent a feeling of “life interrupted,” the theme of much of his work and the inspiration of the name of his business, Left Behind Photography.  

Kyle uses this modern method of HDR photography because to him, it captures the essence of what your eye can see far better than a single exposure image and more closely resembles what he sees in the field. “Your shadows are dark, your highlights are bright, and your colors are rich,” he elaborates on his method and how it contrasts to typical photography. The method does wonders to present old and rundown subject matter to the viewer in the vibrant and appreciative lenses through which Wilson observes.

Margaret Wilson / Wissie Cakes

specialty foods

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Artist Website

Wissie Cakes, located in Virginia Beach, Va., is known for its heavenly cakes and cookies, old-fashioned cranberry-orange and pumpkins breads and moist macaroons. Grandmother Wilson, affectionately called “Wissie” by her grandchildren, was a local celebrity thanks to her baking skills. Today, her son Floyd and daughter-in-law Margaret have carried on the tradition of made-from-scratch baked goods, following Wissie’s recipes and sharing her delicious confections at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. You’ll want to find their booth right away because once the sweet smell of fresh-baked cakes and goodies fills the air, people will be making a beeline for Wissie’s. Wissie Cakes features a variety of tasty treats including oatmeal toffee pecan cookies, Cowgirl Cookies, which are made with oatmeal, coconut and chunks of chocolate and lemon pound cake. Be sure to bring your appetite when you stop by Wissie Cakes’ booth –  you won’t be able to help yourself.


Kimberly Willcox

misc / sculpture & collectibles

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

Artist Website






Dan Williams / The Woodrow Instrument Co.

Wooden Musical Instruments

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Artist Website






Rachel Williamson / Fairweather Farm

specialty foods

Hometown: Afton, VA

Artist Website

With just one acre, one woman creates 100 percent homegrown, handmade products like bark baskets, culinary spice blends, herbal teas and more. Rachel Williamson’s Fairweather Farm is one very efficiently enterprising member of the Sugarloaf Craft Family.

For the past five years, Rachel has grown a diverse mix of herbs, spices and flowers that go into her signature blends. Prolific tulip trees from the surrounding woods make for perfect material for her bark baskets. In the spring, as the sap rises in the trees to push out new leaves, you’ll find Rachel in the woods, peeling sap-loosened bark from the trunks. Because of their rustic nature, no two baskets are ever the same. They’re delightful for displaying dried flowers.

Rachel’s specialized blends of culinary spices and teas will really make you appreciate the different flavors from her dried, homegrown herbs. Her spices take the guesswork out of seasoning! Her Smoke blend, featuring salt, cilantro, toasted coriander, smoked Anaheim pepper, oregano, garlic, smoked ancho pepper and onion, is a natural complement to “all things south of the border.” And we promise her outstanding “Civil-teas,” Profani-teas” and loose-leaf teas are not to be missed.


Ryan Williamson / The Mouse Works

textiles & fashion design / accessories / hats

Hometown: Earlysville, VA

Artist Website

The son of a wood turner and a teacher in rural West Virginia, Ryan Williamson of The Mouse Works Studio learned how to be self-sufficient at an early age. Hand-making tools, clothes and other items were a necessity on the homestead! In fact, his first foray into sewing happened because what Ryan needed couldn’t be found in stores.

As a 14-year-old with a big head, Ryan combed store after store looking for a trendy jester hat that would fit him. Finding none, he complained about the situation to his father. Not one to deal with teenage whining, Ryan’s dad gave him some scraps of fleece and a quick sewing lesson, then told him to get to work. The next day, Ryan’s friend offered to buy it right off his head. Four years later, he was running his company out of his dorm room to finance his college tuition and summer backpacking trips. In 2001, he moved to Virginia and started turning the entrepreneurial gears at The Mouse Works.

The Mouse Works studio is named after Ryan’s Appalachian Trail name, Timothy Mouse. He loves the outdoors so much, that he doesn’t even sleep in his own mouse house, opting instead to slumber beneath the stars under a tarp. His adventures have taken him along more than 10,000 miles of trail, including completing the AT twice. His handmade, recycled material hats, neck warmers and more will keep him and customers of all ages warm for many adventures to come!

Carin Willis / Happi Sac, Inc.


Hometown: Brewster, NY

Artist Website





Charles Winburn / Charles Winburn Photography, LLC


Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Artist Website





David Winigrad / Contemporary Whirligigs

Wood / Mixed Media

Hometown: Penn Valley, PA






Amanda Wolf / Wolf's Den Pottery


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Artist Website

Jason Wolff


Hometown: Columbus, OH

Artist Website

Laura Wolf

Fine Arts / Painting

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

Artist Website

Judy Wolinsky / JMWolinsky Photography


Hometown: Thorton, PA

Artist Website

Heather Wood / Red Door Shades & Chandeliers

Wood Mixed Media

Hometown: Woodbridge, VA

Artist Website

John Woods / CTM

Wood Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Sterling, VA


Jennifer Woods / High Strung Studios


Hometown: Middletown, NJ

Artist Website


Kathy Workowski / avenue of peace

textiles & fashion design / weaving & knitting

Hometown: Kutztown, PA

Pennsylvania textile artist Kathy Workowski uses her avenue of peace studio to create adorable baby booties and matching hats. She hand knits or weaves each little accessory with upmost care so your baby feels warm and cozy. Her designs include cute, playful puppies and rich purple flowers. Keep an eye out for her other works at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!

Diane Wright


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Artist Website





Ed Wright

acoustic Guitar

Hometown: Rowayton, CT

Ed Wright has an extensive repertoire and plays his acoustic guitar with a sophisticated, understated style.





Christina Wu

Specialty Food

Hometown: Mount Tabor, NJ

Artist Website




Victoria Wu

Specialty Food

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Artist Website




Scott Wurzel / Scott Wurzel Fine Art Photography


Hometown: Arlington, VA

Artist Website