Caroline Manzo / Manzo'd with Children


Hometown: Franklin Lakes, NJ

See Caroline at Sugarloaf on Bravo TV!

Though she’s recently started a fast-growing homemade soap business, most people know of Caroline Manzo as one of the famous “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” As a result of her popularity on that reality program, she now has her own Bravo show called “Manzo’d With Children” that details the daily ins and outs of being the matriarch of a loving, loyal and sometimes unpredictable Italian family.

She’s come to be known as a relatable wife and mother on TV, but Manzo’s talents extend far beyond her own household. Today, her online shop, Friendly Monkey Soap Company, is attracting new fans from around the world. Her artistic forays have even been featured on “Manzo’d With Children” in Season 3 Episode 4: Crafts Sales and Orgy Tales, where she first debuts her soaps at New Jersey’s Sugarloaf Craft Festival. Manzo continues to feature her soaps and bath bombs at other Sugarloaf art shows, and her products can be found on Instagram @friendlymonkeysoapco.

Season 3 | AIR DATE: Sep 25 9/8c

While Caroline and Lauren stay home in Jersey to focus on business, the Manzo men and Vito meet up with Greg Bennett for some boys bonding in Las Vegas. Caroline's nerves are on edge as she takes her soap-making hobby to the major leagues at NJ's Sugarloaf Craft Festival, where she quickly realizes that she is in way over her head. Meanwhile, an angry Lauren stews over frustrations about Vito leaving town during an important time for her. Finally, Chris and Albie both find themselves in sexy situations that have the entire group gasping in disbelief.